16 & Pregnant’s Sarah Roberts reveals ‘unexpected, but welcome’ 3rd pregnancy

16 and Pregnant Sarah Roberts daughters

16 & Pregnant Season 4 star Sarah Roberts had some very chaotic teen years as she and boyfriend Blake Thomas were wanted by police after running off together well before they had a child and appeared on MTV in 2012. After their daughter Tinleigh was born, Blake once again exercise his “running off” skills as he left Sarah behind and headed to the Atlantic coast to pursue his dream of becoming a shrimp fisherman (and video game addict). Things only got worse from there.

Sarah has since moved on, and has been in a relationship with her fiance Justin Fine for nearly three years. The two share a two-and-a-half-year-old daughter named Tessly and are planning to get married in September. But, the couple got their biggest wedding gift a few months early as Sarah announced yesterday she is pregnant with her third child!

16 and Pregnant Sarah Roberts pregnant

Sarah posted the photo montage above online, which includes positive pregnancy tests, and captioned it by writing “WELL, unexpected, but welcome! We are growing our family ? Can’t wait to see what our future holds ??❤️ #BabyFine” She later revealed that she is due in February.

A Twitter follower congratulated Sarah and thanked her for not keeping the pregnancy a big secret, like her second child. (Sarah not only kept that pregnancy secret from fans online, but also from MTV cameras as they filmed her 16 & Pregnant “Where Are They Now?” follow-up special!) “We are really excited and I feel like I can enjoy it this time!” Sarah replied, adding “We’e praying hard for a boy!”

Another fan asked how Sarah’s two children have responded to the news. “They’re so so excited!” Sarah reveals. “Tess will be a bit of an adjustment because she’s glued to me!”

Someone joked that her post was going to result in “random articles on fan sites” and Sarah shrugged it off. “F*** ’em! I’m not worried honestly, we are happy and in a good place to have a baby. Let people judge I can’t live my life forever based on a choice I made at 16 with the wrong person.”

Speaking of the choice she made at 16 with the wrong person, Sarah recently admitted that despite her great relationship with Justin, it still bothers her that Blake is completely absent from their daughter’s life. “Am I wrong that even after 5 years it still hurts that Blake acts like Tinleigh never existed?” she asked just after Father’s Day, adding the #HonestQuestion hash tag. “He has 2 kids with his ‘wife’ and he has been there from day one. But from day one cared nothing about my perfect Tinleigh.”

“That pain will never go away,” someone replied. “It’s a shame but it is certainly his loss. He is the one missing out on such a wonderful blessing.”

“I completely agree,” wrote Sarah. “Just hurts somewhere deep for my child.”

But enough about the father that isn’t there, let’s turn our attention to the father that is there! “With Fathers Day coming up,” Sarah wrote back in June, “I just have to say how thankful I am for a MAN that takes care of OUR kids. ??” She later added: “Just have to say thank you today to [Justin]! He is the best daddy and so thankful he has raised Tinleigh as his own! #FathersDay”

Congratulations to Sarah and Justin! We send them and their growing family all the best wishes and can’t wait to see those wedding photos. 🙂

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