Gretchen Rossi before and after plastic surgery photos

Gretchen Rossi has before denied having plastic surgery (though she is open about getting regular Botox injections to stave off wrinkles,) but some new photos have surfaced of Gretchen in high school (when she was Gretchen Forward), and it just doesn’t look like the same face.

First of all her nose is bit thinner now, not a huge difference. This could be attributed to growing into her face. Next, it looks like she might have had some sort of eye surgery done to correct a droopy eyelid on her left side.

Rossi’s top lip looks a little more full now, which could be from a small amount of lip injections. Her teeth are also much whiter now, and seem to be differently shaped, which suggests dental veneers or caps. Gretchen hasn’t outward denied having caps or veneers, just refuted having “fake teeth.” “These are my teeth,” she told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live March 2011. She also denied having breast implants, calling her push-up bra a $50-dollar boobs job.

What do you think? Has this O.C. bombshell had more invasive work done on her face than just Botox?

Gretchen 2011:

Gretchen 2013:


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  • ways

    Omg…leave her alone…she annoys the crap out of me, but seriously, you need to show a little more dramatic differences before I believe she had surgery. I’m 31 right now and when I look at pics from high school I can’t even believe its the same person, our faces change throughout the years, sometimes for the better, like in Gretchen’s case. Also, her teeth are the same..maybe she had braces or a retainer to straighten them out more, but the only diff I see is the color, which anyone can do. Veneers and caps are generally used for people who have some obvious crooked or funky teeth but don’t have the time to correct them with braces. This is just a low blow if you ask me!



  • P Calfe

    No surgery. She lost fat in her face as she got older and she is more tan now so her nose looks narrower. But you can see it is the same width if you look closely. I would say just what she says and thats botox.

  • RealityJunke

    Looks to be the same Gretchen. I just saw this same childhood photo on which made me google whether she’s had plastic surgery…hence me finding this blog. But now that I look at the photo side by side w/a recent pic, it’s obvious that she wasn’t a huge make-up fan as a high schooler (thank God cause these kids are too grown lately). In her older photo you can see things like arched eyebrows, make-up techniques such as lip liner being drawn higher for fuller lips, false lashes making her eyes pop, all contributing to the differences. It also appears her face was chunky and since then she’s grown into it. I think she turned out to be a pretty woman.

  • Chloe Pelletier

    She had an Eye Brow Lift. Upper eyelid surgery to get rid of the hooded eye lid. Nose job and she had porcelain veneers put on her teeth. Her cheeks are plumped up with fillers (Im guessing sculptra, Restylane or fat grafting). If you look closely the entire shape of her cheeks are different. Botox all over and probably Juvederm in her lips. She looks great. Who cares if she had plastic surgery. It would be nice however if these reality stars would own up to having work done.

    • Dee Brown

      She looks the same to me. Maybe a nice job. That’s it. The rest is just getting older & being hygienic.

  • FakeHousewives

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the difference between the two pics above is just age. People change a lot in 10-20 years.

    She’s DEFINITELY had something done between season 6 & 7. I can’t pin point what it might be, but her face looks so uncomfortable & unnatural. :( Still a beautiful woman.

  • JessaNY

    I think the difference is contributed to growing up and thinning out. Her teeth are a different matter though, she has definitely had something done to them.

  • Jan

    Saw the latest episode of RHOC last night where Gretchen was having her makeup done for her “nude photoshot”, She should post before and after pics for her product line, cuz she certainly looks like two different women, with & without makeup. Her makeup is a miracle to transform such a plain Jane into a beauty!

  • Feisty

    Wen I saw her without make up on that episode Jan, it freaked me the f out!! She looked a sheet white old lady!! She wears tons of make up all the time.

  • LeChic

    HER DUCK LIPS – HILARIOUS!! In every single profile shot of her on the TV, it makes me laugh and laugh and laugh. Thanks RHOC “women” for the laughs.
    (quack quack)

  • Suzy

    No, I believe her that she has never gone under the knife. I think she is the most gorgeous housewife on the entire series, and I think being naturally beautiful has a lot to do with that (not talking about bleached hair and veneers, but bone structure). I hope she learns from Heidi Montag and leaves her gorgeous face alone. Don’t mess up what nature perfected.

  • http://yahoo LyndaS

    Does it really matter?

  • bdonahueweedman

    This story is laughable. I look COMPLETELY different than I did in high school and have had NO plastics. Every woman on the planet gets her teeth whitened. This article is very weak.

    • chrispmac

      Ok, but have you seen her gretchen’s now motionless, stiff upperlip? It is pretty laughable

  • Silence11

    Maybe some of you aren’t looking close enough at her teeth, but in the high school picture she is certainly wearing clear braces. Having your teeth whitened/bleached after having braces is no big deal. Some people really do just have nice teeth.

  • ocmom

    Hello!! Yes she has. Please!! People look different or age…they don’t grow perfectly. LOL You do it…own up to it. Why lie? I live in OC and know these people. Ugh….it’s perfectly fine to have work done if you’re not happy. It’s okay….just own it. Don’t act as if you’re a “natural” beauty.

  • Jennifer Klemy Corral

    She has had work done. She needs to OWN IT, as she would say….

  • Grub

    Gretchen Rossi is absolutely gorgeous–beautiful body, glowing creamy skin, ice-blue colored eyes, beautifully shaped face, and just perfect feature by feature. She is also absolutely un recognizable from any of her former “selves.”

  • DJ49

    It looks to me like her nose is shorter than it used to be. There seems to be more space between the tip of her nose and her upper lip.

  • laura

    couldn’t agree with you more her lips drive me crazy quack quack