RHOA Cynthia Bailey’s husband Peter Thomas says Phaedra Parks “is an idiot”

Cynthia Bailey's husband Peter Thomas from The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Peter Thomas is the 50-year-old night club owner who accomplished the very difficult task of tying down supermodel and chronic runaway bride Cynthia Bailey when the couple got married earlier this year.

Cynthia and Peter have been a welcome addition to the Real Housewives of Atlanta this season, especially whenever Peter gets to interact with the other new cast member, Phaedra Parks! Sparks flew when a pregnant Phaedra, Dwight, Cynthia and Peter took a limo ride together to a steeplechase event and the subject of children came up. Here’s a video clip from Bravo – the conversation about the kids is right at the end:

Phaedra: I do not want a man with a bunch of crazy kids everywhere.

Peter: I have five.

Phaedra: Five?!?

The clip cuts off at that point, but Phaedra continues to put her condescendingly smug foot in her mouth by saying she wanted a “clean” man and not one with all that baggage and all those baby mamas. (The use of the word “clean” seemed quite ironic given the fact that her husband just got out of prison after serving five years!)

In a recent interview with Essence Peter addressed the limo conversation and Phaedra in general:

ESSENCE.com: What did you really think of Phaedra’s comments about wanting a “clean” man?
THOMAS: Phaedra is like 36, 37 years old and word around town is she’s dated a couple of rappers she represented, so when she says “clean” she probably means someone that doesn’t have baggage so she doesn’t have to deal with mothers from previous relationships. My point to her was I’m a grown man and I have five kids, and there’s really nothing wrong with it. I would understand if she was like 22 and getting married but as old as she is saying that… the only reason Apollo is “clean” is because he’s been incarcerated for the last six years. She’s an idiot. That’s how I really feel about the statements that come out of her mouth.

Oh snap! Peter gonna check ya boo!

Peter Thomas proposes to Cynthia Bailey on The Real Housewives of Atlanta
Peter Thomas proposes to Cynthia Bailey on The Real Housewives of Atlanta

But that wasn’t all Peter had to say, he also shed a little light on his background:

ESSENCE.com: We don’t know that much about you. Do tell.
THOMAS: I’m Jamaican-born, Brooklyn-raised, lived in Miami, had seven or eight nightclubs in South Beach for the past 20 years. I’m a New York, Miami dude, and I lived in London for a while. I get around, and Atlanta’s new to me. My parents live here.

He also talked about meeting Cynthia while looking for a car after moving to Atlanta to be with his ailing dad, Cynthia’s propensity for getting cold feet, his notorious gray beard and his thoughts on some of the other RHOA cast members:

ESSENCE.com: How do you feel about the other castmates?
THOMAS: I don’t really know them enough. I’ve been around Sheree a few times and she’s always cordial. NeNe, she’s loud. I could be around NeNe, she could definitely be my homegirl. Kandi’s a really nice person, and Kim’s just crazy.

I’m likin’ me some Peter! Wait, that didn’t sound right…

Anyway, check out everything Peter had to say over at Essence.com!

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  • http://starcasm.net Tracy B

    I like Peter, he just keeps it real !! Team Peter for sure.

  • texasdeb

    I agree that Phaedra Parks is an idiot. SHe is too full of herself for my taste. She seems to think she is a cut above everyone else, so why do the show? As for her acting so “insulted” about comments re her baby, she really is an idiot. If you don’t want to people to talk, don’t go on national TV and try to tell people your 7-10 lb baby is a little early! How stupid does she think people are? She is no addition to the show, that is for certain. She was a mistake, and hopefully Bravo will rectify that mistake before too long.
    Now, Peter and Cynthia? I like Peter, and the jury is still out on Cynthia. She runs hot & cold for me.

  • http://yahoo christineyvo

    I was hoping Cynthia would have waited to marry Peter. There’s something about him that’s not right. Sorry Cynthia that you will have find out what it is as his wife.

    • Monique850

      I completely agree with you on that ….and eventually it will come out and we`ll all see what lies behind those lying eyes of his.

  • Carole

    I love Cynthia and Peter!!!

  • WestCoast

    Peter is so full of himself. He should have never borrowed $$ from a woman. That was FAIL numero 1 n expect her 2 respect u. Obviously, you had 2 borrow $$ that u didnot have n gave her sum spiel bout not wamting 2 pay a Jew interest. I see some1 got swindled n see who’s the real shyster!!! Cynthia youre a dizzy airhead who is beautiful, but havent u learned that NY men r way too slick n shady.

  • Sonja

    Peter seems to be a con artist and Cynthia is being controlled. The only two Atlanta housewives that have their own money without BRAVO is Phaedra and Kandi. The other ones need the money and have no real jobs. NeNe is a joke, loud mouth typical Ghetto TYPE. I watch on Sundays to get a big laugh when I am home. LOL

  • Shari

    I love Peter and Cynthia!!! I think that they will be able to eventually get back on their feet financial. It just takes some time. Everyone needs to realize that we are only seeing part and not all of their lives and this is edited for good entertainment. Best wishes to the two of them!

  • Jennifer

    I think that Peter is the idiot. While at first I thought Phaedra was a little over the top with the bridal shower etc.. But I grew to like her because she is real and very accomplished. So she may have married beneath her as a very accomplished attorney. She’ll make it work and that is what counts. Peter borrowed money from Cynthia in a dying business and that is not too smart! So for him to call Phaedra an idiot he’s barking up the wrong tree. Needs to look closely in the mirror as to who’s the idiot. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. I hope she stays with the show because she brings a positive role model…Much better than NeNe who’s an angry nut case, Sheree who never finishes anything but has mucho bucks from her x!! None of her own money! Kandi I adore her!!

  • Rose

    Peter is really a sexist, dominating type of man. He’s not as old as he appears to some. Although his beard is white, his face is tight and young. Phaedra is somewhat eccentric, but she is a real woman. And, most Black women may have to marry someone whom they make more money than and should hope that they find someone as good looking as Apollo. Also, he was in a federal country club prison, not some supermax prison somewhere inside a hill or in the middle or a rural area. Peter is a jerk and Cynthia will learn that some enough. She should have married Leon – I would have.

  • Molly Barcus


  • susan

    Peter is a real jerk! cynthia is a coward

  • aquaapple30

    Wow peter i real like ur attitude and that is why fake people would never like a real honest trueful person so dont listen to the haters are the stupid fans phaedra is to fake for the RHWA she needs to much she needs to move. And so what if her husband wants to borrow money from his wife aint nothing wrong with that they did there vows so listen to the words of a vow thats what its all about 50/50 we both share half of everything no. Secrets

  • Amy

    I enjoy watching RHOA, but I feel that Peter is an abusive,possessive assho|e that should be watched carefully. He is one that only cares about himself, and I feel that Cynthia’s if right in being worried ..

  • sweetiepie

    Cynthia…should of listened to your mother when she said dont get married if your not happy you’re not 16 years old now hard head makes a soft ass