Who is Danielle Staub’s second ex husband Tom Staub?

Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Danielle Staub certainly lived many lives, including one marriage to a very wealthy man: Thomas N. Staub.

There haven’t been a lot of pictures or information about Thomas since his ex-wife blew up as one of the stars of the hit Bravo show, but he made an appearance on tonight’s episode at his oldest daughter Christine‘s birthday party.

Danielle creeped her daughters and the audience out when wore the engagement ring from Tom to Christine’s Sweet 16 Blowout Bash. When Tom showed up with his young wife, Danielle gushed and hugged him, thanking him again and again for coming and at times awkwardly held her hand up so everyone could see the ring. Awkward much?

Staub, CFO of his family successful family business (Pacemaker treadmill manufacturers Aerobics, Inc.), met Danielle when she was still stripping. In her book The Naked Truth, she depicts him as a business man with sandy hair and blue eyes who spent lots of money and time trying to get her attention. At first she wanted to keep things “just business,” but eventually broke down, married him, quit stripping (begrudgingly), and settled down to a life of opulence and child-rearing. In fact, having babies was something Tom was reportedly eager to do, she quotes him twice as saying “I can’t wait to get you pregnant.”

In her book, Danielle vaguely accuses him of cheating in between the births of their daughters Christine and Jillian, but says she ultimately ended the 12-year married because of “emotional distance.”

“From the outside it seemed as if we had everything. But on the inside, our relationship was hollow. It was no longer a marriage of love, and I wasn’t about to live a lie or stay in a marriage because a man was taking care of me and making things easy. Should I stay in a marriage because all of my bills were paid? . . . No, because that’s what a prostitute does.”

Interesting distinction. But, as stated above, Danielle has lived many, many lives.

On the show Danielle has often complained that her ex-husband wasn’t paying the many bills for her huge palatial home on time, or giving them money to eat on. Danielle is now making money through the Real Housewives franchise, her book, her song, and maybe other income streams and now lives in a condo with her girls. She is romantically linked to lesbian singer Lori Michaels.

54-year-old Tom has reportedly remarried to a woman named Rebecca and is expecting a son. His company, Aerobics, Inc., filed for bankruptcy this May.

  • De Re

    Danielle can’t possibly watch herself on the show and see herself as okay. Everything about her is needy and pathetic. Even her daughters had to tell her not to stalk. And wearing that ring was inappropriate… and even they knew it… (wear it somewhere where HE isn’t!) They are so loyal and good and I feel so bad for them. She did do a good job raising them. They did turn out pretty darn good.
    I think that she is so transparent. She can’t do anything good without wanting the whole world to know. That baby’s fund raiser was a horrible example at the brownstone with her thugs in tow. It was almost a comdey act. And then the fashion show and her way of saying about how Kim would miss her money…. I have to turn the channel now. I can’t watch the show when she is on anymore.
    And now for pressing charges for getting her hair pulled!!!! How old are we 12? Her elevator obviously does not reach the top floor!!! Granted, the hair pulling incident was wrong. I will give that to her. But to call the police? Give me a break! Caroline was 100% right when she said to watch out for this one and Danielle is just proving her right. Jacqueline has not let Ashley off the hook. She did hot think that it was the least bit okay and Ashley has come off as very sarcastic and also a little bratty. Both Danielle and Ashley are in the wrong. Ashley could have been more remorseful and Danielle could have been more forgiving and one of them could have made out as the good one.
    Kim G. has proven to be hilarious. After the show is over, I would never come 10 feet near her in way of a friendship. She has nixed all future friendships. Jacqueline was right, she was not being a friend to either. But those are the type of people Danielle surrounds herself with… either users or phoneys or people getting paid!

    • Chloe

      Her poor children. Im amazed to hear she tried to have Dina’s daughter taken away? If I were her, I would be afraid that Child welfare would be watching what those girl’s are exposed to and get a warrant and get them out of there or their father doesn’t try to
      rescue them.

      She is creepy and makes my skin crawl. The way she slither’s around and tries to present herself as calm and so victimized.

      Shit disturber, creepy skanky stalker coke wh0re is a good description and
      her whatever he is …this Danny Character and his mute friend who just sits there and nod’s as they listen to her whine and bitch and moan about poor pitiful her as those two moron’s agree and nod (yes)is hilarious. Maybe she’ll be making a sex tape with them next lol

      Seems as though everything she does has some negative purpose, then she doesn’t own up to anything and lie’s through her teeth.

      Good Ridance…buh buy don’t let the door hit you on your way out with your fake boobs and fake hair and fake nail’s and whatever else is fake (i’m sure there is more) her face is pulled so tight she looks like a clown.

      I wouldn’t watch any new show (if she even get’s one, she doesn’t hold a candle to Bethany so I doubt we’ll see her) I wouldn’t buy your sl*tty clothes or music or book for sure.

      This “hater” is glad your gone and can’t wait for season 3.

      So glad your gone, and Bravo finally took the skanky garbage out. Sad you have to “stalk” and do “drive by’s” at Carolines house you weirdo…get a life!

  • Lola

    I will be glad if she really is leaving the show, she is a snake and a coward. She will start drama, by saying things to the others and running and hiding behind lawyers. I so despise her and have not watched when she came on the show.
    I like Caroline and wacky, fun Teresa. New Jersey is a very different place. I’ve seen too many people from Jersey lately and it really makes you wonder what’s in the water there!

  • LovetoLoveLoversareforLoving

    Danielle, it’s time for you to come back to the real housewives. You’re probably even more desperate and unhinged now after many hard years.