Is the ghost of Michael Jackson haunting Wendy Williams?


Talk show host Wendy Williams and 19-year-old Paris Jackson have had bad blood between them for a while and now Paris has a paranormal theory about why Wendy Williams fainted last week on live TV. It wasn’t dehydration, as Wendy Williams claims, but instead it was the ghost of Paris’ deceased father Michael Jackson that made her fall.

The start of Paris and Wendy’s beef seems to be this January, when Wendy attacked Paris for claiming she was black in a Rolling Stone interview. “She’s beautiful, she’s been through a lot … she has not made her mark on her own. You cannot be on the cover of one of the most prestigious entertainment and influential magazines in the world and just be ‘the daughter of’ and tell your story inside,” Wendy said at the time.

“I get that she considers herself black and everything, but I’m just talking about the visual because you know – black is not what you call yourself, it’s what the cops see when they got steel to your neck on the turnpike. But that’s cute, and good for her.”


“She seems to think about the family a lot considering she makes all these claims about us. Why are we on her mind so often?” Paris tweeted in response.

The morning of her fainting spell, Wendy Williams tweeted out a story about Michael Jackson’s mother Katherine no longer being the guardian of Michael’s youngest child, 15-year-old Blanket.

Paris had a little something to say about Wendy’s tweet. “Your obsession is a little unhealthy, maybe even toxic. I’m sure there are plenty of qualified professional psychiatrists you can seek out,” Paris said. She followed up with speculation that Wendy has perhaps received a visit from the dead.

“Looks like someone from above had enough of her bullshit and decided to clock her for not keeping his kids’ names outta her mouth o well,” Paris tweeted after Wendy’s fall.

What do you think? Is the ghost of Michael Jackson haunting Wendy Williams?

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  • Val

    But she’s not African American.

    • Kel2707

      Hell Bruce Jenner isn’t a woman, but he said he is!!?

      • Shanaynay

        ???? #truth

    • Shanaynay

      She’s half!!! Isn’t she?

  • cali

    Celebrities hate on Wendy bc she tells it like it is. I personally like her bc she says what the most of us are thinking. If you watch a lot of these talk shows, all they do is kiss celebrity butt.

  • Sliceo’pie

    Wendy has a thyroid disease-it can affect one’s sweat glands-she was over-heated and she fainted.
    Paris needs to get a grip. Her dad was the most famous pop singer of all time and he loved to make people talk by being as eccentric as possible knowing people would gossip and thus keeping him relevant.
    You can’t pick up daddy’s checks, complain and expect us to feel sorry for you.

  • Wendy hates when people talk about her family and son, but she rags on other’s kids!?

  • just meeee

    Ughh can’t stand her…. Judges other women for staying w there cheating men..when SHE stays with her husband , who has cheated on her with a transexual! Like wtf ! I quit watching her long ago ..

    • Shanaynay

      I’m pretty sure Wendy is trans!! She is way too manly looking! And sounds manly too.

  • twelfthnight

    Wendy is straight up right. Paris Jackson has done nothing whatsoever to make her own career. She’s pretty, but not pretty or striking enough to have made a modelling career on her own. Just like Lourdes Leon, who 50% of the time looks just OK, and the rest of the time looks like a troll. Not trying to be mean, but she isn’t beautiful. If she wasn’t rich she would be considered an ugly duckling. She has all this stuff because her mother is famous. Every job she’s ever going to have is going to be because of her mother. She wouldn’t have a clothing line if she was just some average person.

    Paris, too, has no real accomplishments of her own. She has been handed her life on a silver platter. And yeah, she can consider herself black if she wants to, but perhaps best to acknowledge that she has both the perks of being famous and of not even looking a bit black–she has bright blue eyes for God’s sake–so at no time would she experience the racial issues that your average black person faces, and should she get herself into any trouble, she has the rich and famous card to pull.

    She will never experience what people like Eric Garner did. She will never be put in jail because of a joint. She will not be abusively manhandled for a small offense. She’s privilege on a stick and doesn’t seem to get that.

    • Billie

      Black people can have blue eyes naturally.

      • twelfthnight

        They can, I’m not saying they can’t.

    • Shanaynay

      I agree w/you wholeheartedly about Lourdes. She is very basic, not pretty in the least. Also, agree that neither have done or will do anything extraordinary. They’re only famous b/c of their parents. However, thats where it ends for me. Paris is gorgeous!! I dont think I’ve seen her ever look blah or not naturally beautiful. Isn’t she half black? She may look white, but she IS half black. I assume you consider Barack Obama a black man — even though he too is half & half. He’s only darker b/c his father is a true African!! You can’t pick & choose! Yes, she is light skinned, but who cares?

      • twelfthnight

        I’m not saying whatsoever that she can’t consider herself to be black. Genetics are so interesting, they manifest in all sorts of ways. Half black, quarter black, whatever. I don’t consider someone ‘black enough’ or ‘not black enough’.

        What I AM saying is that she completely passes for white, or otherwise non-minority. Even if she weren’t Michael’s kid, she would not be tailed immediately after walking into a store like many black people are. She would not be immediately perceived as threatening as many young black people are (Trayvon Martin).

        I’m just echoing Wendy’s comments, not putting up a new argument here. Paris never has to face the stigma many (part- or full-)black people do because she doesn’t look black. Nobody is challenging that she is, she just doesn’t look it so she will not experience what the average black person has in terms of discrimination.

        • Shanaynay

          I’ll agree with you on that. She does indeed look white. I see what you’re saying.

          Don’t get me started on Trayvon Martin? I can’t. He wasn’t perceived as threatening. He WAS threatening!!! Thats a whole other discussion.

          Lets agree to disagree?

  • I think that this is all fiction. I do not believe in ghosts.