GOLD RUSH Todd Hoffman and Parker Schnabel wager $100k on 2017 mining season

Gold Rush Parker Schnabel and Todd Hoffman bet 100,000 dollars on Season 8

Discovery has just released the first preview trailer for Gold Rush Season 8 and it reveals that there are more than just bragging rights on the line for arch rivals Todd Hoffman and Parker Schnabel!

In the video, Todd Hoffman announces that he has once again set a 5,000 ounce goal for the season (which didn’t work out too well for him and his crew last season) as he returns to Colorado for the second summer. But Todd has also put his money — or his gold — where his mouth is by placing a 100 ounce wager with Parker Schnabel on who would mine the most gold this season!

“Come hell or high water,” Todd says, “I’m gonna beat that kid, Parker.”

Meanwhile, Parker states flatly: “I am NOT giving Todd Hoffman 100 ounces of my gold.”

Later in the clip we see Jack Hoffman slamming down two HUGE pans of gold as Todd boldly boasts: “I’m gonna take that 100 ounces out of Parker’s hands, and it’s gonna feel goood. Real good!”

Todd Hoffman Gold Rush Season 8 quote

We then see Parker rocking back and forth as a voice is heard telling him “This could be Todd’s year.”

100 ounces of placer gold works out to roughly $100,260 — which ain’t no joke! I find it really hard to believe that Todd will be able to get blood gold out of the stones gravel in Colorado, but who knows? That being said, even with all the foreshadowing hinting at a Hoffman Crew victory, if I were to join a Gold Rush fantasy league, I’m still picking Parker over Todd.

Who do you think will be taking home the extra 100 ounces of gold this season?

Gold Rush Season 8 premieres Friday, October 13 at 9/8c on Discovery.

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  • Michael

    Well we know Parker is going to be $100k richer at the end of the season.

    • Deborah Lynn Kabzinski-Webb

      Don’t think so…Todd is gonna take it…

      • gone fishin

        Well Deb, if you look at Todd’s history it will be Parker winning hands down.
        Todd may be a big “gold rush” star, but any one with a ounce of critical thinking can see he is plump full-o-shit.

      • Aussie cathie

        Todd is nothing but a law breaking arsewipe

      • Michael

        The only way Todd is going to be $100k richer is if he does take it…..right out of Parker’s hand 🙂

  • Amy Van Zandt Gleason

    Todd is the biggest loser anyone who believes it is ok to pray to God for gold and wealth is a loser from the get go
    He has spent his entire life conning people. and frankly find it disturbing Discovery channel thinks ok to give someone like h a platform
    He had bullied s young kid who has WORKED for what he has Parker’s work ethic exceeds Todd’s and for that Parker will always come out on top. Jack Hoffman you raised a horrible human being

    • Obama = trump

      Parker is a immateur douche. There are thousands of kids that work he’ll of a lot harder for nothing.

  • Aussie cathie

    All these people that hide behind God are nothing but arsewipes …. Lead us into prayer Dad ???

    • sillykittycat

      Like all muslims

      • Aussie cathie

        Your ignorance is embarrassing!! Not all Muslims are terrorists , just like all Christians are not like Hoffman and co!! Good and bad are everywhere regardless of race, gender or religion!