Amber Portwood and Matt Baier meeting with Vivid is just part of the GR Media formula

Amber Portwood sex tape Matt Baier As You Dare

TMZ revealed earlier today that Teen Mom OG stars Amber Portwood and Matt Baier recently met with Steven Hirsch, head honcho for adult film giant Vivid Entertainment. The site is careful to never clearly say what Amber, Matt, and Steve were meeting about, only that “ya don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know why Hirsch wanted this meeting.”

That is correct — you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know why. Amber Portwood is a client of GR Media, which has an extensive track record of setting up meetings between their clients and Steven Hirsch before punching up TMZ on their speed dial for a quick ‘n’ juicy story that gets Vivid Entertainment and their clients in the headlines. And it’s not just a proven track record with celebrities, it’s a proven track record with multiple Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant stars — including Farrah Abraham (who later fired GR Media and Gina Rodriguez in an acrimonious spit) and Mackenzie McKee.

Mackenzie would later express regret over agreeing to her “sex tape” story, and she has said that there never was one to begin with. 16 & Pregnant star Lindsey Harrison Nicholson never actually met with Steven Hirsch, but instead had a story about her in OK! Magazine detailing her porn aspirations and calling her “Farrah 2.0.” Lindsey later laughed off the story.

Also part of the GR Media formula is having plastic surgery and being very public about it, which Amber Portwood has already done. Previous GR Media plastic surgery patients include Farrah Abraham, Kail Lowry, Briana DeJesus, and Lindsey Nicholson — just click the links for their headline-grabbing surgical procedures. (It should be noted that Dr. Miami is also a GR Media client.) Normally, GR Media’s female clients would then pose for an “impromptu” bikini beach photoshoot showing off their new assets, but I’m guessing this is something Amber did not want to do? (Briana DeJesus was even willing to go topless for her shoot! Meanwhile, Mackenzie McKee kept hers PG-13.)

Another less common tactic used by GR Media is to have their stars (Tan Mom, Honey Boo Boo, Sydney Leathers, Mackenzie McKee) record a song with their client Adam Barta. As much as Matt and Amber love to talk about how much music means to them, I’m guessing there is a good chance we will get a Mamber tune before the year is out — if they are still together.

In summary, for those of you (i.e. Matt Baier) eagerly awaiting an Amber Portwood and Matt Baier p0rn video, do not get your hopes up because not only is it not going to happen, but I don’t think it was ever even seriously discussed. That doesn’t mean Farrah Abraham won’t have LOTS of ammunition at the next Teen Mom OG Reunion though! (I think we can officially add Farrah mentioning “selling your vagina” to the TMOG Reunion Drinking Game.)

The lack of a Mamber p0rn flick can’t stop us from having a little fun coming up with potential titles though! Here are a few I thought of off the top of my head:

50 Shades of Grey Baker
Baier As You Dare
Peen Mom OMG
You Have No F**king Idea: The Naked Truth About Our Life
Sending Love…Matt Style
It’s NOT Gary Time!
Forever Haute Haute Haute!
Farrah Who?
Perceiving A Pathological Procreator: An in-depth look at the process used by Matt Baier to create innumerable human lives

UPDATE – Amber spoke with The Dirty’s Nik Richie (another GR Media client, and one of the most infamous purveyors of online bullying and hate in the history of the internet) about the Vivid meeting and she did a great job of selling the headlines by leaving the possibility of an adult film open. “Even if I did do something with Vivid it wouldn’t be like other celebrity videos,” Amber says, seemingly trying to stay on the high road in comparison to her Teen Mom OG nemesis Farrah Abraham. “I was the first to be asked years ago and turned it down,” she makes sure to point out.

Continuing to ride her relatively high horse (as compared to Farrah’s miniature Starburst), Amber goes on to say that if she did do the Matt Mambo on film, it would be for the betterment of humanity. “If I ever did anything like that I would just say yeah I did it and now I have halfway houses opening up or I would use it (the money) for charity.”

Amber does make it clear that, “as of now, ‘there’s no sex tape.'”

* After our update, Nik Richie reached out to us to clarify a couple of things. First off, he wanted it clear that he fired Gina Rodriguez and is no longer a client of GR Media. Secondly, he says that he had the Amber, Matt, and Vivid story before TMZ and that Gina “tried to get ahead of it.” Strangely, he says that he spoke with Amber and she “claimed Gina is not her manager.”

UPDATE – Us Weekly reports that Vivid’s offer to Amber for the film is “$85,000 in an advance and 35 percent of the net revenues.” The tabloid does not mention if Matt was offered anything. Also not mentioned is whether or not Amber and/or MAtt received compensation just for meeting with Hirsch.

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    Omg. Who would watch this?!

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    I would have to have a gun pointed to my head to make me even glance at sex tape featuring these two. I don’t care to watch Matt with his clothes on let alone naked. Dear God….

  • savannah

    Ew, if I had a management company that wanted me to have some shady meeting with a p0rn exec, you wanna bet I’d be going with a different management company. But we all know these two love fake headlines as long as it keeps them relevent. Oh my god the thought of it actually made me barf in my mouth. The less I see of them the better….Gross.

  • Aussie cathie

    There goes breakfast…….

  • LA79

    Shocking this comes out on the same day Matt’s mistress’s story is revealed.

    • barbinop

      Funny how things happen like that. Strange coincident

  • Disgusting pigs. Both of ’em. No thanx.

  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    How does Amber and all the other women he’s boned not throw up in their mouths when takes his shirt off? That’s f ing horrifying…put your shirt on you big furry weasel.

    • Cait Sith

      Don’t insult the weasels, man.

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      Omg…that comment has me laughing so hard I have tears! Big fury weasel. That’s a perfect description. Thanks. I needed a good laugh

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    Why is the comment section disabled on the Chinelle custody case? We should all comment on this thread about it then. I’ll start, that kid doesn’t deserve to be with her more than a day or two on the weekend. She’s gonna be using him as a built in babysitter when it’s all said and done. If she was serious about wanting her son back or getting more time with him she should have done it when he was still a baby. To take him away, even if it’s transitioned slowly from Babs would be emotionally damaging to Jace. This kid and Sophia really loss big in the parent/grandparent lottery.

    • Lacy

      I see future custody disputes going the same way as this one. Barb having full custody and Jenelle having him some weekends etc. He’s already been established in Barb’s area for school, sports, and friends etc. and Jenelle has given Barb way too much ammo to use against her. (Drug use, constantly moving, a string of bf’s, having children right away with bfs, social media fights (that dredge up stuff against her,) mental health problems, and also that she can’t even be cordial on camera with her mom. Barb’s been at the same job, same house, and Jace has her center of attention (not a bf or new baby) and when her and Jenelle get into it on camera Barb is upset, but Jenelle just goes the extra mile to bat crazy and unstable.

    • Guest

      Jenelle wasn’t capable of taking care of Jace when he was a baby hence why she wasn’t serious about wanting him back then. She has been through a lot of sh*t througout the years, but has undeniably come a long way – something that Barbara completely refuses to recognize.

      I’m not saying that Jenelle should have Jace back on a full time basis, I personally think a shared custody agreement is what’s best for Jace and it will give Jenelle the opportunity to prove herself to her mother once and for all.

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    If anyone ever needed proof that God and religion are a crock, there it is.

    God has said “lol Fluck y’all, I’m out” and moved on and forgotten us.

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