LINKS R.I.P. Zsa Zsa, Doctor Strange Whitewashgate, reindeer boobs are the new thing…

Zsa Zsa Gabor glamorous

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CELEBITCHYTilda Swinton & Margaret Cho are beefing about Doctor Strange’s whitewashing

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THE BLEMISHReindeer Boobs Are The Hot New Christmas Trend

UPROXXA Massive Tree Fell On A Wedding Party, Killing One Person And Injuring Several Other Guests

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  • disqus_LQmjCZP25F

    How a non-beautiful, untalented “actress” got so far is beyond me. Were studio executives so desperate for hanky panky that they would give her work just for some “face” time? If you had any doubt about her lack of looks and talent, just watch the movie “Gigi” and you will see what I mean!

    • pmo

      marilyn was also one of the regulars around for “face time”. they called them “the five oclock girls”.

  • pmo

    wow lots of boobage for the era.