Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley reach custody agreement


According to official online court records via the State of Indiana, Teen Mom OG stars Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley have reached a settlement agreement in regards to custody of their daughter Leah.

The lengthy court battle over Leah’s custody and child support has been featured prominently on the popular MTV show.

During a Facebook Q&A in February, Shirley answered a question about some of the particulars of how the custody situation worked. “I don’t keep Leah from her — it’s played out worse than it is,” he said. “It’s not me. Amber can see her anytime, she just needs to make sure we have no important plans.”

Gary added, “But the only reason I have issue with her getting her overnight thru the week is Leah has perfect attendance and all A’s. And Amber lives 50 plus min from school we both don’t wanna jeopardize that.”

On May 13, there was an order granting the following:

Parties’ Settlement Agreement Regarding Pending Issues granted. Parties will continue to share joint legal custody of Leah, but Father will retain primary physical custody. Mother shall pay father child support in the sum of $1200 per month beginning 3/1/16.

UPDATE: Amber and Gary have both tweeted about their agreement since the news broke.

Portwood took umbrage with how the story was reported by TMZ and Perez Hilton:

Gary made sure to let everyone know that Amber was telling the truth:

This news comes after it was revealed earlier this month that Portwood was levied a federal tax lien for failing to pay more that $130,000 in taxes.

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  • Kmarie

    Well im glad to see they finally got this taken care of. Its good that she remains with Gary she seems to be doing well there. Gary just needs to make sure she gets to see her mom. I have never been a fan of Amber or Gary. I will say other than being with this weirdo shes with she has gotten a little better with controlling her anger. The outburst, cursing,and name calling was very abusive.

  • Guest

    It’s good to see that they’re both acting like mature adults.

  • Amanda_56

    I’d move to Gary’s town if I were Amber, just so I could have her more .. But that’s just me … Glad they could come to an agreement

    • Miranda’s Chicken Lips

      I don’t think she can handle having Leah more than a couple of hours a week.

    • Kmarie

      Yep if she flips houses she needs to find one there and move in it herself..why wouldnt you want to be as close as you can be to yoir child. Ita not like either one of them have a job keeping them there.

  • Truth

    Amber probably waived a white flag since she is still with her loser deadbeat daddy boyfriend. He doesn’t help her case. Y’all are took quick to give this girl credit.

    • Farrah’s wide eyes big lies

      Right! I thought she was going to fight for her daughter?
      All that has changed is that she is paying child support now. Looks like she didn’t get more time.

  • Farrah’s wide eyes big lies

    Glad that is solved. So they share custody but how many days a week does she see her daughter? She is paying him child support so I’m guessing Gary has much more time. Why can’t Amber move closer to her daughter?
    Their job is to flip houses and I don’t think she is still attending college, or is she?

    • Regina

      I don’t think Amber is that bothered about being close to Leah. Which is sad. Creepy gross Matt needs too much attention to spend more time with Leah.

  • retired and happy

    Good lord maybe we should put Amber in charge of settling world peace? Sounds like she capitulated in order to save the embarrassment of having Gary bring Matt into the custody discussion. Sadly, her priorities sound like living close to Leah’s school just doesn’t figure.

    • Farrah’s wide eyes big lies

      Taking Leah to school would totally ruin her late sleep ins with breakfast in bed routine.
      Or her time with Mr Baker, who is known for a very low children tolerance level. Too much Leah and Matt will say ‘seeya’.

      • twelfthnight

        I think it’s more “Too much money going to Leah and not to Matt” and he’ll be gone. If Amber ever puts her kid above him he’ll run. His history makes it sound like when all resources are not being showered upon him, he bails.

  • Victoria

    Well it’s official Gary Will never get a job now

    • Get real

      Because $1200 covers rent, bills, groceries, a car payment, another child, etc? And why is it acceptable for Leah to have no job and receiving tons in child support from both her ex husbands while being a sh!tty mother?

      • Kmarie

        Its not acceptable, where did you get that from? Leah isnt just a shitty mother shes a shitty person period. Shes trashy, lazy, self centered, shes a cheater, a drug head and continues to disrupt the lives of the people she is suppose to love. In my opinion Amber has atleast made a little progress with herself something that Leah has yet to show.

        • Thea

          It’s hilarious you think Ambers made ANY progress…

          • Kmarie

            My opinion. As i stated before i think she does better with her anger issues,she seems a little more calm and tries to handle things a little better. The main thing that makes Amber look really bad right now is that piece of shit shes with.

            • A

              Seems a little more calm?? Have you been watching a different show? Only difference now is that Amber has yet hit anyone on camera again. Girl goes flying off the rails when the producers ask her something she doesn’t want to talk about.

              • Kmarie

                My opinion. Im comparing her to the way she use to be . Every episode she was ranting and calling Gary a fat ass and cussing and fighting and all kinds of crap and like i said thats my opinion yoi dont have to agree with it or like it…?

                • Kmarie


                • FarrahsCryFace

                  Well let’s be honest. Gary is a far ass. He looks like a tick that’s ready to pop and breathes like an overweight bulldog.

            • Thea

              Well, your welcome to your opinion, but i don’t think she’s changed an iota. Old creeper Matt, or not.

      • FarrahsCryFace

        What does Leahs situation have to do with Amber? Also Leah probably isn’t getting money from Corey since the twins live with him.

    • Rayne

      Hahaha right !!! Isnt it a trip how you really never see any of them going to or coming from work or talking about work….something that is pretty much mandatory in life yet they fail to show they are responsible enough to have a job.

  • Val

    I’m sorry but if Amber loves her daughter like she says she does, then she should move closer to the little girls school. This seems like Amber could careless and rather not bother.

    • Lauren

      I agree. It reminds me when Jenelle said she moved back to NC to be near Jace & it came out that she’s still living over an hour away. If you’re really desperate for more time with your kid you would make it easier & move closer so you can be more involved with the day to day.

    • Emma

      She still sees her on weekends and some weekdays. In my opinion, if she really loved her little girl she’d continue what she’s doing now and not distrupt the routine Leah has at her father’s house, where she’s thriving. She has her dad, a stepmom and little sister and stable family life. She had perfect attendance and is getting all As. If Amber moved closer and started taking Leah overnight, it could throw things out of wack for her, mess up her schedule, and possibly hurt her school-work. I’m glad Amber isn’t trying to to over-interfere with the situation. She sees her enough that they have a close relationship, so they should leave it at that I think.

  • NJJuls

    Bullcrap Amber! You didn’t give him anything! You had no choice but to do as he asked. You knew if the courts found out you won’t work, & are living with & supporting a deadbeat daddy of 8 kids who refuses to get a job, you would lose BIG time! Gary had you against the wall & you knew it. Leah is much better off with a great dad, then a lazy mother living with a deadbeat!

    • Farrah’s wide eyes big lies

      Excuse me, it’s 9 kids and counting. ;-). Don’t be like ‘numbers and kids don’t matter’- Matt! 😉
      But you are so right. She was so full of hot air saying it wasn’t fair that she had to fight for her own child but that she would.
      I guess her con man and a house house in far, far away land was more important but above all much easier.
      Gary got her good, everything stays the same but he got child support without having to take her to court. For once I’m happy about Gary’s character, for Leahs sake.

  • Alisson Leech

    Its about time Amber is paying child support. She is such a deadbeat.

  • jen

    I’m sorry, you go to jail for a few years you lose primary custody. That’s just life. Yes you shoukd have visitation and whatnot, but you don’t get to get out and let some (probably) pedophile live with you and get custody.

    • Kmarie


  • HowDoUKnow

    Who are they? And why was an article wasted on them?