LITTLE WOMEN LA Briana Renee speaks out after being hospitalized


Little Women: LA star Briana Renee has posted on social media for the first time since being hospitalized last week when she went into labor prematurely.

A source said that she was “being held until doctors [could] slow down her contractions, minimize her pain and/or she goes into labor.” Briana is six months along, and the doctors were said to be doing everything they could to prevent Renee from giving birth.

“The number one goal right now is to keep the baby from coming out. As a little person giving birth to an average-sized child, she’s already at high risk,” their source said, adding, “She’s being closely monitored right now and prepped for possible surgery. If the surgery happens the baby has to come out, too – which will put everyone at risk.”

This morning Briana shared the following photo, which appears to be from a hospital bed:


She captioned the image, “A new day… New view on life ~ you never know what tomorrow may bring ?? #itsabeautifulmorning #thankful #lifeisagift”

Renee and her husband Matt Ericson’s troubles were a major story line last season. In the finale, it was revealed that Ericson had been sexting other women. During the reunion show, Renee stood by her man.

Renee’s father, Robert Kealiher, spoke with Radar and said that Matt had cut everyone off from Renee. “Nobody has been able to contact her. Matt doesn’t let us speak to her. This guy has control of her phone and he answers her texts,” he said, adding that no one in her family could even verify if she was in the hospital.

The show’s production has been put on hold.

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  • snark shark

    The child may not be a little person, but they will NOT be average sized. Isn’t Matt 5’4? That combines with Briana guarantees a short child. And it’s a boy…poor kid.

    • Chewy

      Poor kid is right. A sick freak, sexual deviant for a “dad.” And a mom with no self worth.

      • john west

        How can the whole world read this guy and she is clueless to it all.All our predictions came to fruition, can she really be that desperate for a man that you would stoop and be willing to settle for this player, uck, i see this everyday at the grocery store…homely, overweight girl with low self esteem driving her car-less,drugbum,welfare pice of pond scum, supporting them to the max, while he pays for nothing, then sleeps around, gets her knocked up and dont pay child support…Brianna is exactly like those people who do the very same thing…I’m sick of seeing it on person, now that same crap is on T.V….this show totally lost a viewer, i feel dirty just watchin it.The Little couple is more my pace anyway, they have class and show little people in a positive light, they would be mortified if they tuned in to that uncouth piece of shit show.

    • Samantha Derrick

      Still wouldn’t Heba dwarf. It would be proportioned too.

  • calley

    I don’t feel sorry for her. How many times will this scumbag have to hurt and humiliate her before she does something. Even her daughter isn’t safe around this creep

    • Courtney

      Right?!! I can’t feel sorry for her because she chooses to ignore all the alarming and disgusting signs and actions of Matt. I feel so bad for her daughter and really hope that somehow her daughter can be placed with a stable and loving family member rather than be under the same roof/control of Matt. He really gives me a creepy bad vibe… even after just one minute of first seeing him, before all the info came out about him. What’s up with reality show boyfriends named Matt?!? Lol Amber’s Matt from Teen Mom gives me the same creepy, controlling and “sex addict” vibe.

  • Shantel

    Do feel bad if she lose her baby I’m a mom other then that I know when in true love your blind to ones faults but even after so much you wake up smell the dam coffee and then something has to give I feel she getting all she seem to think she worth and nobody can fix or change that but her when she ready to like a crackhead nobody will come off anything until they are sick and tired or dead…

  • Samantha Derrick

    this guy called terra and Tony’s oomps. Briana is the smallest one of the group! That’s like calling Beyoncé and Kim kardashian “darkies” when you’re dating Lupita nyungo.
    Brianna’s daughter is a little person! So he insulted her too!
    He clearly showed he doesn’t respect your daughter! A mothers first job is protecting her kids! She failed
    Where is the biological father of Brianna’s daughter to take full custody of the girl! Away from that sexual deviant! Matt also made a comment how he likes watching old penises go into younger girls! Sick!

    • Courtney

      Omg Matt really said what you said in your last sentence?!? That is sick!!!! I fear for the young daughter, she needs to be protected from Matt ASAP since her mother obviously isn’t putting her safety first! CPS needs to be involved NOW!

      • john west

        I SECOND THAT ?

    • john west


  • Susan Mahr

    All the family has to do is to call the nurses station at the hospital and they will take her the phone. I don’t think the family should just give up so easily. This man has no power over Briana plus she does not need this drama right now.

  • Gayle

    I’d just like to remind her that one of the most important signs of a habitual abusive spouse is isolating his victim from her family.

    • john west

      Here here!!!✌