16 & Pregnant’s Valerie Fairman says she’s expecting her second baby months after prostitution arrest

Valerie Fairman Pregnant New Boyfriend

After hearing relatively little from 16 and Pregnant‘s Valerie Fairman throughout the past few years, we’ve had two significant updates about her life in 2015. First, in February, there was the shocking news that Valerie was arrested for prostitution. Now, she is reportedly expecting her second child with new boyfriend Bosi.

Following Valerie’s arrest alongside seven other women in a prostitution crackdown, ex-boyfriend David said the young mom had been in a downward spiral for years, which involved drug use and unprotected sex.

“She’s a really pretty girl, so it is not hard for her,” Valerie’s ex-boyfriend David said of her turn to prostitution. “Eventually, she got Hepatitis C and after that she just really gave up.”

16 and Pregnant Valerie Fairman arrested for prostitution

In April, The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reported that, in March, Valerie served 16 days in jail for the arrest. During that time, Valerie got several lucrative offers to do an adult film, but wisely turned those down. A friend also said Valerie was committed to overcoming her drug addiction and had a great deal of support from her friends and family, including her adoptive parents, who have full custody of her 5-year-old daughter.

We haven’t gotten any insider updates on Valerie since then, but Teen Mom Junkies reported this week that Valerie claimed on her private Instagram page that she’s expecting a second daughter: After Valerie posted a picture of her boyfriend, Bosi, a commenter asked if he was the father of her first daughter. Valrie responded, “No but he’s the father of the baby I’m about to have.” She added she’s expecting a girl.

Unfortunately, Bosi may not be the best supporter of sobriety, based on his Instagram page. Hopefully the pregnancy is keeping Valerie committed to living on the straight and narrow. We’re rooting for her!

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  • Omg

    Nicole Fokos from the same season is also expecting her 2nd child.

    • Husbands_and_Wives

      Wow where did you read that? Her first child is absolutely adorable

      • Omg

        TeenMomJunkies. Apparently she had an IVF treatment. I didn’t know you could have one so young.

        • Minnie

          You can’t. Not without trying to conceive for at least a year, most doctors recommend 2. And then there’s quite a few options they run through before IVF, it is used as an absolute last resort, especially if the woman has already conceived naturally. And let’s not gloss over the fact that it can run close to $40,000 when all is said and done.
          She’s lying.

    • SeasonedBackdoor

      i had to look her up because i couldn’t remember who she was. is she a stripper now?

  • Bruja

    Poor babies to have to be born into this shit.

    This Teen Mom franchise.. just time to stop now. Stop making these kids famous for being able to procreate. It’s not a talent and too many are turning into huge piles of shit heaping their crap on more kids, likely for the publicity and payday.

    • Jenn

      She’s not part of the Teen Mom craze. She’s not even famous. She had one show about her, one time. She got pregnant on her own. The Teen Mom craze has actually helped reduce teen pregnancy. She’s a train wreck because statistically, that’s what happens when you end up pregnant at 16.

      • Bruja

        I know she’s not ‘Teen Mom’ show stuff, bad choice of words, I meant the whole shebang- Teen Mom, 16 & Pregnant. However, though these shows might help statistically with teen pregnancies, these girls get the head bloat along with the tummy bloat and that sucks for the kids involved.

      • Not really

        Really tired of people claiming the show has reduced teen pregnancy.

        Obviously the rate of teen pregnancies from the show participants alone is the same!

        If there has been any reduction, it’s because of the economy. Teen births (not pregnancy) were down overall ever before the show. The economy made that worse. The show is just trying to justify itself and its exploitation of the innocent children and glorification of teen pregnancy.

        • Truth

          Thank you!!! I REALLY wish people would stop saying this show brought down the teen pregnancy rate. Fact: no it did not! Like you said rates were already dropping. What also helped is the way sex Ed is taught in school compared to how it was taught years ago.

  • Ashley

    That’s a god-awful mug shot. She looks worse than Jenelle in most of her mugs!

    Always makes sense to have another baby when you don’t have custody of your first child :/

  • She’s pretty so it’s easy?!

    She has hepatitis C and she’s pregnant. How responsible – I see she’s practicing safe sex. The poor baby has almost no chance.

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    • mdot

      Do your research…it’s almost impossible to get hepatitis c from intercourse…duh

  • Brandy Nicole

    Congratulations to her parents on the new baby they will raise.

    • Drbzy

      I remember her episode and her parents are very old. They adopt children like those parents in the Olaen twin remake of The Parent Trap.

      • Brandy Nicole

        I keep trying to remember her and I can’t. Sad to admit but I think I’ve watched every episode.

      • unicornhearts

        Lindsay Logan played twins in the parent trap remake, the Olsen twins were in “it takes two.”

        • Drbzy

          Oh, right! Doh!

  • BreBreezieBre

    16 & pregnant had the potential to be a good show to show the real struggle of what happens when you get pregnant at a young age but season after season it turned into something glamorous and then you give some of the moms a spin off that made them more famous in the reality TV business it hardly shows the real struggle it shows that it’s okay to get pregnant at a young age and have more kids!

  • Husbands_and_Wives

    I really hope she stays clean for this baby’s health and the future of both her kids.

  • Wow

    She came into my job once to have dinner with a friend, and I live at a touristy type resort beach area. I do believe this was right after her 16&Pregnant episode aired. Another waitress here was talking to her and said she recognized her from MTV, and asked where her daughter was and if she was on vacation with her… Nope. She said the baby was home with her parents and she was down on vacation with her friend to party and have fun at the boardwalk.

  • GingerAnn1212

    If I remember correctly she was really young, 14 years old, when she gave birth. The entire situation is just sad.

  • Jennie Vargas

    Congratulations! I hope for the best for all of them. 🙂 Getting pregnant wasn’t that easy for me when we were trying, I had to carefully monitor my ovulation using my free bbt from conceiveeasy so I know when I’m fertile. Took us months to finally conceive. yay!

    • unicornhearts

      You may have been, but Valerie wasn’t trying to conceive. either time. She’s had unprotected sex with multiple men. She was 15 when she first got pregnant because she didn’t use protection or birth control. This isn’t how babies are supposed to be brought into the world.

  • Prince Melissa

    Wow. While I struggle to conceive, she is just so fertile. Maybe I should start taking conceiveeasy again for baby # 3. Don’t want her to catch up with my numbers. LOL.