How does Kylie Jenner stay slim and trim? She reveals her secret!


It’s not easy being a part of the Kardashian klan known for their beautiful faces and amazing bodies. So how does the youngest of the bunch, Kylie Jenner, maintain her svelte figure? It must be a super healthy diet and hours in the gym, right? Wrong!

According to Kylie, there’s temptation at every turn.

“My mom always has so many sweets and so much candy around the house,” she told E! news. “Every time someone comes over they’re always like, ‘How are you not majorly obese in this house? There are so many sweets.’ But my mom just loves her sweets.”


You would think all those goodies would make Kylie pack on the pounds but, according to her, it’s all about those Jenner genes. “I eat so bad right now. I eat so many sweets and so much candy but it’s the Bruce Jenner genes. I have to start working out very soon.”

Maybe Kylie doesn’t need to go to the gym but instead just pop in her one of her parents old workout videos!

Bruce Jenner Kris_Jenner Power Walk Plus video VHS


Photos: Instagram 

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  • Ash

    Because she’s 17?? Slow news day

    • Jamie

      I think they wanted a chance to recycle that old pic they posted the other day. LOL

    • AlrightyThen

      Yeah but that doesn’t mean teenagers are exempt from being over weight. A lot of young people who haven’t had children still need to work at staying healthy and in shape.

    • Rachaele

      Not to mention amazing genes! Her father is an olympic gold medal winner in an extremely physically demanding event. No mystery here.

    • jen

      That’s what I was going to say.


    I’d say the secret is being a rich teenager that hasn’t yet birthed a child. Just like when they use 25 year olds to advertise anti-aging products. Give me someone who is older than 30, has had a kid or two, and doesn’t have a personal trainer/chef and then I’d like to hear their “secret”.

  • Courtney

    I never thought I’d say this but I actually really like that purple bra thing she’s wearing in the second picture. Don’t get me wrong, I think it looks comfortable UNDER a t-shirt for around the house but NOT as a top on a 17 year old in a pictured posted for millions to see. Does anyone recognize it and know where I can find it? 🙂

  • cookie

    Just stop with this family, please!

  • Beatriz

    How does she stay so slim? Ummmm she’s 17. And as a side note, I really hate when people refer to Kendall and Kylie as Kardashians or part of the Kardashian clan. They are Jenners.

  • Pattipandi

    Amphetamines? Oh yea, and because she has the metabolism of a teenager maybe!

  • Guest

    Her dress looks like a pad.

  • Frieda Claxton

    Welp, when I was 17 all I had to do was dial it back on the soda and I dropped down to size 0 proportions. Those were the days.

  • bambiglanville

    the amount of times I read the word “sweets” in that post, were too many.