Lifetime Movie Network revives Intervention one year after it was canceled by A&E

Intervention LMN Revival

More than one year after A&E aired the final episode Intervention, Lifetime Movie Network announced it is officially reviving the critically acclaimed series.

“Over the course of 13 seasons on A&E, Intervention wove itself into the fabric of pop culture and brought global awareness to addiction and treatment options,” Jana Bennett, president of LMN, said in a statement. β€œThe stories profiled on this series are profoundly powerful and we are proud to continue it on LMN.”

The series will be produced by the same company and will feature familiar interventionists Jeff Van Vonderen and Candy Finnigan, who both expressed their disappointment when the show was initially canceled in 2013.

“The network didn’t have room for the only show in America that ever helped people? I don’t think I’ll ever find something I care so much about, that has such a public front… This is where I cry,” Candy told Vulture.

Jeff added, “That’s what’s so upsetting about the show ending. If I didn’t work for the show, but I still was in the field I’m in, I would still be sad that the show is ending. Because the show mattered.”

Production begins this summer. New episodes of Intervention are slated to premiere on LMN in early 2015.

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  • dianegarzamanucy

    veins swell…you know me well enough to tell…five steps you’re over….lol

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  • Xx

    YES! I always wondered if they cancelled it bc of ratings or because of that bulimic kid and his family that lied to producers about him not knowing about the intervention and how they basically used the show for free rehab. At some point they had to assume some of the participants had seen the show so to do the whole “they think it’s just a documentary about drug addiction etc..” got a little ridiculous. By the last season most of the people that walked in the intervention were like “Yeah, I know you” to Candy or Jeff. If I were an addict and someone wanted to follow me around and film me doing drugs I’d have to assume I was gonna be on Intervention. And if someone wanted to go to rehab but couldn’t afford the nice ones they send them to on this show, it’s not a bad idea to have your mom submit you for the show and then act all oblivious.
    They also need a more current update show. But I bet some of the addicts/their families would have zero interest in taking part. There is a website that has updates on some of the participants but it seems like a lot of them just dropped off the radar. They also track who has died and it’s crazy how out of all of the past participants that have died since the show, most of them were alcoholics. Just shows how horrible alcoholism is. I just want to know if Hubert is okay, he was my favorite. I hope he stayed sober. And one for Cristy just so the internet will stop insisting she’s dead even though her own sister has confirmed that she is not. Last I saw her comment about it she said Cristy was living in a group home, which didn’t surprise me at all bc there’s no way that girl didn’t have permanent brain damage, clean and sober or not. She was just mentally gone.

    • guest

      Xx, please, what is the website you’re talking about? I can’t find any good update sites. But you’re totally right. I loved the show, but understood why they cancelled it. It ran it’s course. Everyone knows it and can no longer feign surprised when they are told that they are “lived like crazy”. But will selfishly be glad to see it back!

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  • Ziggyfly Jen

    Yay! I still don’t understand why A&E cancelled it.

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  • Murphy

    Oh I’m glad, I liked this show. It was encouraging to see that addicts-even in the most dire of circumstances-could still have some hope left in their lives.