Why did Dakota Fred Hurt leave Gold Rush? Get his side of the story

Dakota Fred All That Glitters mining crew from left to right Wesley Richardson, Dustin Hurt, Paul Richardson and Fred Hurt

We broke the news last month that miners Dakota Fred Hurt and son Dustin Hurt would not be returning for Gold Rush Season 5, and it was later revealed that they are instead working on their own documentary titled All That Glitters. So why did Dakota Fred not come back? The candid mining vet took to Facebook yesterday and revealed what everyone suspected: it mostly came down to money.

Here’s Fred’s explanation in its entirety from his Facebook page:

Why we are not on “Gold Rush” this fall…….. this may be news to many…… I am not rich….. I am a working class guy like most of you. After spending more for four years straight than I made, there was no way for me to continue.

But the main reason is simple……and I quote….”If you want a Miner, call me…….if you want an Actor, pay me like one.”

Dustin and I were “hard to work with”. Interpretation ?……we did not go along with every cocamainy idea the film people dreamed up……

Corporate beancounters also wanted to consolidate their operation after a disastrous South American season. They also layed out mega millions to buy the company filming Gold Rush.

Sssssooo……as we were the ‘Red Headed Stepchild’, we were on our own…….

Hand me lemons…..I’ll make lemonade…..


One commenter wrote, “From what I understood each miner made $22,000 per episode. I won’t mention who, but a cast member confirmed this personally to me. So my question was, what kind of pay were you looking for Fred? $400,000 a season us a nice chunk of change even if your season isn’t profitable.”

Fred responded to that by clarifying, “the Other crews may have been paid that…… 5 members of my crew got $0 , only their share of gold produced. We were not compensated for any of our operating expenses as the Others were. My compensation per episode was a joke….less than a third of the Others. Bottom line…..I’m entertaining millions of people using my own resources ……and Discovery is pocketing all the profit…. Freddie”

Dakota Fred Hurt quote to Discovery before leaving Gold Rush If you want a miner, call me. If you want an actor, pay me like one.

On a previous post Fred responded to someone stating they heard Fred left because of money. “Discovery spent $12 million filming the jungle fiasco and less than $1 m filming us,” Fred says. “We have always been treated like the Red-Headed Stepchild by the Network.”

As most Gold Rush fans probably know, the “jungle fiasco” Fred is referring to is the Hoffman crew’s ill-fated venture south of the Equator to mine for gold and tiny, not-very-valuable diamonds in Guyana, South America.

As we previously reported, Dakota Fred is still in Alaska mining and is still doing it in front of cameras, but his 2014 mining season will be featured in the documentary All That Glitters. “It was time for me to venture off into something more realistic,” Fred said when the official announcement was made about his new venture.

There is no word yet if Discovery plans on replacing Fred and Dustin with another crew, or if they will just stick with Parker Schnabel and the Hoffmans — perhaps with one or the other splitting into two different mining locations. As many commenters pointed out on Fred’s post, he and Dustin brought a great deal of mining legitimacy to the show, which otherwise features a seemingly endless string of fumbles from Todd Hoffman. Or, as one disappointed Facebook commenter put it after finding out Fred and Dustin would not be back, “Thats a shame… I guess I’ll just watch a bunch of clowns break stuff and dig holes in the ground”

So, if no one else is added, young Parker Schnabel will have to carry the mantle of competent miner all by himself — with the occasional profanity-laden appearance by the venerable Viking himself, Tony Beets.

And in case you were wondering what Fred was referring to when he wrote, “They also layed out mega millions to buy the company filming Gold Rush,” it was announced in March that Discovery had purchased the UK production company Raw, which made Gold Rush as well as other shows like Unexplained Files, and Dangerous Persuasions. Though the financial details were not released, it was reported that they shelled out upwards of $300 million in the deal. That’s a lot of pickers right there!

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  • Rachael

    Tony Beets is the best person on that show. I’d watch a show of just him.

    • Shootist

      John Schnabel, ftw

      • Shootist

        Grandpa John

        A wonderful man. May he rest in peace.

    • Danika1962

      I bet you have a pit bull.

      • cal

        And that is relevant in what manner?

        • Discochip

          It means he’s black.

    • gskema

      absolutely. Tony is an inspirational personal – he shows that in order to achieve something, you have constanly push forward 🙂 That’s what made him

      • jack

        The “Viking Dredge Fleet” is coming if Minnie doesn’t have a stroke!

    • richiebeets

      What the hell, just hit the f@@king pause button when he comes on screen, stop f@@king about and get the f@@king job done . Just like I do when Monica comes on the screen, I become Mr Beets!

  • Josie

    The Hoffman’s are a bunch of idiots. The dad’s voice wants to make me pull my ears off. Fred is annoying too, but I don’t blame him for walking. Dustin is dreamy 🙂

    • sophiya wright

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    • james smith

      “no guts no glory”

      • David

        “The Hoffmans?” When a man makes you an offer, and shows proof of it paying off big time by handing you a huge gold nugget, and you bypass it for uncertainty down in South America… That is a clear sign of an idiot.

        • james smith

          without a doubt. I just remember Fred making fun of jack. He said it in that “jack voice” every show needs a barney fife..

          • HughJadong

            lol, he did that awesome!!!

          • jack

            I’d love to hear that again. I had forgotten it. Then Jack lied about dropping boulder onto conveyor belt and wrecking machine!

        • Jerry

          You guys are dumb, aren’t you? Todd is not dumb! The whole show is scripted. Todd’s character is meant to be the clown, the dreamer, the failure. Fred’s role was meant to be the tough, old, mean son of a bitch. Parker’s character is meant to be the dumb punk kid with an anger problem. All of those clowns on the show are laughing all the way to the bank! You all have been duped big time! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Nuff said!

          • Heywood JM


          • Heywood JM

            Let me guess Jerry, you also believe the moon landing was fake, 9/11 was an inside job, etc etc…. Everything is a conspiracy right?

          • jack

            todd, then, ought to get an Oscar or two, and Jack about 4.

      • mike971

        gloryhole lol

      • jack


  • craig

    Frick Thurbs!

  • Arcturus

    A little sanity from someone on a show that was just a joke after the first season. Good for Fred.

    • Dustin White

      I want to see fred and dustins newidea diverting the water fall. I didn’t like fred at first. But he was right toad and morphine had no clue what they were doing. And that garbage in the jungle. That was the worst idea toads idea obviously.

  • Christopher W Moore

    Fred is the step child he got the claim on crapy deal. But he does know how to mine. Sad sad bout da money . An Parker is a good miner made more than any of them. An Tod is fu**stick dumbas*. A dreamer yes but stupidity rules him. He is so dumb I fast forward threw his parts an I would love to see the man an tell it to his face. Every one on his crew is nice an works dam hard but tod is lazy an it shows on his piss poor mining .

    • Justin Proctor

      Please read you own comment before calling anyone a dumbass.

      • Christopher W Moore

        Oooooo dam spelling problem ooo boy skippy

      • Matthew Hellwig

        “…you own comment…”?

      • Major Hoffsteader

        Lol it’s the grammar Nazis looking for comment errors to throw into aushwitz…

        • art

          sooooooo true they lack personality so they attack

          • bob

            They attack…..they attack,,,,they attack. .,,10/31

            • trey

              Because of the incredible speed of your rocket…Your trip is short.

    • Luke

      Yikes. I think someone should follow you around with a camera, and document the formation of basic sentences.

      • madhadder80

        Dam, get off his balls! The man spoke the truth about Todd and his work ethics. Two thumbs up Chris

        • Luke

          No way Bro. Todd Hoffman may be a dummy, but he had the “balls” to get out there and do it. Meanwhile we sit at home and criticize his every move on some random website. If some fella wants to jump on here and say otherwise, its open season on all dummies.

          • Christopher W Moore

            Dude I been to Alaska twice to mine. Just me an dad. Didn’t get rich in gold but I had two summers with dad that I can never replace

            • Seth T Wilson

              …or get back.

          • Maddyn 99

            Your a retard and so is Todd Hoffman. The biggest joke about Gold Rush is….

            Dude your a millionaire…..Todd Hoffman has a FEELING that you have gold in your back yard.

            The rest of the miners do their homework, plan, and drill test holes. Todd goes on “feelings”

            • HughJadong

              i guarantee it!!!

          • Tenn_Tuxedo

            Todd Hoffman was bailed out repeatedly by the talents of the people he brought on who were fortunately for him more than capable to make up for his bone headed decisions.

            Heck if not for the second crew 2 yrs ago run the right way that season would have been as epic a disaster as S. America.

            He’s a nice enough guy, but he shouldn’t be in charge of any mining operation.

            • Discochip

              Again, it was Todd who called the Discovery Channel, there NEVER would have been 5 seasons of entertaining gold mining on Friday nights if it weren’t for Todd Hoffman. Or do you think as Jack McCoy would say to a Judge, “Inevitable Discovery (pun) your honor”. Nope, nope, and ride that Nope Train all the way to Nopeville.

              Only because of the vision of Todd Hoffman do we have Gold Rush. Period. End of argument. Finito benito.

              • Sox Celts

                AGAIN disco Discovery was already in the planning stages of several
                Alaska shows including Gold mining, Toddy just got lucky the DC decided
                to go with a rookie crew on the cheap.Without the DC bring in Dakota, Parker and the others the show would have ENDED after season one.

                • Kevin

                  I would like to ask you a question if you don’t mind. Please tell me what department at Discovery channel do you work in ?The reason that I ask is in order to have privileged information on which shows are in the works . Prior knowlege of future show development. what funds are allocated where and when. You must be an employee correct?

              • Thomas Hill

                Follow the idiot Todd down the rabbit hole.

            • Sox Celts

              Not to mention he was bailed out with CASH in season one and help by other miners or the show would have never aired.

            • jack

              don’t know where he gets money for more and more equipment… or any of them except Beets.

        • Discochip

          Well, if it weren’t for Todd there would be no Gold Rush! He called the Discovery Channel and said, “How would you like to come and film a bunch of rookies who want to go find some gold”. It wasn’t the Discovery Channel, or Raw, or Cristo. It was Todd. And, Todd says when he’s anxious, he eats. So what? Over half of America is fat. Big friggin deal.

          • hoz holla

            Point of information, Todd and Papa Smurf wanted to do a “Christian Commune digging for gold” show. Remember the cabins they built in season one? How about all those prayers that Jesus show them the paydirt? Frick, frick, frickin GOLD. The producers nixed the Christian commune angle and went with the mining alone.

            I find it hilarious after Fat Todd and the Skidmark crew treated rookie Jimmy Dorsey so bad, making him out to be such a disaster, and then Todd reveals himself to be the biggest screw up of all.

            Todd got what’s coming to him.

            • Shootist

              yet Todd’s still around and Dorsey is just a bad memory.

              • hoz holla

                The show needs a clown, Fat Boy fits the bill without even trying.

                Dorsey has gone on with his life. Todd cheated him out of money when he was attacked and had to leave the show. The attack BTW wasn’t about mining, or Dorsey’s work, it was about Dorsey stating on camera that Todd and his buddy were in Haines all the time playing golf instead of working the claim.

                He took courses in blasting and became certified. He is a hard rock miner in the summer and teaches snowboarding in the winter. He and his family live in Colorado now. They have a new baby and the Hoffman’s are a bad memory.

              • Sox Celts

                Yeah the NIGHTMARE Todd and the fools that are still with him are still there.

                • Shootist

                  and the ratings are higher than evah.

                  • Don Duck

                    Dakota is a,scum suckling back stabbing butt hole of a person..May he continue to rot up to his eye balls in his own waste .

                    • Shootist

                      Fred seems to be a good guy. I’ve met him several times at gold shows out west. The way he was portrayed by Discover is a crying shame.

            • Sox Celts

              Actually disco Discovery was already in the planning stages of several
              Alaska shows including Gold mining, Toddy just got lucky the DC decided
              to go with a rookie crew on the cheap.The show would have ended after the first season if not for Dakota and the other REAL MINERS they decided to follow.

            • Jessica Saunders

              Look up Dorseys net worth. He is worth more now than Todd and his dad together.

          • truthspeaker

            He’s a arrogant delusional dumbass with one vaguely good idea

          • Sox Celts

            Actually disco Discovery was already in the planning stages of several Alaska shows including Gold mining, Toddy just got lucky the DC decided to go with a rookie crew on the cheap. Point of fact, that useless pig would not have made thru the first season if not for being infused with cash for fuel and food. The Hoffman crew FAILED and DC had too much at stake to not get a full season’s worth. Why do you think they brought in Dakota Fred, to find some dang gold. Todd = Honey Boo Boo and only a fool would give him credit for this show. EVERYONE outside (and some inside his crew) have said he is LAZY. If it was not the Hoffman mess it would have been one of hundreds of REAL MINERS already there. 20yr old Parker runs circles around Toddy and is MAKING MONEY. I fast forward thru all Todd segments.

            • Patrick N

              This. I recognize myself in the skipping past the Todd segments. I cant help but feel a need to see him and his team fail. I’m glad they took Tony on board. Bring back the Dakota boys, keep Parker and Tony, Dump Todd and his team of misfits.

              • Kevin

                I think you are missing the point on Todd. Like they said at the start. These are rookie gold miners. Rookie is the operative word. Of course they are going to make rookie mistakes. They are taking you on a journey for someone who knows nothing . To someone who makes mistakes learns from them and continue too grow. That’s the point. It shows that even if you don’t know a lot about something it doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to do it. If your will to try make mistakes and continue on until you succeed . How many of you where willing to do that? I give them props for having the balls to not only do it but to do it in front of millions of people. That’s all I have to say. Good for them.

      • Christopher W Moore

        Dude like really? ? It’s a post on miners. So gezzzzzz take your smart ass an have fun.

        • Luke

          I think you need to take your own advice. See your original post. I was just poking fun at the dummy poking fun at the other dummy. And yeah, we have all tried the Alaska thing. Been there done that too! Try not to take everything so personally….or wait..

          • Seth T Wilson

            So…. you obviously just came here to argue. Get a life, troll.

            • Luke

              Hi Seth, thanks for joining in. Apparently we both have no lives considering it is a Friday night and posting here. Perhaps you can fill me in as to why my defending a defenseless guy offends you? Or perhaps that part flew over your head as well. Thanks for playing.

      • Seth T Wilson

        I’d like to see the grammar police follow you around, waiting for one slip-up. Do you have anything to contribute to this conversation, or are you just a jerk?

      • James KmCA

        Don’t suggest that .
        I’ve had a camera crew in tow for near six months .
        I’ve said a lot of insane stuffs that the producer has assured that “I can’t repeat aloud ,let alone broadcast ”
        The joys of being me 🙂

      • JohnDonWan

        In the most mocking high pitched voice possible : “Yikes. I think someone should follow you around with a camera, and document the formation of basic sentences…..now, where’s my KY, I need to see about an apple….an ass apple that is” yep…that’s what I heard you say….twice.

    • Shootist

      Todd’s gotten more gold ‘en you boi.

    • Travis85

      Refer to Travis85 ya jerkoff

      • Christopher W Moore

        Travis 86 you are a troll. An in one’s opinion you are the dumbass. An Tod sux

    • Bill Ted

      I don’t see your ass out there mining, so shut the f up.

      • Christopher W Moore

        I been to alaska 3 yrs to mine for real miners. So I’m not perfect but been there have the blood sweat in it ok dumb ass. An Tod sux

        • Thomas Hill

          You should have spent a couple more years learning to spell.

    • If I had money and credit lines given to my like Parker’s parents gave him I’d be a gold miner too.

      • R-herbs

        Parkers spoon feed thx mom/pops/grampa if you don’t like how I spell or write then bite me

    • Sturm Jeff

      LOL Then where is the gold if he knows how to mine? Everyone on the show is blowing him away! Especially this year!

  • Dave Kelsea

    Tony, Parker and Fred carry the show, have carried the show, and will carry the show….it’s just to bad the minds behind the money failed to see what we all see.

    • Seth T Wilson

      How can Fred help carry the show if he isn’t on it? If they go the whole season with only two crews, it is going to get boring really quick, I think. I have to give it a chance, but my expectations are not high for this show, especially after the utterly pitiful South American disaster and Fred leaving. They need to bring in some new blood.

      • Anthony Cavalea IV

        Why is everybody down on their going to South America? It was entertaining to watch. Doesn’t everybody love a good train wreck?

        And yes, Todd is dumb, but he’s fun to watch.

        • HughJadong

          no, it wasn’t fun to watch.

    • Shootist

      Fred? Fred? There is no Fred.

  • Mr. Woo

    If the Hoffmans are still on, then I wont be watching. Watching Tawd is like watching the 3 Stooges reruns.

    • Anti

      this whole crew left him and are starting their own team. reports say he will continue to be on it but with no1 from his original

    • Steve


    • Benmaxcon

      The Stooges were successful and are now american icons. Comparing Todd Hoffman to Larry, Mo, and Curly is an insult to the Stooges.

      • Tvarto

        How about Tawd be christened Curley. The show needs Fred and Dustin! Melanie too. Will Discovery figure it out before it is too late ala a Hoffmanism

      • Anthony Cavalea IV

        I think the show is hilarious. Todd is a dumbass. I enjoy watching him struggle.

        • jack

          the worst part though is that in the end he’ll somehow be successful and it will show that foolish, dreamer dumb asses can be rich.

    • iamawild

      You guys seem to forget in the year prior to the Amazon, Hoffman pulled 800 ounces out. Not too bad at all really. I hope he makes a good run this season.

      • Anonymous

        He pulled 800 ounces using 14 men and close over $500,000 in leased equipment. Once fuel, insurance, and claim lease are added he really didn’t make much money.

        Unless the rumors of the per episode pay are true (and I seriously doubt they are), most of his crew would have been lucky to pocket anything at the end of that season.

        • YukonJack

          Very good point(s) iamawild …………I believe their real paychecks are signed by ‘Christo’

      • Jeremy

        Actually they had split into two crews that season. Dave and his crew made that money while Todd and his crew screwed up every week. Wish Dave would start a crew. He could kick ass.

        • iamawild

          Yep, good point Jeremy.

        • A.JAY

          Ya I agree Dave made the money managing the 2nd crew When Todd had that successful season & Todd ran the first crew that season with a big brand new trommel he broke down right away after it got there weeks late.Todd got few ounces of the 800 ounces & dozer Dave got probably 775 of the 800 ounces.if not for Dave Todd would be striking out every claim he stepped onto & Dakota boys should still be on the show.

          • TexBaby

            Dakota boys suck

      • jack

        but the overhead must be tremendous.

  • Michael T

    This is a sad day!

  • Ex viewer

    I’m so disappointed that Fred and Dustin won’t be on. Hoffman kisses up to head honchos is why he gets what he wants. I don’t like them. No idea what he is doing. Then disappear on crew. Parker is a kid with a huge ego and temper won’t listen to anyone. I won’t watch show now.

    • Donald Brown Jr.

      The whole show was Todd’s idea to begin with

  • Herr Müller

    Fred macht nicht nur als Bergarbeiter einen kompetenten Eindruck sondern auch als Mechaniker: im Gegensatz zu seinem Sohn und so manch einem in den anderen Kollektiven weiß er sich selbst zu helfen. Er hat “goldene Hände”, kann improvisieren und so den Betrieb am Laufen halten. Ein echter Bergmann. Dave sollte sein Glück allein versuchen und sich von Todd lösen: die Leader-Qualitäten, die er bei Todd sucht, findet er dort nicht. Zu Todd kann man nichts mehr sagen, er kann wohl so sein, wie er ist, weil er das Geld hat. Todds Vater halte ich für kompetenter. Parker Schnabel ist sehr ehrgeizig, fleißig und beweist Mut zum Risiko: wenn er älter wird und seine infantilen Allüren abgelegt hat (“ich erwarte nur Respekt von dir!”), hat er das Zeug zu einem top-Unternehmer. Sein Vater könnte sich von seinem eigenen Vater, John, eine Scheibe abschneiden und ein bisschen mehr zeigen, dass er stolz auf seinen Sohn ist. Grund genug hätte er. John ist am authentischsten von allen. Sein Lachen ist silberhell.

  • Tony Abbotts No1 Fan

    Shame that Fred is leaving, I wonder what that incompetent Todd will do now. That man could not mine gold at Fort Knox and after South America, why would anyone want to see what he does this time, unless it is to see how much worse he can be.

    Oh and why do they call Tony Beets the “Viking” when he is from the Netherlands?

    • VikingRN

      It’s the blonde beard

      • Alex C.

        And his savage attitude, no doubt.

    • jack

      don’t ask too many questions. probably because he is blonde and looks and sounds like he’d cut your head off with a sword if it came to it.

  • RiffRaff

    Last season, I hated every cut to Guyana, where absolutely nothing was happening while Parker was killing it, and Fred was finding Gold too. Stooopid…. Hoffmans found gold, it seemed they had finally figured out the Klondike, so WTF, go down to Guyana and totally blow it like that?

    I’m shocked, that people on the show aren’t paid for what they do. I don’t suppose maybe it’s worth $20K an episode, but they should be paid something, as being on the show no doubt is added pressure for them to succeed and might result in money spent that they ordinarily would not gamble.

    I’m not a Dakota Fred fan, he’s clearly a hard worker but he’s def an A-hole sometimes. If others are being paid though, so should he.

    • jack

      Hoffman’s gotta be getting paid…right? This was highest rated show on cable for a few years. Even I could have negotiated something substantial for him!

  • Guest

    Fred is a loser D-bag. So glad he won’t be back. He deserves every bad thing that happens to him.

  • PSMining

    All of the last season i was just thinking about how much better the show would be with more screen time on Parkers mining, now with the addition of fred dodge and and dave turin doing there own thing these 2 could easily make this show more enjoyable than “Jungle fiasco and porcupine creek”

    All in all, more screen time for parker / dave and fred — Leave out todd altogether if you want your show to not be fast forwarded and waste show time

  • Mo cheifs

    maybe if he didn’t steal the Porcupine Creek claim in the first place there would be somewhat better “karma” bestowed upon Grumpy old Fred and co.

    • Donald Brown Jr.

      nope wrong Todd forgot to pay the lease

      • patrick

        another bone head move by Todd

    • Discochip

      Exactly! I never cared for Fred the Grumps after he stole it, then laughed about it, then bragged that he found something like 40 ounces that the Hoffman and crew had dug up and had the paydirt sitting there. I’m glad Fred busted his leg, Karma rules!

      • Sox Celts

        Okay Todd we know you are “discochip”. yes we know you hated have REAL MINERS “Try” to show you how it’s done.

    • Nobody smith

      I know I’m late to the discussion, but as I rewatch season 2 all I keep saying is that Fred got the karma he deserves. He is a total ass. He’s terrible to everyone, including his own son. That’s why he has lost his home, didn’t get gold, and can’t get along with anyone at all. I agree with you 100%. Fred is an ass who deserves what he gets. He isn’t nice to anyone and karma is a bitch!!

  • Considering that Hearst Communications owned(s) a big part of Discovery it comes back full circle to George Hearst of 1877 “Deadwood” on HBO. Funny how these things happen only on the Tee-Vee

  • VikingRN

    Dakota Fred and Dustin grew on me

    Todd Hoffman has a talent for making the wrong decision in any given situation.

    • patrick

      it amazes me how Todd found his way home every fall.

      • VikingRN


  • Moe Bundy

    FU to that bearded MORON…if he and the OLD Geezer were gone I wouldnt miss them.

  • Nonuser

    Ah that’s too bad. Gonna miss Dakota Fred & company

  • james smith

    TODD IS THE THE “GILLIGAN” of this show.

    as the saying goes “A vision without execution is an hallucination.”

    • Chris


  • Seth T Wilson

    Fred, Tony Beets, and Freddie Dodge (?) were the only guys on the show who seemed to have their stuff together and knew what they were doing. Fred and Dustin were fun to watch, even if their dynamic was a little strained. Seems like Dakota Fred signed a bad contract with the film company, and that is on him, but I eagerly await his new documentary. The future of Gold Rush may be doomed unfortunately, as the show is going to be pretty boring if it features nothing more than Todd screwing up and Parker getting mad and being unable to pay a real, professional crew. I can’t help but suspect this will be the final season, though I admit I will watch it.

    • Chris

      Not doomed in the least! Turin and Dodge are putting a crew together and should do fantastic things this season.

    • UKlvr

      What was funny to me was how arrogant and know-it-all his son was. How many times did he argue with Fred only to be wrong. The guy came in with NO experience and then spent two full seasons trying to argue with his dad who had decades of experience. Yes he was right once or twice, but his dad was right way more often. I’ll miss their dynamic on the show though.

      • C Monroe

        There relationship seemed more real than Todd and Jack. Jack is just annoying.

  • Stacy

    Sitting here watching gold rush 5 and they have lost a faithful viewer because of all the bleeping! You can’t understand any thing they say plus i will not listen to something that doesn’t need the cussing! When it started it was just Todd claiming to be saved but i also got tired of him and his freakin this and freakin that, show some respect and act like a respectable man. That’s about all i got to say about that.

    • Stacy is a cuuunt

      You can’t understand anything because your ears are clogged with bacon and cholesterol. Maybe take some time between your Honey Boo Boo shows and religious garbage you watch, and clean out those ears, you glutton.

      I bet you screamed jesus’s name when your father raped you while your mom was at church getting banged by the pastor.

    • Alice C.

      The fact of the matter is, that’s the climate in gold mining/machinery driven environments like that. A lot of men working incredibly hard, for incredibly long hours, under often dangerous conditions. If you take a walk out to your average construction site, you’re going to find men swearing. It’s also worth remembering that the people cursing tend to have some pretty major investments on the line, and we most often are shown shots when those investments, or their livelihoods, are threatened by some problem or another. You’ll notice that, with the exception of Tony Beets, the guys usually aren’t cursing when things are good. If you want to watch a semi-real account of an operation like gold mining, that’s the reality.

    • Cal

      It’s young Parker that does most of the cussing.
      He may be successful thus far, but the young man is quite possibly the biggest jerk on the show. He constantly throws tantrums or pouts when things don’t go his way.
      I’m starting to dislike all of the characters on the show.

  • Stacy

    Sitting here watching gold rush 5, they have lost a faithful viewer because of the bleeping. I’m not going to watch a show with all cussing when it doesn’t have to be. Todds freckin this and freckin that got old as well. Grow up todd act like the Christian you claim to be and act like a man of God. Thats all i got to say about that. Bye Gold Rush.

    • Donald Brown Jr.

      Stacy stop listening to humans God said don’t take his name in vane freakin isn’t a cuss word…geezzz

    • Alice C.

      The fact of the matter is, that’s the climate in gold mining/machinery driven environments like that. A lot of men working incredibly hard, for incredibly long hours, under often dangerous conditions. If you take a walk out to your average construction site, you’re going to find men swearing. It’s also worth remembering that the people cursing tend to have some pretty major investments on the line, and we most often are shown shots when those investments, or their livelihoods, are threatened by some problem or another. You’ll notice that, with the exception of Tony Beets, the guys usually aren’t cursing when things are good. If you want to watch a semi-real account of an operation like gold mining, that’s the reality.

  • David

    Finding out tonight that Fred and Dustin are no longer on the show kind of suxs, and why are they bringing back the Hoffmans? Shouldn’t Todd be working at a fast food restaurant? If it was not for Parker, and Tony being on the show, I would probably stop watching it.

    • Phil Boardman

      Wouldn’t trust Todd in a fast food environment and it is not for the share of the profits dropping.

      He can talk the talk, but obviously can’t walk the walk…(no pun intended)… What the frick!

      • David

        I think what blew my mind completely, was last season when Todd turned down that offer of mining that claim after seeing that large nugget, and still choose to go to South America… You know that old saying a “bird in the hand bit,” which only proved he was a complete M0R0N in my opinion.

        • Phil Boardman

          Quite simply I agree, when the programme was aired with this previously undisclosed information, I really couldn’t understand why?

          They had their equipment up there, they were finally getting to grips with mining, (ok that was a bit thin on the truth) but to goto another country that uses different mining techniques was IMHO suicide!

          • Chris

            Well gentlemen, a little insight to this conversation. As incompetent as Todd is, I believe that since he pitched the show, he will be in the show as long as there IS a show. No getting around that. The claim that they turned down will be mined this season by Dave Turin, Freddie Dodge, and Dodge’s brother. Should be interesting. But getting back to the Hoffman crew, if you were making the money off DC that they are, you could afford to take these ridiculous chances that make for some pretty decent television, and stick with a leader for many losing seasons. DC portrays Todd as incompetent and Fred as an a-hole. Thats tv for ya.

          • jack

            you knew it was going to be a disaster after the first few places they went to look in Ecuador or wherever. what a cluster flop.

  • Bruce B

    I never really cared about Fred always seen him as a big
    horses ass. He just seems like a type of guy that would screw you over just for

    • Charles Catalano

      Personally, I never saw him that way and am surprised at those here who feel he “stole” Porcupine Creek or cheated the Hoffman’s out of it, although, admittedly, I’m not up-to-speed with all the details. Fred is a helluva hard-working older man and knows how to fix things in the field, ya have to admit.

  • Chris

    I gotta laugh at the comments. To summarize… Todd is a dumbass, but he is the reason all of this came to be. He is the one that approached Discovery and pitched the show in the first place and probably negotiated a compensatory package that covered all of his exploits. I give him credit for all that, but you have to admit that Discovery portrayed him as a lazy, not so bright sack of crap. I feel that Dakota Fred bought his way into the show by acquiring Porcupine Creek. He was not wrong to want more money and i respect him sticking to his guns when he walked, but at the end of the day, he is just a peon in the show.

    • David

      Rather watch a peon that knows what he is basically doing, rather than watching a clown that has no clue what he is doing, and is definitely not funny…

      • Chris

        Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy watching every aspect of the show. Whether its the Dakota boys, the Hoffmans, The Ugly Kid, or the Viking. They all add a piece to the show. Im not happy that the Dakota boys wont be on this season, but i think it will be enjoyable to everyone that they were replaced by Dave and his new crew.

      • Jerry

        Do you think Todd had trouble figuring out where to stick it on his wedding night? lol

    • Donald Brown Jr.

      YAY!! There is intelligent life on this site…Good job Chris

  • Donna

    The truth is Karma got Fred, because he screwed Todd and his family over, and it turned out he didn’t know it all after all, that’s why he quit.

  • Neil Nuff Spencer

    Todd is a bellend. He’s a lazy fcker and prays to god with his dad and what’s it got him? bankruptcy….cock.

  • splatbang

    Trust me Fred, they’re not looking for “actors”. Case in point Mr Tony Beets. They are however looking for Mr Tony Beets instead of you because he kicks but. Period. You are more like Phil Donahue crossed with John Wayne. Truly a legend in your own mind.

    • Calvin

      Whoa whoa whoa! That sounded like a knock on John Wayne.

  • csahlstrom

    There is no way that everyone else got paid and not Fred’s crew. He is full of shit and its a better show without him if thats how hes going to act!

    • Alice C.

      He didn’t say he didn’t get paid – he said he was paid less than a third of what others received, with nothing for operating expenses.

  • noneya

    Parker Schnabel was handed gold rich ground by his grandfather and Tony beats; you guys seem to forget this. in the first two seasons Parker gets to play in his grandfather’s sandbox then he gets gold rich ground handed to him by Tony beets. I believe Tony beets had a thing against Todd Hoffman so he was handing Parker good ground to mine so that she would make Todd look foolish I think that’s pretty obvious. No one seems to mention the fact that Parker was handed the land. I don’t mean that it was free butit was a fact that it was good gold rich ground owned by Tony beets leased to Parker…next season is going to be the real interesting season because Parker will be buying his own land and making his own decision we will see how good Parker is.

    • UKlvr

      Say what you want to about Parker, but for an 18 year old kid he is one damn hard worker. He should be praised for his work ethic and determination. Has he made mistakes? Of course he has, but he’s only 19 now, now many of us were at the top of our game at 19? Give that boy time and I think he go far in the gold mining world. I just wish he’d turn his foul language down, it belittles him and costs him some respect he deserves.

    • Charles Catalano

      Yep. Parker was born with a proverbial “silver [or, in this case, gold] spoon in his mouth” courtesy of his grandfather. Todd is an awful manager and has made terrible decisions BUT I still like the guy and his father. I wish Beets would cut out the excessive profanity. From what I’ve read, each major cast member gets about $22k per episode, so none of them are exactly starving. (Fred Hurt claims, however, that he was only paid 1/3 of what other crews got.)

    • richiebeets

      I would give my land to the pikeys before I let the Hoffman’s on it. Between Todd walking about like he has unloaded into his pants and old smurf who strangely does most of the clean up alone while Todd keeps them away, normally round a campfire so they can’t see papa smurf scamming a Hoffman tax into another jar. Dave, Freddy and the boys must be sick of the cnuts

  • Rakasan

    Fred is a work horse.

  • Deuce

    Toods a fat useless bag of dog crap, he’s got his lips wrapped around the producers bag and his douchbags daddy’s licking his pucker .

  • Toddscuzinelmer

    I think the Glorrrrrrrrrrrrry hole is between Todd’s ears!!! JMHO

    • richiebeets

      Its on the side wall of the camp portaloo, old papa smurf is inside getting his beard whitened

  • jawnie wocker

    we all have to look at how Fred ended up on the show in the first place, he was sent in by the claim owner to save Todds sorry ass, then pulled a great move a bought the claim from the owner and became the owner and boss and fired all the clowns and did some serious mining, I was just disappointed when there wasn’t as much gold as they thought at the base of the ancient waterfall, that’s usually where the big nuggets sit

  • Danika1962

    Karma bit Fred in the arse. He deserved what he got. He stole Porcupine claim from Todd in season 2. I can’t stand Fred and son.

  • Travis85

    To anyone who thinks or says that Todd Hoffman is a dumbass.. I’m here to tell ya Todd Hoffman is very smart. He invented gold rush and is paid very well to be part of it. I just laugh at people that watch a show like gold rush and think its all legit real life. Its a reality TV show and it has become clear from watching season 5 that situations are stretched afar for betterment of discovery’s bank account. Todd Hoffman…. very smart guy and has made thousands just from discovery alone. Ya that’s sounds like a real dumbass I’ll tell ya

    • Charles Catalano

      You may be right. I remember what my father used to say about Liberace: “He’s laughing all the way to the bank.”

  • izahavinpizza1


    • Heywood JM

      Hey meat head, putting all caps won’t make Fred read this

    • HughJadong

      actually your boy toad FORGOT to pay the lease on the claim, hahaha

  • J. Walker

    If they were so short on money last season how did Todd and his dad pay for a last-minute flight from Guyana to Oregon for a family visit?

    • Charles Catalano

      They must be making money at $22k per episode per major cast member! Plus I bet there are many folks with deep pockets who found out about the show from tv and have contacted the Hoffmans to offer money in return for equity in the company and a share in the profits.

      • Charles Catalano

        Another thing, I just watched Season 5, Ep 5 and Dave Turin returns to Oregon to seek $500K from his own (Turn’s own) father and brothers. Clearly his family is fairly wealthy. Originally I thought they really were regular “blue-collar” working class guys but I’m starting to wonder …

        • C Monroe

          Dave’s family business is a large road construction firm. I believe that Todd and dad owned a smaller one and subcontracted with Dave’s family business. Parkers dad also owns a road construction firm, that is how Parker got back against Dakota Fred by shutting down a bridge to the porcupine mine that was to be rebuilt by Parkers family(had an Alaska DOT contract). This was of course after Fred screwed Parker over by not letting him temporary borrow that portable power station Fred was not using.

    • richiebeets

      Papa Smurfs sneaky cut during the clean up goes a long way, they held out on paying their rent and lost it to the Dakota crew and they hold out on their own team of how much they really frickin clean up

  • ammoniawolf

    good riddance you piece of dirt Claim Jumper. Jack Hoffman should have shot you in the head.

    • richiebeets

      Jack fires blanks nowadays so Dak Fred would have been good. That’s what happens when you don’t pay your rent on time and they had plenty of time to pay it. Todd was too occupied cleaning last seasons crap out his fricking pants!

  • SG1rocks

    I am leaving the internet too many of these pop up ads and in place ads that slow down page loading!!!!!!

  • Ron C. Dunn

    No great loss getting the thief Hurt’s off this show. They let the Hoffmans do all the work then came in and stole the lease.

  • Strider

    That we lost the Hurts and have to put up with that mindless hack Todd is a damn shame. I wish the Hurts all the luck and I hope Todd goes belly-up (& the sooner the better). btw – give me more of Parker and Tony, they are the best this show has offered us.

  • missy

    I am excited that dave is partner w todd and will be more in charge…I know he will show todd and his crew what needs to be done..I think it will be great as long as he puts his foot down on Todds crappy decisions. I like the Dodge boys. Parker drives me nuts but his way about doing things and not wanting to listen to others will get him in trouble..He has to give respect to get respect. He has a lot to learn..If he gets that down I know he can make it far…I loved his grandpa john on the show..He never disrespected anyone..and as for Fred and dustin they have some good ideas…but Freds sneaky about how he does things. And as far as what he is saying about why he’s leaving well that is his point of view. For all we know he probably was wanting as much if not more than todd. When the show was made with todd..Fred is so money hungry. So u can’t listen to everything you hear.. I’m sure he wasn’t making as much as todd but who knows what he really was making. . I’m so glad that dave Turin is still on the show..

  • m50motorway

    I hate watching Todd, what a puke. Never a speck of dirt on him, and by the size of him, he seems to mostly eat while the others work. And I hate that phony ‘helmets up’ crap that Todd and his crew do, so lame. Tony Beets and Parker(and especially his grandpa) are the only reason I watch anymore. I also really hate that cheesy, over the top, dramatic music they play throughout the show.

  • kadepro

    Too bad Fred and Justin aren’t on this season. They were much more interesting to watch than Tony Beets dismantling an old dredge. Glad I have DVR…fast forward thru the painful clips…that being Tony, and last year, all of the Hoffman debacle. Couldn’t watch that anymore…fast forward right on thru.

    • NXS

      Justin? Shows how much you watch the show… lol.

      • kadepro

        Type…Dustin. Watch it all the time. LOOOLLOOOLLLOOLLL

  • blacksheep51

    tony beets will be the big star ,he’ll be on construction machinery ads by next fall,,cat i am guessing ,,the dredge will make him money even if he has to only use it for a tourist attraction ,,he just has the ability to get things done ,,

    • Charles Catalano

      They seem to have really turned to Volvo trucks by Season 5, whereas in Season 1 they used virtually none. I bet he’s doing ads for Volvo in his native Holland. Many Volvos are actually made in Holland.

  • robert deininger


  • robert deininger

    hoffmans are payingg 100 ounces up gront and then 20 p/c of all they find,they didnt tell their crew that yet…..PARKER.GEN,TONY AND BOTH THEIR CREWS COULS EASILY CARRY THE SHOW..FRED WAS BORING,STUPID AND REALLY DIDNT HAVE A CLUE HOW TO FIND GOLD

  • mark79

    Love the show but can’t stand todd. He is the one person on the show that does absolutely no work at all, he just runs his mouth nonstop and comes up with the most braindead ideas in history. Dave should be in charge, he actually has a brain and does work, and parker is the man!

  • tony ward

    Fred and Dustin made gold rush worth watching

  • Sturm Jeff

    You all seem to forget , Freddie screwed the Hoffmans come the second season. He not only stole the claim they leased, he tossed them off after they did all the work. You all claim how good a miner he is..Wheres the gold then? How is it that Parker and Todd pulled more gold out of the ground then they did ? I happen to know from some people who live in Alaska that the home grown Alaskans did nothing but screw Todd on every turn. They over charged him for leases, They sold him crappy machinery and they made it very hard for him to live there. Parker and the Dakotas did not have this issue as they had home grown ties to the ground they were mining. So if you want to blame anyone for Todds lack of success, blame it on the Alaskans who made it hell for him to do business there in the first place and that is another reason why he left and went south and when he came back he went to the Yukon! Enough of the BS guys! As for Freddie leaving Gold Rush, who cares, The new show is way better and Tony Beats is showing everyone how its done! Parker is rocking it and Todd is finally getting some gold!

  • Mikeytboston

    The dodges are missing out!

  • Mikeytboston

    What did he say? Like his boot didn’t fit???

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  • George

    To the person about cussing you must never have your furnace repaired, house remodeled, new roof even the oil change place. I’m sorry but usually people in those trades also cuss a lot so I would expect from gold miners as well, I have no idea why I expect it, I just do.

  • teestan1970

    Why is no one even saying how Fred got that claim? He literally went behind the Hoffmans back and purchased the claim and kicked the Hoffmans off the claim they initially brokered/leased to get Gold Rush started! I do believe the Hoffmans have to learn more about Gold Mining then what they already know not to mention there negotiating skills? Think about this Todd negotiated 15% of his gold to the land owner, then he gave 50% to Dave and owes Freddie Dodge something in the range of $200,000 at the end of his season? So even if he makes $2,000.000 he owes $500,000 right off the bat. Then he has to split 50% of the remains w/ Dave which leaves the 2 of them with $750,000 each.Then Dave borrowed 12 a million from his Dad and then they both have to pay the crew for their work. Which will not leave neither Todd nor Dave millionares like they thought. However them getting paid by Discovery probably is their cash cow.If not for Todd’s idea there would of been No Gold Rush show and the only ones who would really be making any money would be Parker and Tony Beets! As Parkers grandfather said to him maybe he needs to buy his own claim which as we all know that is why he is working so hard to get what he needs too, because to me it seems to me that Tony will run Parker in the ground so he can keep him under his thumb to keep his cash cow. Good Luck to All of you!!

  • we

    It doesn’t cost a lot to film if you are digging one hole in the ground.

  • berridgeab

    Gutted, my favorite crew by far.

  • Michele

    I would much rather watch Dakota Fred and Dustin than that foul mouthed Tony Beets. It is hard to watch with so much Tony and no Fred and Dustin. I miss them. Wish Tony would take his foul mouth and go away.

  • Truth hurts

    Fred got his by the way he treated Todd and his dad at the begining. Carma comes back Fred you should know that by now. God knows I hate to hear about your wife but watching you was boring to me. If you want to mine real gold come to the east I have worked 15 years underground in about 36-40 inch high coal

  • windwalker

    Can’t say I miss Fred at all. Sorry that Todd has overshadowed his Dad, as Jack’s “No Guts, No Glory” was priceless, and I suspect he knows more of mining than Todd will ever learn.

  • Christopher Maher


  • Dan

    What goes around comes around! Remember he took that claim out from under the Hoffman’s and he acted like a jerk! I haven’t liked him since then! Glad to see karma finally hit back for once!

  • Jeffrey

    I’m quite sorry to not see them on here. Frankly i thought they were the most REAL of the bunch. Oh well, wanna know what Fred and Co. are doing during mining season, get in your truck and drive up there and find out. 😀

  • Wayne Taylor

    Well the Hoffman boys have more balls than you whining children

  • Discochip

    If I was in Fred’s shoes, I’d still take the estimated $7,333 per episode (he’s saying roughly 1/2 of the $22k that others were paid), because holy mackerel, $28k per month would buy yer food and a heckuva lot of fuel. I mean, you could live off of it while waiting for gold. I’ll definitely watch “All That Glitters”, just wish Fred would have been less stubborn, I liked watching him come up with MacGyver-type solutions each episode.

  • john

    The one guy that could sum up what an absolute joke Todd and his mining operation is on the show is Jack Hoffman. The post morphine-addict, walking sinus of a nimrod has to be the most unintentionally funny person I’ve ever seen just because of what a dumbass he is and his compulsive ‘ya know’ after everything he says. He’s retired so he doesn’t give a shit how much gold they get. He just wants to dig holes like a kid in a sandbox looking for buried treasure. And does anybody else find it odd he counts the gold by himself in a closed room? Sounds beyond suspicious to me and wouldn’t be surprised if he were pocketing some gold on the side.
    The Dakota boys were/are great miners, but when you have idiots like the Hoffman’s not even having to rely on scripted dramatizations just because they are that incompetent, it makes for great television which naturally means they were probably the most paid people on the show. They would have gone bankrupt and never returned after the first season if they didn’t have The Discovery Channel backing them up and paying them to come back.

  • jack

    Todd is dumber than dirt and too stupid to know it. he calls it visionary. when you hear his pop talk, you know where stupid comes from. unreal. But hilarious. If this show was realistic, this whole thing would end some time down the road with Hoffman’s busted and working at car wash – both of them.

  • Matthew Benner

    I’m glad to see and know that Fred and his know it all son are leaving.. In season one he came in and stepped all over the Hoffman’s with that gimp foot of his and the results showed he didn’t know shit.. He should have left them learn on their own and only show them that them getting no gold was all on the but instead he have them someone to blame.. Then the fallowing year he slithers out of the grass dragging is 30lb foot and buys the claim out from underneath them.Carma is a bitch.. That man deserves all that he gets. Who knows if he would have kept himself respectful.. He might be making millions with Parker or the Hoffman crew.. That’s my take. Matthew

  • jimmers

    Discovery blew it – my young daughters watched the show to see Fred’s son Dustin – who they thought was way hot, even my wife would say – when’s he going swimming in his shorts & I’m sure plenty of other ladies feel the same way. And Fred was a real magician when it came to fixing broken equipment without parts available . Todd is never going to be in their class , Parker still comes across as a wet behind the ears kid – Tony Beets is going to have to step up or hopefully someone at Discovery will have the smarts and patch things up with Fred & Dustin

    • Kyle Lyles

      Dustin, with his weird Louisiana accent, sounds like he has a turd stuck in his mouth.

  • Dan

    Well as Fred basically cheated the Hoffman out of the claim they developed the year before I don’t feel to bad for Bigfoot

  • Alan1976

    Fred was brought in to help the rookie mining crew, and after watching them spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, then find gold, he basically STOLE the mine out from under them. He is a low-life thief for doing that, and the owner of the property is a low-life for letting it happen. Why didn’t he just get Fred to mine it in the first place? It was likely a scam from the beginning.

  • Górnik KGHM

    Zawsze tak jest , że jeden kręci a drugi za to bierze kasę , a Robol nic z tego nie ma . Po co się szarpać , jak nie chcą płacić , 22 tysiące $ , za sezon to chyba trochę mało jak na jednego górnika . Bo widziałem że Fredowi Dakota to raczej to wydobycie złota szło raczej marnie , szukał je tam gdzie było go mało . A Dustin kopał pod byłym wodospadem szukając kieszeni tam gdzie tej kieszeni nie było , ani złota taka szarpanina pokazana .