Farrah Abraham says Celebrity Sex Tape: In the Making aims to entertain, make readers think


Talk about foreplay… After two years of anticipation, Farrah Abraham’s erotic novel is officially available for purchase! Not only did we get our hands on an advance copy, but we were also able to talk with Farrah about the process of creating her already infamous protagonist, Fallon Opal.

Unlike the autobiographical My Teenage Dream Ended, Celebrity Sex Tape: In the Making blurs the lines between Farrah’s experiences in the world of adult film and those of Fallon. In some cases, the parallels are pretty easy to read: Fallon’s hometown is in Illinois while Farrah’s is in Iowa. A major tabloid player in Fallon’s world is ZNS while TMZ is the recognizable name in real life. Fallon starred on Cheer Battle during high school while Farrah is, of course, best known for Teen Mom. Etc…

However, as Farrah was quick to clarify, Fallon’s story is more about the general struggles in a celebrity’s life.

“I know a lot of it is completely different from anything I’ve gone through, but I was like, ‘Wow, these are some hardships that I know lots of others in entertainment have gone through,'” Farrah told Starcasm. “My research that went into this book and this storyline was a lot of what is popular culture right now, which is celebrity sex tapes.”

Farrah CST 1

That doesn’t mean she’ll deny the commonalities: At the center of Fallon’s story is her own celebrity sex tape, which Farrah said she had her own “run-in with.”

“I just found it to be very interesting and, of course, relatable because I kind of had a situation like that,” Farrah said. “What I went through, when I had my own celebrity sex tape situation, was I was conflicted. A lot of people were like, ‘Just release it and move on with your life.’ A lot of people were like, ‘Don’t ever release it!’ But that could have sensationalized it and [led to] a lot of lies in different ways.”

Farrah also promised Celebrity Sex Tape is more than a thoughtless erotic novel.

“There are a lot of stories that I laugh at, some funny sex things and I also did some things that made a lot of people think,” Farrah explained, comparing her book to some others on the market. (Heck, you don’t even get to a sex scene until page 23!) “I know a lot of erotic stories are really just telling the story and I don’t know if they really make you think.”

Farrah Abraham’s Celebrity Sex Tape is available now. The sequels, Secrets Out and Love Through Limelight, are scheduled for release in October 2014 and February 2015.

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  • P

    I bet this will be an Oprah’s Book Club pick LOL

  • MoMo

    T-Minus 3 days until you see this book in the bargain bin at your local dollar store.

    • Lanie_Lane

      Shoot, it will be out in the free bin at 2nd and Charles (the goodwill of bookstores).

  • Hollywoodpecker

    When I think of great authors of our time, I think of William Shakespeare, Ernest Hemingway… and Farrah Abraham.

    • Brandy Nicole

      Don’t forget Kailyn Lowry morroquin or however you spell it.

  • Kieffer

    If she hadn’t hired a porn star maybe we would’ve believed her lies.

  • Sammy

    Make readers think…. lol

  • emmmxx

    Farrah wrote a book “all by herself”…. is it safe to assume it is written in crayons and porn pictures??

    • C

      I downloaded the sample… Farrah DEFINITELY did not write that book!

      • awoman

        Are you implying it is good? I’m confused.


    That is one ugly broad.

  • Sara

    Even if I was stuck in the wild with this crap, I wouldn’t even wipe my ass with it. I’d rather use a pine cone. So you can imagine my feelings about reading this piece of garbage!

  • glk900

    Hahah…you can see on Amazon the first few pages are disclaimers from the publisher so Vivid does not sue her ass…hope they try to anyway

  • christee

    A lot of people, the voices in her head, same thing.

  • Derek

    Her lips make her look 20 years older than she is.

  • frontdoormom

    I just wanna kick her ass…she is just a disgusting human being.

    • Erica

      That is a human?! I always thought it was a horse.. haha

      • frontdoormom

        Youre right, lol. Im not one for animal abuse.

  • Molly

    Can we talk about how, on her book cover, her name is in larger font than the title?

    She’s such a narcissist, and for the life of me I cannot figure out what she has to be narcissistic about.

  • LaDy

    Fallon Opal? Wtf?

    • frontdoormom

      Sounds like another term for Fallopian tubes lmao!

  • TA

    how can anyone look at that face and be turned on? she looks constipated.

  • The one

    You haters are amazing …. If your real at all. Yes she wrote the book. Yes it will sell and sell well. To the woman haters …why must you attach another woman working to make a living? And a single mother…shame on you all. And last time I looked it was a freedom in are country to do (work) any way a person can…so … So why do you have so much hate? As for Vivid they know it’s Farrah’s fathers book that will HAVE EVERYTHING that really went on because he never signed a non dis closure agreement with them. Michael’s book is due out this year and the joke will be on a lot of people and it won’t be Farrah …. She will be laughing with her Dad when the truth is finally out … Does the world really think pay back won’t happen to Vivid and Farrah’s manager at the time that got her in that mess… The the low life’s that raped Farrah … Stay tuned people it’s not Farrah your going to hate.

    • May

      Is that you, Farrah?

      • Eggroll

        Farrah is her favorite fan! She has no idea how worthless she is! She has no friends her family only puts up with her for Sophia’s sake! She’s a terrible,lying,selfish,narcissistic,slutty,horrible mother,daughter,sister.she is as ugly on the inside as she is out. Get the pacifier out of your homely child’s mouth!