PHOTOS Meet Angela Johnson, the mother of Kyle Chrisley’s daughter, Chloe

Kyle Chrisley Daughter Chloe

On the season finale of Chrisley Knows Best, the family will celebrate Kyle Chrisley’s daughter’s first birthday. One person likely not on the guest list is little Chloe’s mother, who hasn’t been featured on the show. So, just who is the mysterious mom?

Radar Online exclusively obtained documents from an October 2013 legitimation suit between the Chrisleys and an Angela Johnson of South Carolina.

Angela Johnson - Chloe - Chrisley Knows Best

In the suit, which was brought about to confirm Chloe’s paternity, both sides were granted a mutual restraining order. Kyle also agreed to pay child support. In exchange, Radar speculates Angela Johnson agreed to allow her daughter to appear on Chirsley Knows Best (and to split some custody with Kyle).

The terms of the agreement weren’t established until February of this year, but Angela apparently allowed her daughter to stay with the Chrisleys well before that — considering the season finale was filmed in November 2013.

Angela also seems to respect the Chrisley family and take enjoyment in her daughter’s television appearances: She shared the following picture, adding, “Chloe with her aunt and uncles on her dad’s side too cute she loves some Grayson savannah and chase.”

Chloe Chrisley - Chrisley Knows Best

Angela also promoted the season finale of Chrisley Knows Best, saying, “tune in next Tuesday my baby girl 1st bday party will be on excited for her.” (Angela also threw a slightly more low-key first birthday party for Chloe last November.)

Angela Johnson - Chrisley Knows Best - Chloe's First Birthday

Chloe was recently back with the Chrisleys, presumably for filming of the second season of Chrisley Knows Best. Angela wrote about going to Georgia to pick her daughter up earlier this month, but — with those mutual restraining orders in effect — it’s unlikely she will appear on the show.

The season finale of Chrisley Knows Best airs on USA this Tuesday at 10/9c.

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  • September24

    This kid is cute! The show is funny. Dad has wicked fast banter! They make me LOL!

  • mb

    Cute baby!

    • southern

      How can she be? She’s black an the moms is typical ugly black teen. I feel sorry for Todd an I’m sure he’s embarrassed to have a black person in their family!

  • spottedgiraffe

    Lol why do they need restraining orders?

    • Guest

      I was wondering the same

    • kiki

      Well Kyle is a recovering addict, so that might have something to do with it. The custody battle must have gotten bad. They can file to have it removed when things settle down

  • Cindyb62

    Such a beautiful baby, I’m sure they all will take care of this baby on both sides. Clearly she is loved by all involved, Mr. and Mrs. Chrisley seems to be genuine about wanting the best for Chloe.

  • mycalah

    This show is funny and that baby is cute.

    • lo cuz

      The baby mother ugly as shit …he had to be high

      • lo cuz

        You could found a better looking black chick but you look at the bottom of the barrel….

        • lo cuz

          Thank god the baby dont look like her drugs kill

        • ashleyjussayin

          I’m sure your father feels as though he wasted his ejaculation every time he looks in your face. someone could have had a brighter smile

        • Carissa

          I know right. .I look way better then her?

          • IAm Hymn

            Meh…but, can you spell better THAN she can? ?

            Just saying…


  • Beautiful Black Woman

    WOW SOUTHERN…that’s the first thing you could think of to say because the BEAUTIFUL BABY is of AFRICAN-American descent. Just shows how SOME people are so ignorant and still living with hate! Do you really think if he was Sooooo “EMBARRASSED” of HIS BLACK GRAND BABY that he would parade her on national television? It’s exactly the opposite. He adores, and loves her! When will people like you, (meaning hateful people) ever learn to keep your unwanted, hurtful, and cruel comments to yourself!!! People of all kind’s have many prejudice’s. But the ONE you have displayed in your comment is RACIST!!!! If you don’t have nothing nice to say keep it to yourself.

    • Grandma max

      You so right. If the people of the world overlooked a persons color, this would be a better world.

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  • Know the truth.

    Please stop with the negativity and hateful comments. Entertaining mess supports it. The baby is all that really matters anyway. Furthermore, to say Chloe’s mother is ” bottom of the barrel and ugly ” is unfair. The same could surely be said about your mother which explains your existence! Think before you speak.

    • Rose Janis

      Thank you.

  • 1grayrebel

    That’s a vile and disgusting handle you’ve got there. Most people that brags usually has a teeny weeny!

  • sheka

    White people television show who wants to show off biracial child for entertainment.. if u agree to share custody on the behalf of your son child for your son why put restraining order on the child mother..its says Kyle has bi polar disorder which is bullshit..they just hate the fact that their son shares a child with a black beautiful woman..n they…well he. Todd is a gay under dress racist which he has been known for only wants not to b criticized for being just that. He’s adoring And loving her because notice she’s only around during bed time

    • sheka

      Also not on every episode.. she with her mother n father .or at day

    • nc girl

      Racism is not ok, no matter where it comes from. Shame on you. The Chrisley family obviously loves their grandchild and wants her in their lives. They are estranged from her father but went and got visitation themselves. People like you, who fan the flames of racism are the lowest of the low. Shame on you for even suggesting this baby’s family only wants to parade her around cause she is half black. I mean what do you think? That white families think having a biracial grandchild is some sort of cool accessory? If so, you are just as much of a fool as your comment makes you sound to be.

      • Jo

        Amen my point exactly!!!!!

      • YouWillLearnToday

        As they should love their granddaughter their doing nothing special
        And if u notice the wife barley deal with her cut those apples
        And who the heck would put a restraining on a Mother, if u know ur facts
        Todd, is controlling that was abusive to his first wife! Kyle and Linside mom
        Took her through the dam ringer basically tried the same ish with the first wife where she had to get a restraining order on him

        He manipulated Lindsey and Kyle moved on from Atlanta to Carolina then to California was back in three months to Atlanta

        If the world was blind to color it would be an awesome thing
        But it’s not so when someone that express their self their entitled to do just that as u did now u be open and learn to agree to disagree

        • Member Berries

          How embarrassing for one who touts a handle of “YouWillLearnToday” to not know the difference between they’re and their.

          Someone gets a restraining order on a money when it is in the best interest of the child. Obviously neither parent are okay to have custody, or Chloe would not live with her grandparents.

          As far as I knew the restraining order was against their son and he had one against his ex. If the restraining order included the child and was specific about custodial transfers then all parties would still need to follow the orders.

          Hopefully both mom and dad will do what is necessary for their daughter. It seems as if mom is much better for their daughter than dad.

          You seem a little bit obsessive about Todd and his wife, so is there a valid reason for the vitriol? How would you know about his first divorce and what went on to the degree you have mentioned? The rumors of being gay come from his mentally unstable son, so there is that. Why would anyone believe a man who can’t even get his act together to raise his own child?

      • Ericka Harris

        I agree

    • Jo

      Wow TRULY amazing that in 2016 there is still uneducated people who call t.v programs white t.v . Let this be known MAYBE THEY LOVE THEIR GRANDDAUGHTER. Let’s jiust hope baby Chloe never meets empy minded souls like you Sheka this way her mind won’t be poisoned YA THINK….

    • Ericka Harris

      I’m sorry not sorry but The mom isn’t beautiful & I don’t think they’re using the baby or ashamed of having a mixed granddaughter also Todd is funny but racist … U sound ridiculous !!! SMH

  • Beverly A Adams

    She is NOT beautiful.

    • Jo

      Geezzzz oh Beverly let me guess. No kids ? Single? Angry much? Alone? Got 10 cats? UGH!!!!

      • Anthony Levon Howze

        And ugly!!!!