AUDIO Vicious 22-lb. pet cat traps owners in bedroom — listen to 911 call

Fat Cat

An Oregon family called police to end their 22-lb. cat’s reign of terror on Sunday.

The unusual incident began when the Palmer family’s 4-year-old Himalayan cat, Lux, got a little too playful with their seven-month-old baby. Dad Lee gave Lux a kick in the rear — causing the cat to undergo a Hulk-like transformation.

“We don’t know what to do about the cat. He’s trying to attack us. He’s gone very, very, very hostile,” Lee said in his recorded 911 call, explaining the family retreated to a bedroom. “When I leave out of this bedroom to let the police in, I’m going to have to fight this cat.”

Sgt. Pete Simpson with the Portland Police Bureau told KGW that responders “saw the black-and-white Himalayan dart into the kitchen, attempting to flee custody. Officers were able to outwit the high-strung Himalayan, who climbed on to the top of the refrigerator.”

They were able to snare Catzilla and move him into an animal carrier. Thankfully, no one required medical attention.

Lux Himalayan - Cat Attack
^Lux during a calmer moment.

The Palmer family is now weighing their options.

“We definitely want to keep (the cat) away from the baby and keep an eye on his behavior,” Lee told Oregon Live. “I swear I have never seen anything like it.”

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  • Hollywoodpecker

    That’s nothing. One time I had to call 911 on a 110lb ppussy when her claws came out. She was cray cray out the a a.

    • Sam


  • meg

    That is not a himilayan lol

    • bailey

      Hah, I was going to say the same thing. I grew up with a beloved Himalayan and know that they are gorgeous, long haired cats. This one is a cutie but definitely not a Himalayan.

  • frontdoormom

    Lmao! “Im gonna have to fight this cat…”
    best thing to wake up too!

  • Sam

    I’d be pissed of too if you gave me a “kick in the rear”

    • Stephanie

      My thought exactly!

  • Ashley

    I hope these idiots get fined for wasting a 911 operator’s time. Trying to get police to help handle their cat? Please. This guy kicked his cat (probably harder than he’s letting on) … this cat needs to be re homed & this guy needs a kick in his rear if he is afraid of his cat.
    Violent history? And you have a baby? RE HOME THE CAT. Poor thing is probably miserable.

  • carie

    I feel bad for the poor cat. Sounds like the guy is going to put all the blame on the cat after he KICKED it!!! I sure hope someone steps in (cat rescue group maybe or humane society) before the guy talks so much about how violent the cat is and they put the cat to sleep (have heard that happen before with dogs and cats when they have a “bad” temperament). Shame on that guy! I do hope the baby is okay but geez….let hope he is a better parent to his child than he obviously is to the cat.

  • twelfthnight

    You attack an animal (kick it) and it will defend itself. Perhaps if these people are too dumb to understand that they should have their kid taken away too.

  • Sweet Venom

    Omg. Idiot people. Kick a cat and it will attack you because you just scared and hurt it! I doubt the cat was even very vicious. Don’t get a cat if you can’t even handle them.

  • Guest

    I wonder if he will get charged with animal cruelty…

  • DamnViolentCats

    Arrest that Damn cat!!!! Obviously he’s a ticking time bomb. Next we hear he will be going on a shooting rampage.

    Props to the dispatcher for staying calm during such a dramatic situation. I’d have been laughing my ass off.