Joan Rivers calls North West ugly and ‘in need of a waxing’

Joan Rivers - North West

Joan Rivers may be unapologetically mean, but she’s also a mother. As such, she should know better than lobbing a low-blow at a baby. Unfortunately, even at 80 years old, she apparently doesn’t…

Sources report that during a stand-up performance at the Saban Theater in Los Angeles on Jan. 17, Joan sank her fangs into Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s baby daughter, North West.

Explaining she met North when Kim recently brought her into the Fashion Police studio, Joan told the comedy show audience, “That baby is ugly… I’ve never seen a six-month-old so desperately in need of a waxing.”*


What’s so ridiculous about Joan’s comment is that North’s a seriously gorgeous baby. Plus, North is defenseless against this kind of criticism. (Although it’s just a matter of time before Mom or Dad speak out.)

Then again, Joan’s sustained a long career with these kinds of off-the-wall comments. She’s also unafraid of targeting influential people — including her co-network stars. Take, for example, when North’s parents first got together and Joan remarked on Fashion Police of Kim, “You do know she thinks Kanye is the one, don’t you? Which is why she waited on the second night to f**k him.”

*Joan’s last comment is particularly funny, considering people were on the verge of rioting when they thought Kim may have shaped North’s eyebrows. It seems Joan didn’t get the memo that the general public is anti-waxing when it comes to North’s cute brows!

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  • Sarah

    The only appropriate words: How dare she?

  • Amanda Fraielli

    thats terrible i am not a big kanye west or kim fan but making fun of babies who are innocent is the lowest you can go even if its just a joke…if anyone is ugly its her..lets see how she likes it when ppl start making fun of her grandkids or great grandchildren…cant wait for kanyes response to this!!!!

    • Amanda Fraielli

      baby north is gorgeous btw

    • Sam

      Something tells me she wouldn’t care. She probably makes fun of her own kids, grandkids and great-grandkids. She’s that pathetic.

    • olivia

      I can’t wait either! Kanye is a little Bitch, and Joan Rivers will put him in his place. How many times has Kanye offended somebody? Hell, he has offended the whole planet by saying the stupid crap that he say’s. I am the #1 OF ALL TIME! and Kim is the most beautiful woman OF ALL TIME! anything that belongs to him is the #1 OF ALL TIME! what a crock of shit. So every man’s wife except his is UGLY? Of all the musicians in this PLANET he is the GREATEST? That kid is not beautiful, but she is not that ugly either just saying. Kanye will always be the #2 OF ALL TIME!

  • tanya

    She definitely crossed the line going after an innocent baby like that! Besides North is beautiful!!

  • Geniya

    Even if North did need the waxing learn to bite your tongue. This is a baby.

  • Klem

    Oh for god’s sake. She was clearly joking. She’s a comedian. Unruffle your feathers.

    • Jeremy

      A comedian by ass, comedians are supposed to be funny.

  • twelfthnight

    I don’t think that kid is cute, but I don’t think Joan Rivers of all people has the right to call anyone ugly, considering her 98% plastic face is starting to look like a dog with makeup on.

    • Jake

      I am sure you’re an ugly white bitch. So whatevs. North is gorgeous.

      • twelfthnight

        Okay, so I don’t think some kid is cute so I must be ugly? Right.

        • Jake

          No. I just have an inkling that you’re white and you’re ugly.

          • Just saying

            stfu. People like you (white, black, purple) are the reason racism still exists. I’m tired of people acting like white people are the only ones who are racists. So sad!

      • fanofrealitytv

        Wow, what a racist!

      • Casey

        I’ve never met a black, latino, or Asian “Jake”…. so hey you ugly white guy with a little ….

        North is gorgeous if you think mixed kids are cute. (which I don’t) My white babies b cuter. :-*

  • KKKawKayzhun6

    seriously? all babies are bhutt ugly… puppies and kittens are cute…

    • jebuz

      I smell desperation in your comment…if your trying to troll your on the wrong site

  • Courtney

    You can NEVER take Joan seriously! Come on, she plays a part in front of cameras! That’s her style of humor to make digs and say shocking things. She only said that because of the previous rumors that Kim waxed North’s eyebrows!

  • mk1116

    no one is safe from this woman’s jabs!

  • Jess

    LOL wow I don’t think she should be talking. Joan Rivers is one ugly broad and so is HER child.

    I hate Kim Kardashian.. but I’m sorry, North is absolutely beautiful!

  • Valerie

    Look who’s talking…..Joan’s ugly as hell with all that plastic surgery

  • ItAin’tMe

    The one thing you know for sure with Joan Rivers is that if the kid was truly ugly, she’d never say so.

  • Demona

    Joan is a nasty, vile woman. I’ve dis-liked her since Celeb Apprentice. We ask why Farrah waxed Sophia…maybe people like this? Hollywood is a whole new world of stupid

    • Sam

      Defending ANYTHING Farrah does is ridiculous

      • Demona

        This was not a defense of Farrah at ALL – it was a point that there’s a whole breed of people that think as stupidly as she does

  • Sweet Venom

    I think it’s going too far, even if you dislike Kanye and Kim, which I do.

    Not all babies are cute, but pointing that out is unnecessary and just mean. Grown adults shouldn’t even be called ugly. It’s hurtful and lowers self-esteem.

  • JB

    Even out of context it seems pretty obvious that she’s not mocking the baby for being in need of a wax. She’s making fun of North’s idiot mother who felt the need to wax her baby to make her more beautiful.

    • ABH


  • Amanda_56

    What a vile and miserable woman. You think a clown would be nicer to children.

  • Dragonfly10192002

    Some babies are ugly…and North (as well as Beyoncé’s baby) is not cute. “Seriously gorgeous baby” is such a ridiculous thing to say.

    • olivia

      I must agree that Blue Ivy does look just like her father and he is not good looking at all he looks cartoonish. Maybe she will grow out of it. Her mother is a good looking woman for sure.

  • pmo

    north is a doll thank god she looks like her mother agree blue ivy is ugly.

  • Carla Sposito

    I do not think cute North. I’m not racist, I’m not precoceitusa and I have nothing against Kardashian. Just do not think the baby. And I have every right to state my opinion. We live in a democracy and people have to respect the opinions of others. Also do not think ugly. I think Joan overreacted to your comment. But this is typical of her. She does not respect anyone. One day she will have unpleasant answers.

    • twelfthnight

      I love how we all have to defend not thinking this kid is particularly cute because she’s not white. I think Blue Ivy or whatever her name is, is honestly probably the ugliest celebrity baby. Not because of her race but because she has her father’s face and he’s not attractive. Having an unattractive man face is bad enough when you’re a man, but even worse when you’re a little girl.

      Same situation here. This kid fared a little better despite having an ugly dad and an okay-looking-before-surgery mother (remember, plastic surgery isn’t genetic!) but the more this kid looks like her father the worse off she’ll be, because one thing Kanye isn’t is attractive.

      • olivia

        I totally agree! North will probably never know what Joan said about her, however she will know exactly what Kim and Kanye both have done in the past, present, and future she will have bigger issues to deal with. Joan is a comedian

  • Josie

    Or perhaps she was just being sarcastic and making a subtle reference to the drama surrounding Kim supposedly waxing North’s eyebrows. But that wouldn’t make as good of a story, would it?

  • ABH

    It’s possible Joan WAS aware of the waxing brouhaha, and was joining in on the utter farce of a life these two cartoon characters brought a baby into. Considering Kim is EXACTLY the kind of person who would take a jab like that seriously, I don’t find it all that offensive.

  • Crystal

    She is so obviously joking, lighten up people! She only said it because of the whole thing with waxing the babies eyebrows….You know Joan has no shame in her game.

  • bb

    joan did take it to far but i do agree north is an ugly baby

  • olivia

    North is not beautiful but she is not that ugly, she is a cute baby she could probably look better if they would pay more attention to her just by bathing her and putting on some cute clothes, that baby always looks a mess, her clothes are always wet, she drools just as bad as Kanye and she’s always wearing that same grey outfit, her clothes just always look soiled and dingy. Geez! her parents are rich why don’t they devote some time and energy into that child she always looks sad and she looks really tiny for being 7mo. old it looks like she can barely sit up. Kim and Kanye seem to take pride in the way they dress why not do they same for their own kid?

  • olivia

    Is that you Kris Jenner?

  • Jeremy

    The vile witch is now in a medical induced coma, the world is a better place.