PHOTOS Wait, what? Rachel Zoe is 9 months pregnant

Rachel Zoe Pregnant

Just two months after announcing she is expecting her second child with husband Rodger Berman, Rachel Zoe is set to give birth.

“I mean, I’m literally nine months pregnant so this I think will probably be one of my last outings,” Rachel, 42, told Us Weekly during an event on Nov. 9. “I’m going into hibernation!”

If Rachel hadn’t said anything about it, no one would have guessed she’s so far along! The slender stylist only has a slight bump — similar to when she was expecting Skyler.

Rachel Zoe Pregnant - 9 Months - Rodger Berman
^ Rachel and Rodger on Nov. 9.

In the final days before becoming a family of four, Rachel’s concentrating on spending time with Skyler and explaining to him what it means to be a big brother.

“He gets it that there is a baby inside me. It’s taken a while to get him there, but he is getting there.”

Although The Rachel Zoe Project star hasn’t publicly confirmed the sex of her second baby, pictures from her Nov. 10 baby shower led many to believe she’s expecting a second son: There were blue napkins and balloons that spelled out “B-O-Y.”

Rachel Zoe Baby Shower

One big thing that’s left to do before the baby comes home? Set up the nursery!

“(I’m) a little superstitious,” Rachel said about doing too much before the baby’s arrival. She has, however, begun plotting the outfit she’ll wear to the hospital. “I really am actually! You try to stay as chic as long as you can.”

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  • Erica

    she looks absolutely show stopping for 9 months pregnant! you can tell she’s not overindulging and is taking care of herself!

  • ren

    Uuuh I disagree with Erica. “Show stopping”?? She looks completely unhealthy when NOT pregnant. There’s a difference between not overindulging and starving. Why people in this industry do that to themselves is beyond me.
    I didn’t overindulge when I was pregnant and I still gained a healthy 30lbs. This woman looks starved.

    • Erica

      i think its all the black that she is wearing in her pictures that makes her look thinner.

  • derp

    uh no erica, she looks hungry.

  • sanoga

    she kinda reminds me of alexis arquette. anyone?

  • redhead

    i hope her baby isnt born retarded, shed flipping more concerned with staying skinny

  • Larissa

    I still think Sky was born through a surrogate and this baby might just be as well. I could be wrong but I’ve always thought this. Someone tell me i’m not alone please?

    • Bren

      you are not alone Larissa, 100% agree she used surrogate both times

  • Ahshoot

    No, she doesn’t look 9 months pregnant she looks like the crypt keeper.

  • Layne

    Stopped watching this season’s show – “empire-building” doesn’t make for good TV.