Rose McGowan never watched Charmed, not interested in reboot


Former Charmed star Rose McGowan looked to be living the charmed life when she stepped out of Arclight in Hollywood Sunday night and was asked by the paparazzi if she intended on being involved in the possible upcoming reboot of the hit WB show.

Not only was Rose dismissive of the idea saying, “long-term television freaks me out,” she added that she’s never even watched an episode of the original.

When asked is she was interested in watching the new version, CBS ordered a pilot script, the 40-year-old who played Paige Matthews in the original told TMZ:

“Well, I didn’t watch the first time so I won’t watch the second time… Not in a bad way. I just figured if you did it…”

McGowan and co-star Alyssa Milano had already tweeted about a lack of interest in the possibility:

Alyssa and fellow co-star Shannen Doherty later tweeted that they would be interested in a possible movie featuring the original cast.

What say you, fans of the Charmed Ones? Would you be interested in a reboot of the show or a movie featuring the original cast?

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  • Stephanie

    Definitely feel like a reboot would suck. Charmed just ended. Way too soon and frankly the new one wouldn’t be as good as the original.

    I like the idea of a movie but it would have to be done just right. The last 3 seasons of charmed really sucked and went off a different path than the first 5 seasons. If it had the feel of the beginning of the series it could be good and having all 4 sisters even better!!

    But rose sucks. Saying she never even watched an episode says a lot that she doesn’t care or appreciate her time she did on charmed… Which made her more known. She was a no name really until charmed. She needs a better attitude, or maybe just not have her in the movie.


      all the actresses were good on the show, brought something to the table, but a new show new girls same story not gonna grab this super fan…

      • Stephanie

        Uhm I didn’t say any of them were not good….

        I said rose sucks as in her attitude in regards to anything Charmed. She should be thankful and appreciative of her opportunity of working on a show that made her more well known.

    • Jarred

      On Twitter Rose responded with “I try to avoid watching things I’m in. Doesn’t make me feel good. But I love you all the most and am grateful for y’all. Yay us!”

    • Nicole

      There are plenty of actors that do not watch their own movies or shows. Not because they don’t have a good attitude, they just cant watching themselves on screen. Its not uncommon.

    • Paul L

      Many actors and actresses don’t watch their shows. They find it too embarrassing or distracting to their performance. She always praises Charmed as one of her favourite jobs, barring a handful of episodes she openly criticised (but who can blame her for that?).

      I would love to see a Charmed movie, but that brings with it all the baggage of seasons five to eight, which were the show’s worst by a mile. A Charmed movie would mean Wyatt and Chris, the rest of the kids, and the mythology-challenging notion of having Prue come back. Where does the power of three stand if there are four sisters? I’d be up for a Charmed reboot if it reset the whole show with the original three. Take the show back to its roots: three very different sisters discover they’re chosen to be the world’s most powerful witches. Nail the mythology down, put some budget into making interesting demons instead of having demons be men in black suits acting like 1940s’ movie villains, and focus on the dynamics between the sisters.

      They could easily reboot the show with the original three sisters. Paige was a good character, but she undermined the central premise of the show. We’re expected to believe that Melinda Warren could foresee the arrival of the three sisters, but couldn’t see the arrival of a witch-whitelighter fourth sister? Wyatt also undermined the importance of the sisters, so he should be erased from continuity, too.

      • Paul L

        And I forgot to say the most important thing… No Brad Kern!

        • peterpan

          Amen to that

  • ohmygeez

    Quit watching when she joined the show. Girl couldn’t act her way out of a wet paper sack. Not opposed to a movie with Alyssa Milano, Shannen Doherty and Holly Marie Comb.


    i would want the original girls back for the movie but that would be it, and didnt lifetime kind of reboot this show anyway witches of east end? cause i swear that is the charmed house…

  • JR

    I still liked Paige (no matter what some say about her acting; Piper wasnt all that of a grand actor either (BIT cocky)–it would of been both of their benefit to watch the show and see where they could have improved as it went along)

  • jlenoconel

    She sort of pisses me off with her attitude towards the show. Shannen Doherty was a whole lot more devoted in making sure the show had a following and that it sustained a certain quality. Rose’s best season was her first, later seasons with her weren’t as good, especially season 6. I’m open to a re-imagining if it corrects some of the wrongs of the original show.