Are Catfish’s Jesse and Brian still together?


Tuesday night’s Catfish told the story of Jesse and Brian, who had been chatting for three years online. They almost met up once, but Brian flaked, and Jesse didn’t know why. Thankfully Nev and Max came to the rescue by uncovering the disturbing reason why Brian didn’t show that day.

He was who he said he was, a rarity on the show, but the reason he couldn’t make it to see Jesse was because he had been arrested for having a weapon of mass destruction.

It turns out the weapon was a sawed off shot-gun, which is considered a WMD in some states, but is not exactly a good thing to take on a first date in any state. Brian’s explanation? He had just come from the rifle range, and while he was at a gas station he had a flashback to his tour in Afghanistan because of his PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder.) He couldn’t tell the difference between what was real and what was imagined, and he must have been acting strange, because the people at the gas station called the cops. When the police came they asked if he had any weapons and he told them that he had a broken-down sawed off shotgun in the back seat.

He says after that episode he was diagnosed with PTSD, he’s been receiving treatment, and is now a “productive member of society.”


Brian and Jesse had been talking about moving in together before they even met in person, and after Brian laid everything on the table about his PTSD, they seemed to be ready to give the relationship a shot in real life.

Here’s a bonus scene of Brian showing Jesse his home and his life, trying to convince her to relocate and live with him. Jesse seems impressed and they share a romantic kiss after Jesse lets him know she would feel “very comfortable” at Brian’s Alabama home.

Unfortunately it didn’t work out after Jesse came to visit a second time. In a video chat update, Brian says that while his relationship with Jesse was great online and over the phone, when Jesse visited him the second time, she was a “totally different person.”

Jesse also felt that Brian was a different person, saying that he had “put on a front for the past three years, especially during the show.” She says he told her a “lot of hurtful things,” and Brian says Jesse had a lot of issues because of “choices she made in her lifestyle.”

Jesse blames Brian’s PTSD for his behavior, and for the relationship not working out, but Brian says his PTSD has nothing to do with it. He says he loves Jesse and wants her to overcome her issues, but Jesse has no love for Brian.

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  • Heather

    If you watched the show in its entirety then you already knew that Jesse went home after 2 days when she went to visit the 2nd time.

  • DUH!

    It’s obvious that Jesse’s bad lifestyle choices Brian was referring to were bulimia & self harm (cutting).
    I’m certain that he told her she needed to stop and those are the ‘hurtful’ things he said to her. Homegirl needs HELP. I was actually disappointed that MTV even aired her episode since her issues were so obvious.
    Poor Brian!

    • Trinity Morealis

      Where did you see the bulimia and cutting? I’m pretty oblivious to those things so I’m curious.

      • Krystianna

        The scene where she was getting ready in the bathroom (to see Brian) she had her arm wrapped. The wrap wasn’t used when she was wearing long sleeves. I didn’t pick up on the bulimia, other than her figure being very thin.

        • Trinity Morealis

          I did notice that bandage, it was pretty weird and makes sense. I thought maybe it was a new tattoo but you don’t cover those like that.

      • Violette_Crime

        She is very thin, extremely thin, has bandaged arms, Those were a red flag for me at first Then she has very bad skin and is very nervous. One or two things may be because of the show, or “nerves” but she also doesn’t work. To get through PTSD treatment takes a LOT OF EFFORT, emotional work and Brian APPARENTLY has done it or is doing and MAYBE Jesse isn’t willing to face her demons.
        To be in a relationship with someone ill is difficult and to have a dual dx family were both members are ill, or in treatment is very hard. That is maybe more than they are willing to do at this time, or just she won’t admit it is a problem.
        I applaud him for his service and the aftermath. And I wish her the best, just stay apart until you both are in a good place.

        • aros

          Drugs sound even more likely if the girl doesn’t work.

    • jen

      wow i didnt even watch the episode or know anything about her, but after reading this an watching the video i automatically thought she had some sort of eating disorder or something that he was referring to an thats what she meant when she said he said hurtful things, cuz thats what ppl like that do..I would know. an seeing your comment right after just reaffirmed my suspicion lol

      • aros

        He really, really wanted a family from the sounds of things and in her state she will not be able to have kids and probably won’t ever be able to if she doesn’t stop quick. That sounds like the hurtful things for sure.

        • SammyG

          Well get this … just found out Jesse is 5 months pregnant… > cringing < Smh

          • aros

            Jesus, all Brian wanted was a nice loving sober family and Jesse goes and gets pregnant with Rando, responsible for at least 50% of England’s teen pregnancies, that randy random guy she will never see again.

            Hope she can sort herself out and stay off drugs for the babies sake.

            • SammyG

              Well its not a Rando its a long time friend who she is still with. But i think that Brian dodged a bullet actually. They were not a good match. Jesse’s baby daddy is perfect for her if you catch my drift. And Brian needs a nice southern belle or something. But i agree with you that i hope she stays clean during pregnancy and forever for sake of her kid.

    • CEE

      Yeah I noticed that too. He still wanted to give it a try but girl came with a ton of baggage. I thought that it might have been self harm or track marks from using, either way if you are still wearing that bandage it is the time to be focusing on your own recovery not getting on MTV.

      • Kellie

        I thought the same exact thing…IV drugs or cutting.

  • bride of chucky

    I think Jesse was on drugs maybe speed for body image issues. When Nev and Max were in her messy bedroom- I was like is this intervention or catfish? Her spacey demeanor, combined with skin and hair of an unhealthy person. Brian seems like such a nice honest, simple man. He will do fine in life.

    • Kieffah’s Hoodie

      I’m watching this episode right now, and this girl is extremely thin. She’s definitely on something, and the issues lie more within her. It’s obvious.

    • Kellie

      I just watched this ep again and I noticed an ace bandage wrapped around one arm…not the hand, just the forearm. It made me wonder if she was a cutter or an IV drug user. If she is a user, I hope for her sake she can get clean. She is already so thin and looks unhealthy. Brian seems like such a nice guy. He probably tried to help her and she took it as an invasion of her privacy which is why she doesn’t feel love for her yet he wishes her well. Sad, truly sad.

    • aros

      My skin looked like hers when I was a teenager into speed. Heartbreaking.

  • Pat Brown

    most relationships, don’t last, it doesn’t matter, how, where, why they start, they don’t last long term, so no big deal with this story.

    • Kellie

      I know several couples that have been married for several decades including my parents who have been married for 52 years. People these days give up too easily which is why the divorce rate is so high. They don’t want to put in the work that it takes to survive a relationship. That said, these two were doomed because of her issues and not wanting to deal with them.

    • Brendamarie Cantu

      For BRIAN…. Fron: Brendamarie Cantu
      …MAY YOU FIND A TRUE AND SINCERE LADY ,she will stand by you no matter what and love … Thank you for fighting for our country! Be bless…keep your head high!!

  • burkey

    I guess whoever wrote this didn’t actually watch the episode since at the end it said that when Jesse went to Brian’s she went home after 2 days because they realized it wasn’t gonna work and they didn’t speak since..

  • Cait

    She does have a drug problem and has been to rehab

    • Hope

      Just curious, how do you know? Do you know her personally?She did seem thin and the bandage on her arm was a bit weird.

      • SammyG

        Her Facebook is the proof. There is a old status post where she says she is recovering from addiction.

    • aros


    • Angie Sullivan

      I am Angela I live in Montana I am really glad to here about Brian’s status.I would be so happy to meet BRAIN,so Brain look me up

  • SammyG

    She did have an addiction (i have a source) and supposedly is clean – that’s what her tattoo is about that she showed Nev and Max.

    • aros

      She might have been clean a short while but Its SO likely that she relapsed when they met the second time.

      • SammyG

        I totally agree!

  • L

    She seemed completely off right from the start. The guy though was great…I thought he was really nice and was kind of hoping they’d work out. Unfortunately, she seems a tad bit crazy, and he must be very opinionated which she can’t handle.

  • Troy

    I was kind of hoping that they would have ended up together even tho the show said they didn’t maybe they could have rekindled the romance. But all these other comments make sense, him saying her “lifestyle” choices are the reason and he probably confronted her and she probably got defensive

  • Renee L

    I think that top picture on this article sums up the whole episode. It was like the personalities of a very friendly overbearing dog and a prickly cat. With issues.

  • jenny

    i cant believe that all these people are blaming all this on a poor girl. Yes she did look awfully thin and the arm was a big mystery but hello he was in the army!!! He admitted he did get help for his issues but how does anyone know if he really dealt with them. He could of really come on aggressive or paranoid ,we will never know that. He looked very dodgy and for someone to cut contact completely something much more serious must of gone out there after everything.

    • Marcella Carmichael

      I totally agree with you Jenny! Im sitting here reading these comments thinking WTF!!! Ofcouse he has issues! He already stated he does. Lets not even mention the what lead up to him being arrested! HELLO!!! At the end of the day, everyone has issues and people just arent meant for each other. Theres no need to judge. We only see a second of these peoples lives.

    • Kellie

      Actually he was in the marines. But she is or was a drug addict, this is from her own facebook post. Couple that with his PTSD and it is a set up for disaster.

  • Sammace

    I think she was mad for not staying with Brian he was hot I would not say no never 🙂
    He can use his weapon of mass destruction on me

    • bjjr1977

      Too Funny!!!

  • Cpl Pun

    I have to agree with the opinion that this girl is on drugs of some sort. On the other side, it takes a really strong person and a very strong love to be with someone who has PTSD.

    • Matt Bird

      Even on the show she did seem emotionally distant … like she was on xanax.

      • Cpl Pun

        I concur, Matt. If you look on the Catfish Facebook page, she is all over it, cursing people out and trying to defend herself and degrading the guy but on her personal page she really comes across as narcissistic with the “people kiss my a**” thing.

        • aros

          Maybe not so sad. This girl seems psycho. Really disappointed with MTV for not doing some kind of psych analysis before putting people into the public eye. If I was Bryan I would sue MTV for the abuse the junkie is giving out.

  • Matt Bird

    It’s sickening that she blames everything on his PTSD when it clearly had nothing to do with anything. She just doesn’t want to look bad when it’s probably her issues (drugs) and lying about them that messed everything up. So selfish and incredibly low to do something like that, especially to someone who risked everything and was so selfless for his own people.
    Another thing: So if she never loved him why did she say “I love you” out of nowhere on camera and unsolicited? What is wrong in this girls head? She looks really, really bad and by trying to shovel dirt on him to make herself look better, it only makes her look even worse. What a sad excuse for a human. Get your crap together Jesse.

    • aros

      She’s a lot like my girlfriend in a lot of what you have said there. Some girls are sociopathic and perhaps she is one of them?

  • JustSayin

    That girl looked like a tweaker who couldn’t stop picking at her face. Sad that it didn’t work out, it seemed like one of the few happy endings on this show.

  • Truthtalk

    She’s on that Meth
    stuff like all the younger people in that county are on….Never heard if it till I met a young one from that county that’s how they all look on that garbage..

    • aros

      It really is.

  • Truthtalk

    poor kids are on that crap.

  • Truthtalk

    it is the Method capital that area of Pa..just read about has been all over the internet for years…She looks like the rest on it.

    • aros

      Makes sense why in principle she liked the idea of a fresh start but it’s impossible to pull yourself away from an addiction just like that.

  • Kerry

    I watched the episode tonight on viva must be a repeat and I can honestly say that even I was jealous of how happy they seemed to be reminded me of me and my bf. With lots of Awwws and wow but I also noticed the arm and the facial expressions from nev like wtf she was beautiful and he seemed great. N looked amazing together. Maybe he over reacted to self harm because he cared n she took it the wrong way but defo had something special sad to learn at the end no communication between the two at the end of show 🙁

  • aros

    She did seem like she had some serious issues and they kept referring to ‘problems’ which likely were drugs. What a sad episode, I was so happy for them but the line about choices does sound like drugs. What a depressing ending!

    • mandidawn


  • aros

    REALLY low!

  • Lena

    Here’s the thing: in order to overcome PTSD, Brian has been to therapy (and possibly still is in therapy). In therapy, they don’t “fix” your problems for you – they give you the necessary skills/tools for fixing them yourself. And an essential first step is, of course, recognizing problems and admitting to having them, in order to figure out how to work on them. Brian will have learned that in therapy. And he would have likely encouraged Jesse to do the same with her problems. If that was the case (and I’m not saying it was, I’m just saying that it’s likely), then Jesse might have perceived these remarks as “hurtful things”, whereas he was only trying to help her. It would fit with both of their personalities. Jesse may not be ready to face her demons and he’s facing his head-on. They’re in “two different places”, which is a frequently used line, but in this case very true. It’s probably for the best that they didn’t work out.

  • Honest

    When I pulled up his info, it shows he was arrested January 2014 on drug charges also. I think he might have problems.

  • Missy Lyons

    If jess want I will take him he seem sweet . And everyone has a past

  • SammyG

    wow nice catch finding that article!!

  • catfish lover

    She seems completely heartless and I can guarantee her lifestyle choices were drugs. He deserves the world. Thank you for your service

  • Sharilyn Marlene

    Robert Brian Clark has died