Lady Gaga wears rainbow makeup all over her face: releases “Applause”

Lady Gaga showed up at the E! News building today looking like she fell asleep on her watercolors. She also sported dark hair pulled back, black boots, and a black outfit with a pleated skirt.

A couple of the comments on our Facebook page noted that she resembles Marilyn Manson here, which is kind of interesting because he has called her out for copying his schtick before.

The rainbow face wasn’t random though, it was in conjunction with an early release of her new single off of ARTPOP, “Applause.” She decided to release the single after it leaked early:

ladygagarainbowface ladygagaface

What do you think of her new look? What about “Applause”?

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  • asht1n

    She is so unattracive.

    • lois752

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  • Googly Eyes

    Kinda looks like Boy George…

  • frontdoormom

    I really cant stand this person. To me shes fallen off the radar and I hope she stays there. Who in their RIGHT mind acts like this? Attention seeking individuals hanging onto their last 15 min, thats who.

  • Michelle

    Not liking the look but LOVING the song.