Does Demi Lovato look better with, or without makeup? Side-by-side photos


“When I don’t have makeup on, I feel confident,” Demi Lovato proclaims in her video shoot for People Magazine‘s “Most Beautiful 2013” issue. She joined Olivia Munn, JordanaBrewster, Kelly Rowland, Morena Baccarin and Famke Jannsen in the Not a Drop of Makeup section, and she’s simply stunning!

“When I’m not working I wear as minimal makeup as possible. Sometimes i just go without,” the singer says. Of course, a little light makeup definitely has it’s benefits. As Demi points ” The main thing that’s covered up when I have makeup on is my under eyes, I feel they tend to get a little dark.”

In early April Demi tweet tweeted the above left photo of herself with this message: “Ladies, be brave today.. take off your make-up and stop using those filters!! WE are beautiful!!!”

What do you think? Does Demi look better in her red carpet full face, or completely bare?

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  • teenwolffan

    She looks perfectly fine both ways.

  • Karina

    No makeup

  • kat

    defiantly without, she is so beautiful!

    • Ace

      She doesn’t look defiant to me.

  • kat

    defiantly without, she is so beautiful!

  • CupzCakez

    lol her eyes get smaller with makeup on =_= and shes a natural beauty, no need for it.

  • She looks so much better without it, which is unusual for celebs haha

  • Silent Viewer

    Definitely better without! A true natural beauty!

  • tab

    she’s just a very in unattractive person. poor girl.

    • Grace0105

      Wonder if you are as ugly on outside as you are on the inside?

  • KB

    she looks so different all the time I can’t ever recognize her.. its kind of weird that make-up makes such a difference. her nose does not even look the same to me

  • Amy

    I wonder if the make up on the right was just a crappy make job, I don’t really follow her so I’m not sure if she usually is that over the top. She’s really pretty without it and doesn’t need the mask that she’s wearing on the right. A little to set off some of her features would be gorgeous. 🙂

  • killy_sd

    She’s still annoying to me.

  • Kristy Pierce

    I don’t care how pretty she is I’m tired of her already.

    • Grace0105

      And you read the article then because….?? Hating just to hate.

      • Kristy Pierce

        yes and I love tabloids. Get over it if you don’t like my comments. sheesh!

  • Grace0105

    She’s beautiful with or without makeup.