Christina Aguilera new makeover!

Christina Aguilera attends the 40th Anniversary American Music Awards - Nominations Announcement held at JW Marriott Los Angeles, at L.A. LIVE Los Angeles, California.Christina Aguilera loses weight, attends screening of NBC's 'The Voice' Season 4 at TCL Chinese Theatre.

Christina Aguilera has made it no secret that her weight fluctuatesWhen we first met the pop star, she was teeny tiny and flaunting it. From the barely there mini-skirts to the low cut jeans with the sides cut out, she was always showing off her trim figure. After her son Max was born, Christina got much curvier and told press she loved her new figure. Now her look has changed again. During a recent event for The Voice, Christina debuted yet another look and this time, she’s shed some serious pounds.

Christina took fans by surprised when she and her sky-high Louboutins walked into the season 4 premiere screening for the show she was once a judge on — and not just because of her dramatic weight loss. She also was channeling a much more natural look. She’s ditched the multi-colored extensions and bold make-up and she looked stunning.

In January of last year, Christina addressed the ups-and-downs in her weight. “As long as I’m happy in my own skin, that’s all I need,” she stated. “I’m happy with where I’m at. I have a boyfriend that loves my body. I love my body. My son is healthy and happy. That’s all that matters.”

“I’ve been on all spectrums. I’ve been in this business for a long time. I came out on the scene when I was 17 years old. You can never be too much of anything. You can never be too perfect, too thin, too curvy, voluptuous, this, that. I’ve been on all sides of the spectrum as far as any female in this business.”

Photos: FayesVision/ (L) Brian To/ (R)


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  • Miranda

    She looks better now not too skinny and not too thick.

  • yupp

    I agree with miranda and I also think her hair and makeup looks better

  • jessica

    she looks the exact same size. she is just wearing a more flattering dress. not to mention a tan makes you look thinner by default. tho i dont know how you guys came up with ‘a much more natural look’. her tan is orange and worse than ever and her face looks a victim of a recent lift. the only prop to give is that she chose a better dress than the ‘before’ picture.

    • dev g

      I was going to comment on the article but your comment is pretty much what I think. Christina seems like one of those people (like most) that let what other people say about her (being famous and all) get extremely to her head.
      I know the Kelly feud has been run to the ground by both of them but I find it amazing that she had all these things to say about bigger people until surprise it can happen to her too.

  • She looks the same! Her arms are the same, her waist is the same, she’s just wearing a different style of dress.

  • tab

    she maybe lost 5-10 pounds, but that dress is much more flattering for her figure which is why she appears thinner.

  • notthefatXtina

    She is still fat. Ooof.

  • notthefatXtina

    FATina lives!

  • Viziki

    She looks like kendra in her after pic

  • In the first picture she has a fake bake going, but in the more recent she looks like she was attacked by bronzer. Don’t think its a change in weight. Her makeup looks sooo much better though.