New Chelsea Houska NoH8 photos with dad Randy, Aubree and pal Landon

Teen Mom Chelsea Houska NoH8 No Hate photoChelsea Houska and daughter Aubree NoH8 No Hate photo

A few days ago Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska shared the first two photos from her NoH8 shoot with photographer Adam Bouska including a solo shot of herself and another one with daughter Aubree in which mom and daughter Shhhhhed each other adorably (both photos are above – click to enlarge). But, if you remember from our photos post from Chelsea’s trip out to California last December, when she had the NoH8 photos taken, she not only had Aubree with her, she also had her pop (aka Dr. Randy Houska, aka @PapaRandlicious) as well as her best pal and fellow hair stylist Landon. (You know, the uber hip due with the leopard print hair in the Teen Mom 2 Season 3 finale?)

As it turns out, Chelsea and Aubree weren’t the only members of the Sioux Falls entourage to get their NoH8 on in front of Bouska’s lens! Earlier today more photos from the session were released, including Chelsea and her dad, Chelsea and Landon, and a solo shot of Aubree!

Chelsea Houska and dad Randy Houska NoH8 No Hate photo by Adam Bouska Teen Mom Chelsea Houska and hairstylist pal Landon NoH8 photo Chelsea Houska's daughter Aubree NoH8 No Hate photo

The photos of Aubree sparked a bit of backlash on Facebook, causing Chelsea’s Facebook administrator to comment:


Aubree WAS NOT Harmed Or Forced to do anything she did not want to do! So please STOP with all the comments on Chelsea’s NOH8 pictures. They did this shoot for a great cause. There is no need to make rude comments. if you have nothing nice to say then Please Do Not Comment on them at all. Thank you! -Danielle

I am certain Adam Bouska and the folks with the NoH8 campaign are using duct tape with very little adhesive, and I’m also sure Danielle is correct when she states Aubree was not harmed or forced to do anything. Oh, and I love the first comment left by a fan on Danielle’s post:

“i like the hateful comments on the NOH8 pictures..apparently they didnt get the message”

Now, if only Jenelle Evans would take up the offer to appear on Judge Judy for the small claims court suit being filed by her former Facebook fan page admin Sarah RaeAnn (we sure do talk about a lot of Facebook fan page admins in our coverage of Teen Mom 2!) then perhaps we could get to see the ultimate NoH8 photo with none other than Barbara Evans! Although, I have to confess that it will be hard to beat Dr. Paparandlicious — even if it is Babs.

  • I’m slightly grossed out by the famewh0ring parents of these teen moms. And I liked Randilicious too!
    side note: I really hope that’s a bracelet Chelsea is wearing and not a tattoo of a fork. I honestly wouldn’t put it past her…

    • Rachel

      I liked him until I realized he was the reason Chelsea is a such an incompetent unproductive lazy spoiled brat.

    • anjealka

      I think it is a bracelet. If you look in the first picture with her dad it looks like the other side of the fork.

    • Nermal

      The Randilicious creeps me out too! total Oedipus complex!

  • HoardersFan

    Chelsea’s hair looks natural for once. Good one

    • Soncie22

      Agreed!! She looks absolutely Fabulous, as does her cutie pa-tutie daughter! It amazes me, how anyone can find something negative to say about something so positive!

  • jeff

    Jeez, its sad you had to make that post asking not to spout hate for Aubree doing the shoot. The kids fine for frick sakes. Dont those tards have anything better to do? I swear some people look for little ways to kick up a fuss. Kids are not made out of glass. Get over it. The reason kids these days are spoiled, entitled little smart mouths is because everyone insists on handling them with padded gloves.

    And on another note: Yeah I dont like Chelsea either, I think she herself is an entitled spoiled little brat. But the message of their shoot of not spreading hate and equality trumps it this time. Focus on whats important this time.

    • Jen90

      They didn’t have to involve the toddler. She dosn’t even know what she is doing or what it’s about. Chelsea has bully people online so I think that trumps this when she does it herself

  • amy

    Her hair looks SO much better this color. The platinum with dark roots is never cute. On anyone. Ever.

  • andiecohenn

    Was nobody better available?

  • Sarah

    I think that her dad follows her lead like a puppy dog. She is very controlling and always gets her way with him.

  • ashley

    There’s still something creepy about seeing little aubree like that. Maybe it’s the look in her eyes, idk….

    • Nermal

      I think it’s the duct tape over a child’s mouth, just weird, creepy, and wrong.

    • bobber

      I know this is for a good cause but the look in her eyes and the tape on her mouth reminds me of the Anthony kid :/

      • bobber


  • jessica

    This weirds me out. The kid part. The dad too…idk.

  • shut up

    They take pictures of anybody not just celebrities so that comment was dumb…

  • gogirl

    This is the most natural looking hair & makeup I’ve ever seen on Chelsea. Keep this look!

  • spottedgiraffe

    NoH8 is a joke. It was meant well and was probably effective at first but now celebrities and pseudocelebs do it for publicity. Tell me, how is Chelsea taking photos with duck tape on her mouth helping anyone? Exactly.


      At least she’s not whining. ADDDDDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!! why are you so meeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaannnnn!!??!!
      or talking like a baby.
      The duct tape is helping.. 🙂

      • zina azarova

        I cant stand her or her brat kid.

  • torimili

    I think the photos are beautiful, I’m a big fan of the NOH8 style, but I agree, the duct tape on Aubree is a little disturbing. Kail did a session with Isaac but didn’t use the duct tape. I’m sure she was fine, but still, I don’t think they should use the tape on small children.

  • zina azarova

    Does no one notice that this 21 y old calls daddy to fix EVERY problem in life, talks like a baby and needs all her friends to agree how pretty she is? Aubree is the biggest brat, throws tantrums about everything and Chelsea BEGS her to do what she says..”1…….2…….3….pleeeeez Aubree get off the table???” SMH