Wes Welker’s wife Anna Burns Welker burns on Ray Lewis then apologizes

Anna Burns hates on Ray Lewis bikini

Last night the Baltimore Ravens dismantled the New England Patriots in the 2nd half of the AFC Championship game and afterwords, one of the P-Men’s wives fired off on retiring linebacker Ray Lewis in retaliation.

Anna Burns Welker, the wife of fantasy league points-per-reception living legend wide receiver Wes Welker, took to her Facebook page and let Ray Lewis have an eyeful. She also happens to be a former Miss Hooters International, so as we catch up on her trash talk I’ll include some random bikini pics, because, well…. ‘MERICA!

Anna Burns Welker disses Ray Lewis

“Proud of my husband and the Pats. By the way, if anyone is bored, please go to Ray Lewis’ Wikipedia page. 6 kids 4 wives. Acquitted for murder. Paid a family off. Yay. What a hall of fame player! A true role model!”

Anna Burns Welker Hooters CoverIn summary, Ray Lewis was charged with murder in 2000 for his role in a fight that resulted in two deadly stabbings. Following a plea deal the murder charge was dropped. Lewis has never been married but he does have 6 children with four different baby-mommas.

Anna, Miss Hooters International 2005, has since deleted the inflammatory post and apologized. She wrote:

“I apologize to Ray Lewis and his family for my comments. In no way did I mean for them to be mean or hurtful. I’m embarrassed for being a sore loser. I wish Ray and the Ravens good luck. Lesson learned!”

Here’s Anna’s Hooters accomplishments according to her plaque at the virtual Hooters Hall of Fame.
Wes Welker's wife Anna burns

This southern belle won the 2005 HOOTERS International Pageant and was Miss December in the 2005 HOOTERS Calendar. Anna was the Cover Girl for the 2006 Calendar and 2006 HOOTERS Magazine. She also appeared in countless national TV commercials and in 2007 she was voted the HOOTERS Best Damn Dream Girl.

Wes and Anna married in Aspen, Colorado on June 23rd, 2012.

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  • Anne0

    screw her and her fake Hooters

  • No1sname

    An ex-Hooters girl working for tips, smh clean up your own back yard before you try & clean up someone else’s….you Salty b!tch!

  • Charla

    She just inadvertently put a hit out (tackles, ppl) on her husband when they play the ravens next year lol. Patriots organization as a whole seem to be sore losers.

  • Hateraylewis

    The only thing she got wrong was that he was married. Ray Lewis is looked at as a hero and wonderful person, everyone seems to forget that he aided in killing two men, lied about and then put the blame on his friends. Children are growing up without fathers because of that man. He is a disgrace. Can’t wait to get this season over with so I never have to hear about that pathetic excuse of a man ever again.

    • Relaxpeople

      Relax. Ray didn’t stab you. No one forgot but we are aware that we aren’t God. Let God judge him. None of this negates his talent.

      • Hateraylewis

        Thank you for clearing up that he didn’t stab me, I wasn’t sure. I am willing to admit that he is a talented player, but he still killed two people and I along with god will judge him for showing no remorse over it. Everyone presents him as a wonderful person, which he is not. All this woman did was say how she felt, isn’t that what social networking is for? She had no reason to even issue an apology. She shouldn’t have to apologize for utilizing her right to freedom of speech.

        • http://www.facebook.com/jen.reddingtonbiddinger Jen Reddington Biddinger

          He actually didn’t stab anyone. He was unwilling to drop the dime on someone he knew who did stab someone. Is that murder? Nope don’t think so. Which is why he was ACTUALLY charged with obstruction of justice you moron. Before you go around slamming other people know your facts. I believe that spreading lies and attempting to slander his name IS actionable in a court of law and I think that he should take the considerable resources he has and sue one or two of you idiots for slander and win a judgement against you and be financially rewarded handsomely so that small minded creatans like yourself think before you speak. You are not god and you have no room to judge anyone. I hope you aren’t religious because with all that judging you do you’d be going to hell!! lol And Anna Welker actually was associated with hooters…classy…so she should just shut it and limit herself to what she does know…like how to buy fake breasts. I believe she ONLY posted the retraction because either her husband or the Pats organization was embarrassed by her actions and told her to issue it. The Ravens out played the Pats in a game Baltimore played cleanly while the Pats home refs did their best to interfere in by making some BS calls against the Ravens and conveniently missing multiple penalties by their homies. The Pats are washed up cry babies and really just take your loss and stfu already.

          • Hateraylewis

            So I have no room to judge but you are willing to judge me by calling my names like moron and idiot? Looks like you’ll be sitting in hell right next to me if that’s the case. Also you obviously didn’t follow the case well enough or you would see all the infractions in his case and you would know he changed his story multiple times, hid his outfit from that night as well as many other suspicious actions.

          • twelve13

            a whole more to it than just knowing it happened- Lewis lied about several parts of that DOUBLE murder and he is a disgraceful stereotype. You are quick to defend Lewis, and ridicule Welker- who would make a better neighbor?

            • I’m just saying

              Ben Roethlisberger is another disgraceful stereotype! Don’t leave him out! Have you been following him, as well?

          • Jim

            You call people out for judging Lewis and then judge Anna and say she has no right to say anything because she worked for hooters, haha how hypocritical!! This why I love some religious people. The pats are washed up yet they went to the Super Bowl last year ( beating the ravens in the afc champ), the afc championship game this year, and only missed the playoffs 2 years since what 2000.

        • Whoru2judge

          Yeah but she said it after they got their ass kicked! Why not before the game# just a bitter sore loser! & so are you

    • nyu2011

      he did not help in killing anyone….he just lied to the police to protect his friend…i had nothing to do with the crime

      • Hateraylewis

        That’s very naive of you to believe. All the facts show otherwise.

        • nyu2011

          He lied to prote ct his friend….he did not commit murder…he was not even near the crime scene…….plenty of people like to covers their friends crime in usa..however, you end up in jail if you do…

    • Whoru2judge

      I guest u cast your stone! F**cking hating sinner!

  • Kim

    Regardless of his past- the fact that she used wikipedia as a credible source to make a point is what I truly find funny! I also hate seeing so called “celebrities” issue apologies only after backlash. Sore losers never prosper!

  • Whitney

    Didn’t you all know- Hooter’s Cover girl is an esteemed title in the 21st century. Great job Anna!- you’ve taught little girls around the nation that they two can achieve Football Wife status by flaunting their goodies!

  • Carissa

    Attention America- we are currently missing one of our prized Bo*bs! Her name is Anna.

    Signed- Hooters Management a message…

  • Hateraylewis

    What does it matter that she worked at hooters? That doesn’t make her point invalid. Everybody is so judgmental and close minded. She worked somewhere and was clearly successful at it, why is everyone so quick to criticize that?

    • I’m just saying

      Wow!!! Did you just say ” Everybody is so judgmental and closed minded”? Aren’t you being judge mental towards Ray… a man you never met??? And aren’t you being closed minded, because I guarantee you weren’t their during the altercation, nor did you follow his trial. So like you YOU said why is everyone so quick to criticize??? I think you should take your own advice.

      • Hateraylewis

        Well I absolutely did follow his case very careful, and I’m judging a man who in some way was responsible for the death of two men. These people are judging a woman for having a job she enjoys and profiting from taking care of her body. There is a big difference between the two.

        • I’m just saying

          It’s just very oxymoronic of you to judge but then tell others not to. Judging is judging their is no big difference.

      • twelve13

        Lewis WAS there during the “altercation” and Lewis WAS there when the purps were buying knieves the day before at a Gun shop- and he lied to the investigators about every bit of it. It was a DOUBLE MURDER…but you knew that, having followed the trial….

        • I’m just saying

          I do know he was charged with obstruction and not MURDER, having followed the trial. But you probably already knew that. But did you know that obstruction & murder is 2 different types of charges?!?

  • Burkey

    Last year it was Gisele after the Patriots lost and this year its this twit. While most of those things are true, it just makes her looks like a dumb hoe that she only put him on blast after his team beat the Patriots. And of course she only retracted it because of the back lash.. she could’ve came up with a better apology though. “In no way did I mean for them to be mean or hurtful.” Um pretty sure that’s ALL she meant to do. Before next season the patriots need to have a meeting with all the wives and tell them to keep their mouths shut.



  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Eric-Martin/573147858 Eric Martin



  • Tink G

    She’s just gonna get back everything she thru out but worse…. Think before you act…..carma is a natural born bit*h Ravens Nation Till The End and back Again!!!!! Caw,..Caw !!!!!! You don’t judge then apologize for it because your no better then the next person we all been thrift went thru or made a wrong turn some where no matter how big or small……ijs

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Abel-Rodriguez-Sr/100003810966836 Abel Rodriguez Sr.

    She`s a Beauty!

  • twelve13

    Lewis has six kids, by 4 women, and was involved in a double murder…and you dislike Anna

  • USA123

    Hey Anna, still waiting on my wings!!



  • Jammer466

    It’s obvious where her brains are … Another bimbo who hooked a pro athlete husband. I actually feel sorry for Wes.


    You are are f**king idiots! SHE JUST SPOKE THE TRUTH AND OMG….SHE TALKED BAD ABOUT A BLACK GUY AND NOW SHE IS ON THE NEWS….THIS was on her PERSONAL facebook page and this is clearly NOT NEWS…GET A LIFE