Amber Portwood to remain in jail for possession of a controlled substance

Amber Portwood booking photo from her December 2011 arrest

Teen Mom Amber Portwood has been in jail since a judge ordered an arrest warrant for probation violation. There has been a great deal of speculation as to exactly what the Anderson, Indiana mother was busted for but following a court hearing today we have more concrete details.

Her booking info via the Madison County Jail listed one charge of probation violation. Now, according to law enforcement sources Amber was busted back on Dec. 16th for possession of a controlled substance. At this time we’re still not sure what that controlled substance is. Her brother Shawn stated that this is all about old pills that she had from a previous prescription and was unable to provide proof of when authorities came to her house following a missed probation hearing.

In addition, sources are stating that Portwood failed to provide urine tests on the 16th as well as Dec. 19th.

Amber has been ordered to remain in custody until her next hearing which is scheduled for late January. This is sad news for Amber’s family and especially her daughter Leah, who will now miss spending time with her mom during the holidays.

UPDATE – The official police report has now surfaced with more details, including the list of prescription pills found in Amber’s possession and her explanation for why she didn’t have scripts for all of them.

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