Ramona Singer says her bikini body is better than Aviva Drescher’s

Ramona Singer and husband Mario Singer revisit San Pietro, Italy and pose for a sexy photo

Ramona Singer and Aviva Drescher butted heads all season long on Real Housewives of New York and even though they are currently in hiatus from filming, their feud lives on. Earlier this year, Aviva shared some hot bikini photos of herself along with a few of her stay slim secrets, and now, Ramona is speaking out and claiming that Aviva and her husband have nothing on her and Mario’s beach bodies.

“My husband Mario and I both have better bodies than Aviva Drescher and her husband!” Ramona tells Radar Online. And she doesn’t stop there. Just as Aviva had done, Ramona went on to share her tips regarding how she keeps her body in tip-top shape.

Ramona Singer and Aviva Drescher bikini photos in St. Barths

For starters, Ramona follows a strict diet which includes “lots of steamed vegetables and salads, broiled proteins like chicken, fish and turkey and very little starch with my meals and sometimes not at all.”

“I’ve been eating right and working out since I was 21, and I stay away from breads and desserts,” she said. “That way I can enjoy my glass or two of wine which is less calories than dessert!”

Ramona Singer bikini pictureRamona Singer poses in a bikini aboard a boatRamonaBikiniFacebook17

Ramona also admits that she makes an effort to hit the gym regularly. “I train with weights two to three times a week for an hour and do treadmill on highest incline, for 15 minutes two to three times a week,” she reveals, adding that her husband also works to maintain his figure. “Mario also works out every day with tennis and weights at the gym so at times it can even be twice a day for him.” And according to Ramona, it’s really paid off.

“He had developed his own special double secret routine for his 8 pack and his body is better now than it was at 30!”

What do you guys think? Does Ramona really have a better body than Aviva?

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  • Too many Pinots

    Keep dreaming, Ramona!

  • Amber

    Aviva has good tone while Ramona had some jiggly parts. Both are workin it considering their age!

  • In your dreams, Ramona!

    Please, Aviva has the body of a supermodel! Ramona has a flabby gut. She needs to tone it up and lay off the wine!

  • OttawaAsh

    Not in the slightest! Not to mention Ramona is a sociopath with zero social skills. Ramona is my LEAST favourite personality in ALL of relity TV.

  • Mia

    Ramona is built great for her age, but Aviva hands down has the better body.

  • Bre

    Not even close Ramona! Avivas body is gorgeous

  • http://www.facebook.com/maiko.higa.33 Maiko Higa

    Ok that second lady just looks gross. I don’t know who is who, but ribs along with a gut pouch are not attractive. She’s majorly sucking in and its nasty.

  • alexstorm

    Yeah, Ramona you are sucking your gut in, Aviva isn’t She is toned, you could stand a little toning and Mario, we all know he is cheating on you, he has to stay desirable to other women so Ramona….. shhh be quiet!

  • Burkey

    HA! Well Ramona should feel like a jackass now..

  • Aviva is better.

    HA really Ramona, just because we can see your ribs
    doesn’t make your body look nice. Tone that gut and then maybe you could say something