Snooki before and after new teeth photos

On Snooki & Jwoww we learn that Snooki got Lumineers, a type of porcelain dental veneers, put on her teeth before giving birth so her new baby will think she’s “awesome.”

She went to Maksim Lyubarskiy at Family & Cosmetic Dentistry to get her new set of straight, pearly whites.

“This morning I got Lumineers on my teeth because, when Lorenzo sees me for the first time, I want him to be like, ‘Holy sh*t, My mom is f*cking awesome!'”

She also said that she needed to look hot so she could look the part of a MILF.

Her baby’s father Jioni didn’t know she was getting them, and was little shocked when she came home with them. He thought they gave her a lisp, and admitted in a confessional interview: “Front row’s just a little, a little too big. They need to be filed down a little bit.”

Do you like Snooki’s new chompers?

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  • ashley

    No! They look so unnatural. It’s not like she couldn’t afford better. I thought she seemed very subconscious about them and talking in general on the reunion show.

    • Olivia

      The whole girl, the whole show is unnatural. Why her teeth should be natural? 😀

  • mad unnatrual smh. she needs to take several… now. 1st the change of J Woww’s mouth, wtf is up w/that?

  • awful. LOL

  • tab

    they look so fake. i bet those set her back quite a bit of money. bummer.

  • bigfan

    I think they are nice. Jionni is right though, a little smaller would look nicer.

  • ohmygeez

    Too big and have the fake look.

  • ed

    Horse teeh

  • Olivia

    She looks like a grandmother now. Wearing braces is better.

  • Kitty

    I don’t think she paid too much for that because it’s clearly a snap on smile! hahahaha

  • Courtney

    Yes they look fake and they are a little too big BUT they still look a hell of a lot better than her real teeth! That before picture is SCARY! Is that just shadows or did she really have black around the gums and top row teeth? They look like they were decaying or something before!

    • Courtney

      And AT LEAST she only has fake teeth. I kind of have to commend her for not going out and getting a bunch of plastic surgery the minute she got famous. Even after having a kid she still seems to want to do things the right way by exercising and eating right, not just getting plastic surgery like MOST reality stars.

  • Ally

    They are a little bit for her and kinda squaregiving her a chiklet smile but they do look better than her real ones. Also I agree I’m glad she has only changed a few things about herself. Heck I’m actually saving up for veneers.

  • FR

    Almost all the girls on jersey shore have gotten horrible veneers that are too big for them. Deena’s are the worst. As soon as I saw the headline I knew they’d be too big. Why can’t they afford to go to someone who at least does it with Artistry and competence?!? Aren’t they rich enough?!? How embarrassing!

  • Jenn

    they look awkward like Hillary Duff’s did before she got them fixed and filed down. If they were smaller they wouldn’t look so awkward.

  • If only personality were that fixable.

  • Rachel

    Just another shining example of how “motherhood has really matured” her— at least according to her pathetic fans. Yes, people these are the words of a mature mother. Can’t we all imagine our own mothers & grandmothers getting veneers on their teeth so their infant who most likely won’t have any real long term memory until the age of 3 will think mommy looks “awesome” at his birth?

    • britttt

      omg it was obviously her being silly stfu jerk off

    • Burkey

      Have your heard of joking or sarcasm, perhaps? I’m pretty sure that her actual reasoning for getting them was not so Lorenzo would think she looks good..

  • amberc88

    i honestly think she looked better before

  • Mickey

    I think she looks better now. She’s GORGEOUS! But I’m sure Lorenzo would have thought his mommy looked awesome anyways lol

  • Chris F

    in america a short fat stupid girl becomes a celebrity….no wonder the rest of the world hates us…and all this time I thought it was cause we cruise around in big flat top boats kickin everyone’s ass…

  • not gonna lie, i wish i could get veneers.

  • Burkey

    I think she will, if she hasn’t already, get them filed down appropriately. It seems every time a celebrity gets veneers they look crazy at first and then that person realizes it and gets them fixed lol

  • Cari Madshaw

    her teeth were absolutely fine before. And Deena’s new chompers are also just plain ridiculous..

  • alicat321

    Her teeth were fine before. She just needed braces.

  • JTG

    they look horrid and SO fake!

  • Her teeth on the before picture are youthful and natural. When you have them all filed down and looking like the same, they look like prosthetic teeth. Yikes.

  • Sybil Brandt

    Small teeth are a sign of poor health.The problem is that people get used to how they look with goofy little tiny teeth and it takes time to appreciate the look of normal teeth.

  • PaulineAH

    I agree with most…they are much too big for her. Your teeth should accentuate your face, not be the only thing you see when looking at said face.

  • runnerchickum

    No! they look fake. I am a dental assistant and rule of thumb your teeth should never be whiter than the whites of your eyes. But as long as she is happy then good for her.