Gage Golightly (Erica) not returning for Teen Wolf Season 3

Teen Wolf Erica played by Gage Golightly

Fans of MTV’s breakout supernatural scripted series Teen Wolf have another character that won’t be returning for Season 3 when it airs this summer. In addition to the hunky Colton Haynes departing (SEASON 2 SPOILER ALERT) after his character Jackson Whittemore was killed off in last season’s finale, the show will also be diminished in babeness because Gage Golightly (who plays sexy blonde Erica) will not be back either.

There were rumors swirling about Golightly’s departure for some time, and Teen Wolf Wikia admin Paul.rea had had enough. He contacted Golightly’s agent asking for an interview and received this response from her manager:

“Hi Paul –

Kim Callahan here, Gage’s manager.

Gage isn’t doing any press right now and is no longer on TEEN WOLF series either so not doing any press or interviews for the show.

Thanks for reaching out though!


That sounds pretty definitive! Seemingly confirming the news was Golightly’s (former?) co-star Stephen Lunsford, who was asked this question on his Tumblr blog: “you wouldn’t happen to know anything about Gage not coming back for TW this season, would you? bc wow I’m sad.” To which Lunsford responded by writing, “I know she isn’t, but I thought that was old news.”

A commenter with the user name TheUnknownVoiceWithReason seemed to sum up male Teen Wolf fan perspective perfectly:

This is freakin crazy man! I’m losing all the characters I just got interested in. Every big speculation is totally blown now. Those speculations were “What’s going to happen to Boyd and Erica” and “What’s next for Jackson now that he’s a werewolf?” Both question are GONE as in GONE GONE. And she was sooooo hot! I mean we still have Lydia, but Erica was some hot stuff I’m just saying! SMH.

Meanwhile, the the cast and crew of Teen Wolf that are returning for Season 3 began shooting in December and shared this Teen Wolf Season 3 preview video:

“Welcome to Season 3 of Teen Wolf, first day of filming! Merry Christmas,” says Tyler Posey at the beginning of the clip. Joining Posey in the beginning are co-stars Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Hoechlin. Later we get to see Miss California 2007 Meagan Tandy as well as new Teen Wolf cast members Charlie Carver and Max Carver, who will be playing twin brothers Ethan and Aiden

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  • Anon

    Jackson was not killed off in the S2 finale, he became a werewolf with blue eyes. Are. You. Serious. Do you even watch the show?

    • K

      From the perspective of all on the outside, he was. He died on the field. Him coming back to life stronger and better than ever would be hard to explain to his classmates, wouldn’t it? They’ll probably explain it as he left town to start somewhere with a new identity or something. It would make sense.

      • WrittenSins

        Never thought of that, but now that you mention it, that would be the perfect reason to cover Jackson’s leaving. Still, only downfall is how will his parents work into this? Will they be told the truth about werewolves? Or left to grieve a son they believe dead while Jackson disappears? I really can’t wait to see where Jeff takes this.

        • logan

          jacksons parents died In a car crash when he was in his moms bely and he was born through c section I believe

  • Matthew Markovich

    Won’t miss Jackson but Erica? Oh my what are they thinking!?! Unless she wanted to leave there is no reason for her to be gone. Erica was the most interesting character on the show. WHY??? There has to be a reason WHY!

    • selits

      lol most interesting character on the show is definitely a stretch; jackson is almost certainly more important to the show than erica was––doesn’t matter how much you hated his character, he created more ties, he was the captain of the lacrosse team, not to mention jackson/lydia.

  • WrittenSins

    I’m interested in seeing how Jeff is going to handle both the loss of Erica and Jackson. Guess he could always go with the alpha pack killing Erica at the end of season two, maybe letting Boyd go to run back and deliver the message to Derek — or something along those lines. Jackson is going to be the hardest to cover though, since he was such a huge part of season 2 (I mean he just became a werewolf for crying out loud!).

  • Griffin

    Its true what the UnkownVoiceWithReason said. The leaving of those characters lost some key questions that were growing as the show progressed. We all probably feel that we missed out on possibly a big importance in the show that could have been, but will most likely be replaced with more questions. But already the ending of season 2 in the last few moments where the alpha pack is being first recognized to the viewers, it already answered who took Erica and Boyyd. The living question from that was what will happen to them, which died by episode 2 of season 3. Erica appeared to be dead, and Boyyd was locked up with a potential opponent for when they are unleashed and supposedly were planned to kill each other off. So that was the end of Erica, who was a half of the big question herself, the other Boyyd. So with Erica, the question died off, only yet to be replaced with an even bigger and more powerful question that we all expect to overtake the other question, and outdo it for our pleasure. This is because a key question was left behind, so it is only to our hopes that the next should outdo it by far to become an even more bigger question.

  • sharlene

    so exactly why is erica not in season 3?

  • ivyleaguer

    Erica ruled! I can’t believe she is gone. Boyd could go as far as I am concerned. I mean I found it hard that he wasn’t a popular student unless he was attending the aryan brothers high school, so this whole he wanted to be a werewolf cause he wasn’t popular just didn’t fit his character at all. If anything he came off the like the most popular guy in school.But no where as fun as Erica.