16 & Pregnant’s Brooke Smitherman-Tarrant gives birth to second child

'16 & Pregnant' star Brooke Tarrant poses with Cody Tarrant and son Brody

Christmas came early for Brooke Smitherman-Tarrant and her husband. The former 16 & Pregnant season 2b star gave birth to a baby girl yesterday afternoon. This is the second child for Brooke who along with her husband Cody Tarrant welcomed son Brody in 2010.

The happy couple announced the news via Facebook with the photo of their newborn (below) with the caption, “Miss Ryley Jean Tarrant.” Brooke and Cory chose the name Ryley because it is a combination of their middle names, Ryan and Ashley. Their son Brody’s name was created by merging their first names.

'16 & Pregnant' star Brooke Tarrant's daughter Ryley

Brooke and Cody, who hail from Mansfield, Texas, first became parents when Brooke was just a junior in high school. They had been dating for two years, but were in no way ready for a baby. However, they made it work and they way they did so was pretty impressive.

Upon hearing the news of Brooke’s pregnancy, Cody put his focus on graduating high school early, which he did, so that once the baby was born he could care for him while Brooke finished high school. When Brooke was just 16 weeks along, the couple tied the knot.

It was quite the team effort and while most couple’s struggle with the adjustment between being a young couple to being married and becoming parents, they handled it well and in the end, their relationship was stronger because of it.

For more information on Brooke Tarrant and her growing family, visit her official Facebook fan page.

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  • claire_a_belle

    I remember that these two were actually pretty responsible (at least, as far as dealing with getting pregnant at 16 goes)… Also had supportive parents and a seemingly good relationship. Happy for them and their growing family

    • dev

      Couples like these on teen mom really highlight the importance of support when having a child, especially that young and possibly (not in their case) single. I agree, they were a tad young acting, but they really got it together to have Brody.

  • LaDy

    Look at that the chubby cheek lady baby!

  • Awww, she looks just like Brody did when he was a baby! I’m so happy for them, and I wish them all the best. She was one of the more stable and responsible girls on the show.

  • Charla

    Their next child name will be Smirrant…

  • BowsnCupcakes


    You made a type when typing Cody’s name in your second paragraph, typing Cory instead of Cody.