PHOTOS Duck Dynasty’s Robertson men as younger, clean-shaven athletes

Duck Dynasty the Robertsons in hunting gear

If we’re to believe that Duck Commander operates something like the way it is portrayed on Duck Dynasty, the company’s CEO, Willie Robertson, spends half his day sitting in a tiny office in the back of the Duck Commander warehouse, and the other half of the day wandering around the warehouse trying to get Jase and the gang back to work.

I don’t find the desk half of that picture particularly plausible. No company gets as successful as Duck Commander without someone doing a whole lot of work, so I’m a bit skeptical. My guess is that Willie is a much busier CEO than he shows himself to be on the show.

But, I wonder how plausible the other half is. Does Willie really walk up on ping pong matches, and beat the guys playing? Does he take a compound bow out of Jase’s hand and hit the target that everyone else has been missing? Does he kick the basketball hard and straight at Si to get him to go back to making reeds?

Well, maybe.

We already know that behind those chin brooms lie some handsome Roberts men. But, those boys aren’t just pretty, they’re athlete’s too!

Exhibit A: All four Robertson brothers playing golf (without their beards!)

Alan Robertson Jase Roberston Willie Robertson Jep Robertson beardless

We’ve already posted a pic of the four clean-shaven Robertson boys playing golf, so apparently the boys do know their way around the links.

But, if you’re one of those people who don’t think that playing golf is proof of athleticism, check this out.

Exhibit B: Willie Robertsons’ high school basketball photo!

Willie Robertson Beardless Basketball Duck Dynasty

Could it be that Oscar Robertson is a long lost relative? I don’t know if lil Willie was doing sky-flyin’ dunks the time (even though the lack of beard weight probably did give him some mad hops!), but I’m betting he could knock down three-pointers all day long! (Did they have three pointers waaaaaay back then?) Beardless Willie got game! You can just see it in his kneecaps eyes.

Exhibit C: Jep Robertson showing his (beardless) muscles on the beach

Jep Robertson Jeptha Duck Dynasty Beardless No Beard Athlete Beach

Granted, we can’t tell from the photo how Jep got those muscles, but there they are! And, if you look back at the golf pic earlier in this post, you can see them there, too. I don’t know if Jep stopped working out or if camo hides muscle, too; but baby brother’s cut!

Exhibit D: When Phil Robertson played (beardless) football, Terry Bradshaw warmed the bench

Phil Robertson Duck Dynasty Football Terry Bradshaw Louisiana Tech NFL

Let’s quit fooling around here. The Robertson boys may have some athletic ability; but, none of them can hold a candle to Papa Phil, who played ahead of Terry Bradshaw at Louisiana Tech (CLICK HERE for more football photos of Phil!) and turned down an NFL contract because football season conflicted with Duck season. So far, we haven’t really seen Phil’s true super-powers in action, but I’d bet money that he could whip every one of his sons at just about any game they chose.

UPDATE – Phil wasn’t the only Robertson to handle the pigskin for North Caddo HS! Check out these photos of his little brother Si Robertson decked out in his football gear from the yearbook!

If Phil were the one to walk in on the illicit ping pong match, I’m guessing we’d be in for something like this:

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  • Allison

    They are so handsome without the beards!

  • Beards are just nasty

  • I remember those days making duck calls and hanging out with Willie. Audie pepper.

  • Happy holidays to the Robertson’s

  • Stacy Staples

    They are great! But look better with no beards.

  • HF74

    Bunch of fake posers, pathetic.

  • Carl Thayer

    Conservatives will fall for anything: all you need is a Bible, a gun and some fake military camos

    • Brian

      And Kanye West’s mother was the chair of the English dept at Chicago State U. Yet KW talks like he’s from the hood. Is that something ‘conservatives’ are falling for?

      • Sues

        Is he pretending to be a redneck? So how is this fooling anyone?

        • Brian

          He pretends not to be able to conjugate the English verb ‘to be’. To the extent that a career in rap depends on street cred and thug life, he must be fooling millions of quasi-music consumers.

          • Rei

            While rap, like country and metal, is deeply concerned with “authenticity”, your choice of Kanye West as an educated rapper who fronts as a thug shows your total ignorance of the genre. West has never tried to hide his origins, he doesn’t rap about selling drugs or growing up on the streets. His first three album titles all referenced higher education! (College Dropout, Late Registration and Graduation.) In fact, with his ballerinas and orchestras and various high-culture obsessions, most people who know anything about him would accuse him of being a tad pretentious rather than falsely street. He also doesn’t pretend ignorance of conjugation- like most rappers, he’s linguistically adept, and knows how to code switch- which means he’s conjugating and negotiating language on a more complex level, and he’s doing it in a show-off way. Why? Cause showing off superior language skills is a huge tradition in rap.

            But go ahead, try again. If you do a little research you can probably find a rapper who has actually done what you think Kanye West is doing: i.e., fronting as a drug-dealing thug when he actually grew up in a nice middle-class family. However, good luck finding a rapper like that who is also a liberal cause celebre.

            • Brian

              It’s humorous how you think rap is worthy of serious consideration, rather than visual peacocking crossed with karaoke.

              • LeFabe

                Brian, you brought up rap in the first place.

              • Rei

                Wow. In addition to not knowing anything about rap, Brian is unclear on the concept of karaoke. I eagerly await a rant against this newfangled so-called “jazz.”

                • Brian

                  I’ve been an amateur jazz musician for 25 years, which partially explains my disdain for the musical finger-painting of rap. I’ll take Coltrane; you can keep Tupac.

                  • Rei

                    Then you should know how old fogeys used to talk about jazz, shouldn’t you?
                    Still, your music hobby has little bearing on your original point, which is and remains nonsensical.

                  • Mawelch

                    Tupac went to Juliard.

                    • Brian

                      My point is that conservatives are not the only ones who fall for media-generated or self-generated false biographies. Many liberals think of Nelson Mandela almost as a saint. That image is no more real than the Duck Dynasty guys.

                • Brian

                  You’re the one who’s unclear on the concept. Musicians play instruments with their hands. Musicians sing melodies. Rappers, on the other hand, typically bark profanities in a monotone over a pre-recorded track created by a producer, i.e. someone else.

                  What else involves vocalizing over a pre-recorded track created by someone else? Oh that’s right: karaoke.

                  A drunken tourist in a bar warbling a rendition of some Bon Jovi song is more of a musician than some rapper. A sixth-grader squawking the clarinet at their first middle-school band concert is more of a musician than a rapper.

                  And let’s not forget the immortal poetry of rap lyrics. ‘Yo, muthafugga. My bitches don’t be snitches, gnomesain. Put ya hands in tha air and make some noise. Yo, yo, yo, yo…awwwww, sheeeeet.’ And Shakespeare rolls over in his grave.

      • BB53

        I’m not aware that anyone is falling for it. Other than that ditz he’s married to.

      • carlito

        god, people have to bring kanye into everything.

        • Brian

          Imma let ya finish, but Kanye brings _himself_ into everything he can.

          • BlessYourHeart

            “Imma”? Are you trying to be black?

            • Brian

              Kanye quotation.

        • Yes I am agree

      • BlessYourHeart

        All the liberals I know think Kanye West is an idiot…so what is your point? Are you just wanting to mention him because he is black?

        • Brian

          Someone is buying his ‘music’, and it isn’t conservatives.

          • DonFromFairfax

            The people buying his music are young and likely not involved in politics at all.

      • DonFromFairfax

        The people buying Kanye’s music aren’t liberals. They are young people who are not involved in politics at all. So…invalid comparison. Nice try though.

    • DavidHarley

      “fake military camos” sounds like an urban comment. Those who engage in wildfowling or other forms of rough hunting invariably wear camouflage. Their guns, boots, bags, hides, and everything else are camouflaged.

      Ducks have much keener color vision than humans, with a broader range into UV, so minimizing edges and blocks of color is essential.

      • BlessYourHeart

        Right, they have to hide under leaves and in a swamp so they can stalk and pray innocent birds who flew all the way from another country in order to take care of their family only to be blown out of the sky by some millionaire rednecks who think it is fun to kill things. Embarrassment to human beings.

        • Brian

          Your ancestors hunted the woolly mammoth. Try growing a pair.

          • Chickie

            Try growing a brain. Many of us would hunt animals if it were a *necessity*, but guess what? It’s totally not. Think more critically.

            • Brian

              Sure, I’d love to see you TRY to hunt.

              • Chickie

                The point is that I don’t have to. Of course, if society collapses, I’d be in deep shit. But that’s kind of a weird justification for killing ducks, isn’t it? “Society might collapse! Shoot these defenseless beautiful birds for practice!”

          • U r right..

        • Ed C

          You’re pretty much the most pathetic person on the planet.

    • Ed C

      And liberals fall for useless community activists who never did a damn thing in their lives and elect them as president.

      • bacchusfa

        You know god damned well many disenfranchised ‘mericans who are republican vote for Obama idiot.

    • Laura Lee

      Gene Hackman = Phil Robertson. It’s all a show and propaganda.

  • DavidHarley

    I don’t like these people at all, but the suggestion that they were privileged preppies is false.

    • BlessYourHeart

      They have been millionaires for many years. They currently now have over $400 million. Yet suddenly they want to look like homeless mountain men. Yeah, that is normal.

  • Phranqlin

    Using Christianity as an excuse for racism and bigotry, not to mention materialism? Hmmmm, wonder what that bearded feller from the Gospels would say about that?

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    GQ magazine doesn’t target the trailer park crowd.

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    I’ll bet I could get those boys’ hot babes!!!!!(Provided,of course,they aren’t red-neck gals,as I am…..)

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      One would almost believe with an IQ which you claimed, you would not make such an ignorant and bigoted remark?

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    Brian,one Kanye West is a RAPPER!!!!!!!(Ever seen/heard a brainy rapper?) Two,dude’s from Chicago!!!!!(Where my 21-year-old gay cousin was stabbed 56 times until hair turned SNOW-WHITE;it was his first visit to a gay bar.’NUF SED!!!!!!!)

  • handsomeblackcowboystudbrad

    I’ve also had two relatives murdered in Detroit,across the
    border from Windsor,my life-long residence,though my dearly departed mother was a “Then-Motor City” native.

  • handsomeblackcowboystudbrad

    I’m an authentically handsome black lad,60,with a 150-160 IQ!!!!!(GENIUS LEVEL,FOLKS!!!!!!)

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