Report: Jessica Simpson is pregnant again

Jessica Simpson is allegedly pregnant for a second time

As one might assume from the bombastic cover you see above, Us Weekly is reporting that Jessica Simpson is pregnant once again.

Seven months ago momma Jessica gave birth to baby girl Maxwell Drew Johnson and now sources close to the star say she’s got another chicken of the sea ready for hatching.

“It definitely wasn’t planned. But yes, Jessica is pregnant again.”

The 32-year-old Fashion Star mentor just lost a whopping 70lbs after she rocked a now legendarily hefty baby bump. When it was all said and done, Maxwell weighed in at 9lb 13oz. Towards the end of her pregnancy she joked with Jimmy Kimmel:

“Apparently I have a lot of amniotic fluid, so whenever my water breaks it’ll be like a fire hydrant!”

If this report is accurate, there’s been no denials from Simpson’s camp yet, let’s hope she has an easier go this time around.

But hey, in the end we’re all very grateful for a healthy baby no matter how difficult the process is. And Jessica’s first little ball of sunshine did bring in $800,00 for the family from her first official photo on People.

This would be the 2nd child for Simpson and ex-football player, fiancé Eric Johnson. Another source with The National Enquirer (read – take this how you will) stated that she’s nervous about this particular pregnancy and is currently 9 weeks along.

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  • Katie

    Well, women are EXTREMELY fertile post-birth for about a year, so it’s easy to get pregnant again if you’re not on birth control. Best wishes to her!

    • Karen

      Very true! Happened to me. My first two are 15 months apart. She’s got the means to support a second child, so if it is true then congrats to her!

    • mommymilk

      not completely true… breast feeding helps menstruation as long as you are solely breastfeeding. I did get pregnant with my second while breastfeeding my 10 month old but he has started solids by then.

  • Jenn

    Two kids out of wedlock? Remember when she saved herself for marriage. Hahhaa. Oh well. Congrats to her. If it’s a boy, she should name it something girly, like Suzie or something lmfao

    • Mickey

      Why does it matter that they’re out of wedlock?

  • Bebe

    So much for her Weight Watchers contract….I was wondering why she was taken off their homepage (not that they showed anything more than her shoulders and up!)

  • Andi

    I can’t believe she’s pregnant again! I hope she is healthier this time around.