Amanda Bynes gets into pinching match with photographer and it’s all caught on tape

Amanda Bynes' Sunset Boulevard pinching match with photographer

Amanda Bynes is making headline yet again for her odd behavior. Luckily, this time it doesn’t involve a  vehicle. The now-retired actress got into an altercation yesterday in Hollywood with a photographer who had taken a less than flattering picture of her and the events that ensued were nothing short of shocking.

After a DUI, a handful of hit-and-runs, and getting caught smoking out of a drug pipe, the Bynes is at it again! Yesterday, the good girl gone bad was shielding her face as she took a stroll down Sunset Boulevard when she realized she was being photographed. Amanda then approaches the man and demands, “Let me see the footage you just shot.”

Amanda Bynes has altercation with photographer on Sunset Boulevard

After seeing the pic, she says, “You have to delete the first one.” Amanda tries to reason with the man even telling him, “Let’s get along. I like your shirt.” The two seem to come to an agreement that Amanda will pose for a new set of pictures but it quickly turns ugly when she realizes he hadn’t yet deleted the first one.

Amanda attempts to take the man’s camera so that she can delete the pictures herself. In the video, you can hear the man saying “Amanda, let go! You’re breaking my camera!” She replies, “You have to delete that one of my face. I need to look beautiful.” She goes on to begin to pinch the man, and all the while, he’s telling her to stop. Amanda then accuses him of pinching her.

Amanda Bynes gets into fight with photographer on Sunset Boulevard

The struggle for the camera goes on for several seconds but after the man accuses her of digging her nails into his neck in an attempt at getting his camera, Amanda walks away saying, “I didn’t touch you.”

Oddly enough, the incident took place right outside of the Equinox gym in West Hollywood where just days ago she was kicked out of spin class after exposing her bra.

In another recent development, Amanda has been dropped by her publicist, her lawyer, and her agent after becoming extremely difficult to deal with and nearly uncontrollable. Sources close to Amanda say that she pretty much couldn’t care less. Amanda recently announced that she has retired from acting and will be moving to New York to pursue a career in fashion, so she doesn’t need them anyways.

All we know is, she’s giving Lindsay Lohan a run for her money.

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  • Harper

    She’s obviously unstable, having photographers following and harassing her is the last thing she needs. Leave her alone, chick can’t even walk down the street without being taunted by the paps.

  • She’s reminding me more of Britney than Lindsay.

  • Brittany

    She’s on drugs big time. She is behaving like a strung out smackhead.

  • jen

    she shouldnt even be compared to to lindsay, she is worse then lindsay!

  • tab

    her story just keeps getting more sad.

  • Courtney

    Where are her friends? She’s always alone. I know my friends would jump in and try to keep an eye on me and get me in a healthy routine if I ever spaced out like Amanda! Her friends or relatives need to be w/ her 24/7 and monitor her!!!

  • Courtney

    And why does she keep going out in public where she KNOWS she will be spotted in mins!

  • lovelula

    it sounds like a mental illness and she might be self-medicating with drugs and/or alcohol.

    she seemed to get through her teens/early twenties without drama. she said in interviews she didn’t like alcohol/clubbing/the whole hollywood scene, so for her to be messing up now, after being in hollywood for so long, at this age seems very strange. i remember watching an mtv doco on her years ago, she was very close to her older sister and parents from memory who lived just outside of LA, but they don’t seem to be around to help her now though. something isn’t quite adding up.

    i used to be a major amanda fan as a teen and thought she was one of the few positive “role model” types to grow up successfully.