16 & Pregnant’s Sarah Roberts dating ex-boyfriend of Ashley Salazar

Sarah Roberts and daughter Tinleigh

Ashley Salazar just found out some interesting news. One of her ex-boyfriends is dating her fellow 16 & Pregnant mommy Sarah Roberts — how’s that for a small world? As if that news wasn’t strange enough, Sarah’s baby daddy Blake has some news of his own.. baby news!

Earlier this month, Sarah took to her Twitter to break the news of her new relationship with Jordan Baker:

“I’d just love to say thank you to @Sarahmazing for introducing @Jordan17Baker and I (:”

The two met through a friend who lives in Texas along with Jordan. Sarah, who has a bit of a wild side, has been gushing about her new man ever since telling fans he is “the best” and “pretty great.” Things seem to be getting serious with Sarah and Jordan. Earlier this week, she tweeted, “Forever is hard to believe in, but I do believe in forever with you @Jordan17Baker.”

Jordan Baker

Ironically, it is unknown if the two have even met yet. There are no pictures of them together on either of their Twitter accounts, which is odd for two people who seem to be so into each other. Plus, they live in different states — Sarah is in Georgia while Jordan is in Texas. Is their relationship strictly online? The only photographic evidence of the two dating is that of a dozen roses which Jordan sent to Sarah shortly after they began their relationship.

Jordan recently called Sarah his “celebrity crush” and judging by one of his exes, he seems to have a thing for young mothers. In fact, this guy looks to be headed in the direction of becoming the Slade Smiley of 16 & Pregnant!

Ashley Salazar with ex boyfriend Jordan Baker
^ Ashley Salazar with ex Jordan Baker in 2011

Jordan had dated Sarah’s fellow 16 & Pregnant star and author of Bittersweet Blessing Ashley Salazar from March 2011 until later that year. Ashley has since reconciled with her daughter Callie’s father, Justin Lane. The two have been back on for just over 6 months now and things are going great. They live together in Texas and enjoy getting to visit with their daughter together.

Ashley Salazar with Justin Lane and Callie
^ Ashley Salazar is back with her daughter Callie’s father Justin Lane

UPDATE – It seems our article sparked some questions on Twitter and even a report that Jordan and Ashley broke up because she was “baby crazy,” all of which Ashley was happy to respond to on Sulia:

TRUTH why me and my ex broke up. Rumors say i wanted another baby. Id joke and of course we’d talk about it when I thought we were going to be serious but the truth is I never got over Justin. This will make me look bad but i would call him, answer his texts, etc. he would text me every day. I’ve never been happier!! And yes I want children with JUSTIN and I can’t wait for our future!

Now.. let’s talk about Blake Thomas. You may remember him as the red-headed aspiring shrimp fisherman from 16 & Pregnant Season 4. He ditched girlfriend Sarah and their baby girl Tinleigh shortly after she was born to pursue life on a shrimp boat hundreds of miles away, and hasn’t been back since. He doesn’t even ask to see her and he definitely doesn’t help financial. So what has he been doing? Apparently having more unsafe sex. His current girlfriend is now pregnant according to this Twitter announcement from Sarah:
Ashley Salazar Jordan Baker and Sarah Roberts
Sarah Roberts tweet

Sarah later updated her followers on just how she felt about Blake:

I really wish the memory eraser thing in Men In Black really existed.. i’d delete every single memory of Blake. Just because I don’t want to change it, Tinleigh is perfect. I just wanna forget


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  • 15andNOTknockedup

    I hope that Blake learns about condoms.. and how you use them!

  • Agnes

    Oh well. Jordan seems like a nice guy and I don’t really think he wants to be famous or something. I believe he was a good boyfriend for Ashley, but people who read her blog know what a mess she is. She’s incapable to keep anything… a man, a dog, a child. Which is really sad, because she needs help with all her emotions. She seems crazily in love with a guy who left her pregnant, made her cry and called her names and simply put her through hell when she was with (his!) child. I just hope Jordan and Sarah will be happy together.

  • Brianna

    This is CRAZZZYYY!! Like Sarah said, how can you take care of someone else’s child when you can’t take care of your own? This absolutely blows my mind.

  • Ashley

    Another child with a broken home and an absentee dad….so sad 🙁

  • spoink


  • Ashley

    So odd they consider themselves in a relationship and talk about being together forever if they’ve never even met in person!

  • Thelma

    Ashley is batshit insane.

  • Sarahmazing

    Once again Ashley can’t get over shit and just let others be happy. She is always on a mission to start some kind of drama. It’s funny that she tries to make Jordan look like the bad guy when in reality she is the epitome of crazy. Jordan is a GREAT guy and any girl would be lucky to have him. Ashley, the crazy chick, that she is obviously couldn’t see that. She claimed to be “sooo in love” with him during the first week of dating, yet put Jordan through unimaginable situations. Jordan would have done anything for her, but she’s was stuck on stupid. I don’t see how she would go back to Justin after all of the things he did to her. Hell that should be its own article

    Yes I introduced Sarah and Jordan. I didn’t think that they would ever fall for each other like they did, but I am ECSTATIC that they did. They both got out of relationships with crazy, bad people and they deserve to be happy. I wish them all the happiness in the world, and I hope that they can have a long lasting relationship.

    Ashley, instead of worrying about who her ex boyfriend is dating, needs to get her life together. “And yes I want children with JUSTIN and I can’t wait for our future!”— Hopefully by the time you have another child you can keep a dog for more than 2 weeks.

    • amelia

      Please stop acting like you know these people. How exactly is Ashley worrying about who her ex is dating? She was explaining herself against some harsh things were said about her. Not sure why you seem bent on bashing Ashley, I am still missing the point for why your post is so intense.

      • Sarahmazing

        lol how about you read the article again. “Earlier this month, Sarah took to her Twitter to break the news of her new relationship with Jordan Baker:
        “I’d just love to say thank you to @Sarahmazing for introducing @Jordan17Baker and I (:”
        The two met through a friend who lives in Texas along with Jordan. ”
        I am friends with Jordan and I am the reason that Jordan and Sarah are together, so sweetie… yes I do know them.

        Please show me where harsh things were said about Ashley..
        because from what I have read nothing bad was said about Ashley. She just recently found out that Jordan was dating Sarah and decided to “update her Sulia followers.”
        She is worrying about who he is dating because she is going out of her way to post about it.. nothing intense about my post… it’s just the truth.

        • Kelly

          I can’t speak to whether or not Ashley has said anything about Sarah and Jordan’s relationship because I don’t really follow her, but if you are strictly referring to the contents of this article then it appears as though she was merely responding to questions of why her and Jordan’s relationship ended. If that is all she has said then perhaps you are the one who is seeking drama.

      • Jordan Baker

        Also, “Sarahmazing” does know me. Personally. Real life, twitter, facebook, text, call, all that stuff.

  • Jordan Baker

    Those are both great pictures of me.

  • Jitters

    How can you want another child when you didn’t want to keep the one you had?!? He’ll prolly leave you pregnant and hanging again most likely… Ashley, you don’t need any more children for a long time because you will prolly end up giving that one away too. Do some growing up first. You should have grown up and kept Callie, like an adult. I had to do it for my son cause I didn’t have a choice.

    • DeeDeDee

      Actually, you DID have a choice. You could have given your child up for adoption also. Grow up? She made a grown up decision to give her child to somebody that could care for it, when she knew that she couldn’t. That’s the most selfless thing that anybody could do and how dare you act like girls who choose adoption are weak!

  • cheese

    This is laughable.

  • Jackie

    blake is an obnoxious Celt

  • Sarah

    I don’t know about all the drama going on…all I know is that I did not like Ashley based on her episode. She seemed spoiled, and I really disliked how she kept going back and forth on her decision. Also, I just really hate “celebs” that think they can write a book lol.

  • Hannah

    Were Sarah & Jordan together at the time of his death?

  • genny

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