Who is Real Housewives of Orange County’s Sarah Winchester?

Sarah Winchester was brought onto Real Housewives of Orange County as a ‘friend of the Housewives.’ Sarah was a close friend of Gretchen Rossi and Alexis Bellino and even rumored to be dating Shane Keough, Jeana Keough’s son. Sarah quickly caused a stir earlier this season when she and Vicki got into it at Heather Dubrow’s bowling party.

Who is Sarah Winchester? For starters, she is heir to the to the Winchester Rifle family. She explained in an interview, “My great, great, grandfather Oliver Winchester is known for making and marketing the Winchester Repeating Rifle.” Regardless of her family’s fortune, this heiress isn’t just sitting on her butt and collecting a paycheck. She supports herself financially and has worked hard since the age of 15 — she even worked at McDonald’s. CLICK HERE to read why Terry Dubrow thinks Sarah Winchester is NOT an heiress.

Fans of the show didn’t see much of Sarah this season even though Bravo had originally intended on making her a housewife and casting her fiance, Kurt, as well. At the time, the couple had been going through some intense times and Sarah didn’t feel comfortable exposing that. Although Kurt encouraged her to join the show, she felt as though he wasn’t doing it for the right reasons. The couple eventually split.

Something you may not know about Sarah is that she’s a mommy to a 13 year-old boy! She opted against putting him on the show this season because she didn’t want him to be made fun of. Kids that age can be so cruel.

On tonight’s new episode, Sarah causes trouble once again when she eats the bow off of Heather’s cake before it has even been cut. Heather confronts her about it and an argument ensues which all of the ladies get in. Alexis tries to lighten the mood and suggests Sarah should apologize, however Sarah doesn’t want to because it’s “a f***ing bow.” She’s quite tipsy, and ends up being escorted out of the party.

Catch Sarah on part 1 of the Real Housewives of Orange County tonight at 9/8c on Bravo.

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    • Courtney

      So this is the great great grand daughter of the crazy widow at the Winchester Mystery House? Ahh it all starts to make sense why Sara is so crazy!!!!

    • Courtney

      She looks so cheap for being an “heiress”…her hair at Heather’s party was like a prom updo you regret a couple years later

    • Lynayn

      Her eating the tip of the bow off of Heather’s cake was pretty tacky, but not nearly as tacky as the host and hostess (Terry & Heather) confronting her about it and then continuing to badger her in front of the guests about a frickin piece of icing off a cake! They just would not stop. Tacky and low class.

      • LC

        “Continuing to badger her”? Watch the show again, honey; SHE approached Heather the second time. I agree with Mike below.

    • Mike

      No it’s not tacky and low class to tell a person they were wrong for eating the cake. What’s tacky and low class is first doing it for phony reasons and second boldly proclaiming you did it without offering an apology. I would have sent her out of my house immediately. She’s an idiot. Her sugar must always be low for her brain to be that underpowered. That or the booze.

    • Kitty

      Sarah is NOT an heir to the Winchester fortune. Her real name is not Winchester. What a phony.

    • SanJoseCalifornia

      Sarah Lockwood Winchester, the heiress of the Rifle company, was born in 1839 and died in 1922. She died at the age of 83. Sarah Lockwood Pardee married William Wirt Winchester , who was the ONLY SON of Oliver Winchester , the owner of the Winchester Repeating Arms company. The only child of Oliver and Sarah Winchester was named ANNIE, who was born in June 15, 1866 and who died in July 25, 1866. There were no more children. Oliver, the owner of the Rifle company died in 1880, his son William died in 1881. And this was how THE SARAH WINCHESTER became an heiress of the Rifle company. Sarah Winchester had this crazy house in San Jose California with many rooms, because she kept building it, not stopping the construction becaused a medium told her, she would join her husband and her infant child, when the construction of the house stopped. The niece of Sarah Winchester, named Marion I. Mariott (not another Sarah Winchester, and definitely not this impostor from Real Housewives of Orange County), inherited what the 83 year old Sarah Lockwood Winchester left behind, when Sarah died. The Winchester Mystery House is now open to the public. Can someone please tell us the real name of this Sarah Winchester impostor claiming to be an heiress to the Winchester Rifle company?

    • Phillygal

      I don’ t see how this chick can claim to be a Winchester. I could be wrong but since this is the age of google and wikipedia all the facts are out there. Oliver Winchester had one son and two daughters, his son only had one daughter and no sons. Since it is common practice for a woman to take her husband’s last name (especially before the feminist movement), than wouldn’t the Winchester name have died off with Oliver Winchester’s son?

    • Feisty

      After Oliver Winchester died his son William took over, but William dies a year later with TB. Then Sarah Pardee Winchester, Williams wife took over. Sarah gave birth to a babygirl that died 6 weeks later. Sarah was the sole heir and spent all the inheritance on building the Winchester Mystery House because she felt her family was cursed. So there is NO CONNECTION BETWEEN SARAH ON THE O.C. housewives and the Real Winchester from the rifle company. She wished she was an “heir”…maybe should buy some manners and class!! She’s too stupid to pull this off. BWAHAHAH it was a good laugh though.

    • Missy

      I’m guessing somewhere someone had a kid or kids that weren’t legitimate, or adopted out or something. So it may not be on the perfect family tree but I’m sure she is for real, right?

      Not that I care.

    • Alma

      She’s so dumb if she knew what’s good for her she would stay well away from any alcohol. Errgghh she makes me sick!! So trashy it’s painful to watch. my dog has more class than her. Sarah comes across like she’s on drugs and I actually worry for her son. If bravo continue to keep her on the show I will not be continuing to watch

    • nicky

      I could change my sure name to Obama tomorrow and say i’m related so what same as Sarah. Her behavior is far from good upbringing.If if for real would be something the Winchester should be ashame of.

    • http://www.facebook.com/barbara.masson.52 Barbara Masson

      she needs to stop drinking she is trouble an needs ahard slap in the mouth