Lonely Teresa Giudice writes apology letters to Joe and Melissa Gorga, Jacqueline, Caroline, and Kathy in In Touch Magazine

Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Teresa Giudice said she had an epiphany while filming Celebrity Apprentice: she needs to take responsibility for herself and apologize to every damn body! Not necessarily in private, but via In Touch magazine. This isn’t a big surprise because Teresa frequently covers In Touch. She sells photos of her family (which she says is to document the family,) and then speaks out about the drama between herself and her brother and friends on the show. She also did an interview about her husband Joe Giudice’s possible impending jail sentence over a fraudulent driver’s license. That’s the interview she fought with her brother with on the show because in the mag, she said that she would be totally alone without Joe.

Now, in the mag she says she realized she needs to apologize to set an example for her four daughters: 11-year-old Gia (G-to-the-EEE-A,) 7-year-old Gabriella, 6-year-old Milania, and 2-year-old Audriana.

UPDATE – It has been revealed Teresa was paid thousands of dollars for her “apologies” by In Touch. CLICK HERE to find out exactly how much and who the surprising source for the amount is!

Here’s the gist of Teresa’s apology letters to In Touch, which is on newsstands right now:


She’s sorry she didn’t resolve things sooner, or respond to Jacqueline’s apology on Twitter. She wants them to be like Lucy and Ethel (again.)


She’s sorry she compared Caroline to the Olive Garden (which is a compliment, depending on who you ask,) and she wants them to get along again.

Joe and Melissa Gorga

First, she’s sorry she hasn’t been excited about Melissa’s singing career. Also, she’s sorry the fighting with her brother has broken their parents’ hearts. Life is too short to fight on national television, tabloids, and the internet.


She’s sorry she said Kathy was dead to her. She loves her.

Oh yeah, and Teresa also has a new cookbook coming out. We’re not sure if there are any recipes for gossip in it, like in her others.

Teresa and Jacqueline also tweeted about a phone call they shared after some long phone tag. Teresa seemed very optimistic about it, but Jacqueline was less positive about their phone call, calling Teresa’s desire for reconciliation a PR stunt, and saying Teresa insulted her husband.


I love how deeply you guys love all of us! @jaclaurita & I talked on the phone & agreed to take baby steps back to our friendship. xx 1 day ago via web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto


Baby steps would be great w/ @Teresa_giudice but only if its sincere&it definitely didn’t sound like it.The show airing doesn’t help I guess 1 day ago via Mobile Web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto


4give me4being upset,I wanted2believe the apology was sincere.When I called her,it got intense w/rehashing past.Thought she wanted2move4ward 1 day ago via Mobile Web ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

Do you think these apologies are sincere, or as Jacqueline suspects, a publicity/image ploy? Truthfully she seems very sad on the show, like she’s lost and in way over her head. As her brother aptly pointed out “Teresa is in serious denial about life.”

  • Kristen

    I honestly feel like Teresa has alot going on in her life… With Joe being in the legal problems,and financial problems, and I honestly don’t think she has a happy marriage. I love Teresa, and deep down you can see she is a great person..She just has alot going on, and I do feel like she needs to meet with a Life Coach, or have some type of therapy. I will always support Teresa, even though i was upset about the book ordeal..We all know the Olive Garden quote about Mrs.Caroline was wrong, and also the comment in regards to Jaqueline… Now, they portray Jaq as a sweetheart, and im sure she is, Jaq wears her heart on her sleeve.. I believe now Teresa is starting to realize that she does need her family, and she did put some good friendships in jeopardy. It hurts me to see those girls in the situation that they are in now..I don’t think they would do anything like that to Teresa, and I was shocked Tre said what she said, but I do feel like her apology is sincere because she realizes what she has lost. I do see a breakup or possibly divorce between Teresa and Joe.They are not a happy family. I do feel as if Tre loves Joe, BUT I don’t see the same coming from Joe(her husband). I think Teresa is trying to make it look like a happy family, but its just not working.. Seeing Gia in the episode the other night in the car, talking to her dad about the “girl”… was kind of upsetting, since I am a mother..and Teresa was silent, and yes what goes on between the parents should never be brought up to the child, but I do feel like, with Gia seeing whats going on, and seeing the magazines, and then all the gossip on the internet, does effect her..and shes getting to the age, where she is able to understand whats going on. If you notice, the kids behaviors have changed since the beginning of RHONJ. Kids can sense when things aren’t right, and they are going to lash out, and yes, we all know the children are spoiled, but I do feel like their feeding off of the negativity and the fights etc… and its affecting the kids. I wish nothing but the best for Teresa, and I hope her Caroline and Jaq can mend fences and continue on with their close friendships! I hope Kathy, Joe (her brother), and Tre can put things to the side, and she sticks to her word” life is too short to fight over the pity things. There is nothing worse on elder parents, than seeing your grown children fight and distance themselves from each other like they have. They need to do it not only for themselves, but for their children as well. They need their cousins and their Uncle Joe! GOOD LUCK TERESA AND I’M PULLING FOR YOU!

  • BBT

    She apologized… in a magazine? Yeah, so sincere and not totally fake and famewhoring.

    • twiggy

      omg, i which carolyn would go sit down somewhere and stay out of everyone business, she makes me sick, stfu

      • BBT

        I don’t know what you’re talking about, are you agreeing with me? I can’t tell. My name isn’t Carolyn, I’m unsure if you’re telling me to STFU or what.

  • Jilly

    I think that teresa is full of BS, nothing she has ever said has been sincere. She is just pure evil and vindictive. She is not a true person at all. FAKE fake fake.