Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Ashlee Holmes with blonde hair and lip injections

Ashlee Holmes lip injections blonde

Jacqueline Laurita’s daughter Ashlee Holmes looked different on the premiere episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s season 4 premiere.

After briefly moving to L.A. Ashlee got herself Hollywoodized. She dyed her dark hair blonde, and it looks like she got some major lip implants. She also changed her name to Ashlee. While she was in L.A., Ashley/ee interned at Celebuzz, and is working on a clothing line, a website, and a book. She said of the book: “I think the content of the book is going to surprise a lot of people, no one REALLY knows me the way they think they do.”

Caroline Manzo says since Ashlee has moved back home to New Jersey she’s got her old look back.

Here’s the old Ashlee:

Do you like Ashlee’s L.A. look, or is she better brunette (and with a smaller upper lip)?

Image via Reality Tea

  • Lisa

    I think Ashley looked pretty as a blonde. She is young and is experimenting with her looks. If the changes she has made makes her feel better about herself then that is all that matters. Ashley is pretty and IMO doesn’t need to have any work done. But if she thinks she needs to bleach her hair blonde and get lip injections then that is her choice. Its her face. She is the one who has to like it. It really doesn’t matter what others have to say about it.

    • Stephanie

      I agree with you Lisa. The only thing I would add is that she would would look better if she used a red lipstick. The lipstick she has makes her look really washed out. I would like to see another picture of her with her blonde hair, because honestly it does not look too bad. And I also agree that everyone experiments with their hair.

  • ER

    My hair has been a million diffrent colors and I’m 25. Blonde looked good on her but I prefer the dark. Lip injections were awful though!!!

  • sanoga

    lol @ self obsessed celebrities that broadcast their lives on twitter / tv / the internet, then call fans “ridiculous” for noticing drastic changes in appearance.

    • Sunshine

      I agree. And quite frankly she is so nasty and self centered that I find her ugly no matter what she does to her lips and hair.

  • Mandy

    The hair color actually looked decent on her. The lips made me jump though! I think they would have looked great with about half the volume they put in. They were overfilled big time and she looked freaky. I just don’t think she is a very attractive person no matter what she does.

  • Mango

    Way too young for lip injections.

  • Blahblahblah

    Her whole mouth area looks a hot mess.

  • Angelika

    I think either way she is unattractive inside and outside.

  • Jayla

    Never will I understand how celebs with all that money, still walk out of the surgeons office with lips like that!! Doesn’t money buy quality?

  • renee

    She is such a disgusting person. I wish her mother would just cut her lose and let her learn from her mistakes since she’s soo smart and has it all figured out, lil dumbass

  • Crysany

    The hair doesn’t look too awful, but the lips! Wow!! Too much.

  • Metallia

    Does she realize how cheap & ridiculous she looks?

  • jen

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Ashley is ugly inside and out no matter what she pumps into her lips, which look ridiculous by the way. How did she pay for this botched plastic surgery?

  • UGLY UGLY girl, looks a damn fool as a blonde & those sausage lips r a joke. her skin tone, brows & lashes scream blonde. not everyone can pull off blonde hair.

  • raiderette57

    She’s young and experimenting like we all did when we were younger. Its just soo sad to read the horrible things you people say to each other and about others its ok to give an opnion but to call her ugly is just sad! R u jealous? I don’t no mayb. Ashlee is a troubled girl tryn to make her way in life. Ease up on the very evil hateful words.Learn to love a little, you will be surprised to see how others will love you back. Don’t hate! Come on!

  • juju

    Ashley hates her mother = Ashley looks like her mother

    Ashley looks like her mother = Ashley mutilates her face.

    Jacqueline needs to forgive herself for getting pregnant young = Ashley needs a good swift kick in the behind.

    Parenting starts from birth!

  • redscooter99

    I find her to be a lost and confused young lady who is totally self absorbed and has zero respect for her parents.