The Situation has checked out of rehab

We’ve got a rehab ditchuation Situation for Jersey Shore’s Mike Sorrentino.

Several weeks ago Mike checked himself in to the Cirque Lodge stating that he needed to, “get control of a prescription medication problem I had due to exhaustion.” Well apparently he’s back to where he wants to be because he’s officially out. The Sitch was spotted out yesterday at a nearby airport taking time to do a little photo op with a fan.

A recent source for Radar stated that one of the pills he was hooked on was the drug Dilaudid and he was hitting his cocktail of medicines so hard that it could have been deadly. He has all intentions to be a part of the cast of Season 6 of Jersey Shore along with a pregnant Snooki. That combo should prove to add a seriously different dynamic to the house in Seaside Heights.

Here’s to hoping Mike got the help he needed.


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  • Sunshine

    Dilaudid is NOT for exhaustion. It’s a narcotic pain reliever that is very strong just like oxycontin but it is easier to get on the street.

    He’s so full of crap. You aren’t sober until you can admit the truth to people. He and Kim Richards should go live in Dr. Drew’s sober house and continue their denial LOL

    • catdoc

      He’s TOTALLY full of it. Circque Lodge is a joke, they just baby their celebrity clients. He’ll back on Jersey Shore drinking and drugging with the rest of them.

  • Ladylow

    My husband went to rehab 3 years ago for pain killers specially oxicotin. how long was mike in there for? My man did 30 days plus does NA and he had to change his life style. Doing a show thats all about parting and drinking seems like triggers to me. I doubt he will stay clean. Maybe he has a good plan. Dunno.

  • catdoc

    How long was he there? Two weeks? Cirque Lodge is a joke, he’s another fine graduate of their program, like Lindsay Lohan. I don’t blame “Sitch” for a lot of this, he’s just another wheel in their machine.

    • Sherita

      Exactly, how is going back to ppl, places, and things u just sought help for going to keep him clean? I agree that places like Cirque lodge are a joke. Its nothing more than a day spa as far as im concerned. Check out a real, gritty, every day rehab, I guarantee you wont be playing tennis or getting facials there.