Report: Casey Anthony to get baptized to see Caylee again

Casey Anthony speaks out for first time since being released

This story reeks of tabloidegery but it’s got people seriously fired up so I thought I’d share.

Radar is reporting that 26-year-old Casey Anthony wants to do something symbolic and meaningful to signify a new beginning in her life following being the center of the most public U.S. trial in the last decade. An insider close to the “Tot Mom” stated:

“Casey has planned to get baptized sometime this month. She figured getting baptized would be the best way to start this new chapter in her life. It’s a new beginning.”

This source added:

“Casey believes that Caylee is with God now and wants to ensure her own salvation so that she’ll see her daughter again someday.”

There was so much outrage from Anthony’s not guilty verdict including death threats that she has went into hiding since. A while back a few videos surfaced featuring Casey discussing her new life. Representatives for Anthony stated that they were personal and leaked without permission.

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  • Kelly

    she deserve hell, nothing more

  • Tiffany

    I hope she realizes baptism doesn’t save you, it’s just a public show of your acceptance of Christ. That acceptance and repentance is the only way to ensure Heaven.

  • Katie

    So if she says she’s done nothing wrong, why is she so worried she won’t go to Heaven when she dies? This woman is a sick psychopath and she WILL rot in Hell.

  • Ali

    This will not save you. You broke the number 1 commandment. ‘Thou shall not kill’. You will forever be a murderer.

    • AMANDA

      Even murderers can be saved if they accept Jesus Christ as their savior

      • BBT

        You really want to go to a heaven Casey Anthony is in? REALLY?

  • Kay

    Burn in hell Casey. I hate this woman. I hope satan has your spot reserved.

  • savannah

    God will be her judge, since the laws of the land did not work out in this case, my faith tells me that she will answer to a higher power for her actions.

  • Pam

    She needs an exercism not baptism!

  • Katie Van z

    wow…maybe if she wanted to see her child she shouldn’t have killed her in the first place…

  • CiCi

    Can’t she do the world a favor and just go away? Better yet, Casey, drop us a line with your new address, so we can all pay you a little visit……

  • Jeannine

    If she is expecting sympathy or compassion from the public for this, that makes her even more despicable than she already is. Although I myself am not religious, I just feel she’s making a mockery of Christianity by getting baptized. New beginning my ass, she should be in prison for life.

  • MryJne

    What a sick B|tch!!!!@#$%^

  • Woot

    I don’t think she’ll be headed for the same destination as Caylee


    maybe she has changed, but who really knows besides her and God..lets hope she has, but i like everyone else would like to her admit she killed caylee


    oops for got too put the (to*)