EXCLUSIVE! 16 & Pregnant’s Ashley Salazar and baby’s father Justin Lane talk about dating again; shoot down rumors

Ashley Salazar and Callie's baby daddy Justin Lane

Ashley Salazar, who recently released a very honest, well-written book accounting her decision to give up her baby for adoption to her aunt and uncle, and had the experience documented on MTV’s 16 & Pregnant, is now dating her baby’s father again!

Ashley was kind enough to speak to us about the new development in her life. She started dating Justin Lane again about two weeks ago, already there are rumors stirring that now Ashley and Justin are going to try to get custody of Callie back. That’s also the number one rumor they want to shoot down.

Ashley told us: “I think the only thing that I want to make clear is that I am not with Justin to regain custody of Callie. I and WE would never, ever do that. No way! She is so well taken care of.”

Whoever started this rumor must not be familiar with Catelynn and Tyler, who have stayed together throughout their adoption experience, and also fully understand all the wonderful and heartbreaking truths of what adoption means for them. Just because Ashley and Justin haven’t been together the whole time doesn’t mean that the don’t understand what Catelyn and Tyler understand.

Ashley Salazar is back with Callie's father Justin Lane

As for the recent romance with Justin (who is a talented artist, BTW; he draws a mean Marilyn Monroe, and has been working on a portrait of Callie. Callie has writing AND drawing in her genes,) Ashley said:

“Justin and I started out talking just as friends for a while. We’ve only been officially together for about 2 weeks or so. It’s so new.”

Because Justin wasn’t supportive when Ashley was pregnant (according to her book, Bittersweet Blessing, Justin told people at school that Ashley was lying that she was pregnant, and even that she got pregnant on purpose.) Ashley’s family isn’t exactly ecstatic about Ashley rekindling her romance with Justin.

“My family is having trouble because they don’t really approve of what happened in the past, so they are honestly really disappointed in me. It’s hard on both of us, but he’s trying to prove to them with time that it won’t be the same. I pray that it will get better with time.”

Ashley says that “it definitely helps to be able to talk to someone ‘sort of’ on my page,” about her experience with and feelings about Callie.

Justin had broken up with Ashley a month before she found out she was pregnant, and the baby was conceived after they broke up (they had only been “officially” together for about two months.) As she states in the book “It was one of those things that just kind of happens after you break up, but leaves you feeling even worse.” The night she found out she was pregnant Ashley’s mom convinced her to call Justin and let him know. Despite her fears, Justin was supportive and told her “everything would be okay.” However, by the next day he had distinctly cooled to Ashley and basically got as far out of her life as possible. He was 18, and Ashley was 17, and though it wasn’t excusable, that’s not an uncommon reaction for teen dads to have. He graduated from high school before Ashley, and eventually got kicked out of his house. Before Ashley gave birth, he met with Ashley and asked for her forgiveness. MTV even filmed Justin going to sign the adoption papers, but it didn’t make Ashley’s 16 & Pregnant episode.

Even though they went through an incredibly rough patch while Ashley was pregnant, Justin is deeply sorry now, and only wants to treat Ashley with love and respect. Here’s the touching statement he made to Starcasm:

I do feel bad for the things I said a few years ago while she was pregnant. It took me the things I went through in the last couple years to realize the immaturity I had and I wish I could take it back and be there for her while she was pregnant.

All I can do now is be there for her now and give her all the love I possibly can and we love each other so much. And we’ve grown from the things in the past. All we can do is move forward and hope for the best. And I feel good about the future with us.

Looks like Justin’s has made quite a change, and as long as he treats Ashley right, we’re happy for them.

Life is often not just one thing or another, it’s complicated. And it’s often bittersweet.

For more info buy Ashley Salazar’s book Bittersweet Blessings, and visit her blog. Follow her on Twitter @ashleyslzr

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  • inwonderland

    Lol teen mom talk tried to make it seem as though Ashley were trying to get pregnant or take Callie back.

    Thank you Starcasm for actually talking to the girls and posting accurate information.

  • J C

    I’m torn in two ways here, while it appeals to heart that they are back together as they created such a beautiful little girl and are such a cute couple, I’m wary because i remember they got back together a little while before her episode was aired so this is the third time at least…
    Plus there is all the things hes done before. Getting together with her best friend whle she was pregnant?

    I wish them the best but have low hopes for them.

  • Tatyana

    Good luck to them. They’re so cute together. I hope Justin keeps his word though.

  • Ashley

    I just hope this isn’t another Adam situation…he says he’s changed, they get back together, he hasn’t changed, they break up again…repeat.

  • tab

    this is news to me! i thought she was in a serious relationship with someone else. they were for a long time anyway.
    wish them the best.

  • Sarah

    “People”…whoever those people may be, probably assumed she would want custody back because she couldn’t make up her damn mind the first time around. So no…can’t really compare it to Tyler and Cate.

  • NVAdamzz

    How could he say she was lying about being pregnant and then say she got pregnant on purpose…?

  • Elizabeth

    good luck to them they look very cute together… and the baby looks just like him wow.. His a really good looking guy he kinda looks like Gael Garcia..

  • its1999

    They’ll end up breaking up (well, he’ll end up breaking up with her). Life is no fairytale.

  • Tracie

    I kinda feel bad for Ashley. I mean, this man totally abandoned her while she was pregnant and dealing with the agony of giving up a child. Sure it was a normal reaction but how could she be with him when he didn’t even try? Oh well. I hope he makes her happy now, and people change I guess.

  • Gg

    Ashley is seriously annoying. All she every tweets about is her weight. Saying that, she seemed like she was alright, until now. I can’t believe she is back with this guy, I couldn’t believe How he treated her. It’s really awkward seeing her tweets now because she’s like asking people to pay for her tickets if they want her to visit them, and trying to sell her bfs art. (even though he says he doesn’t sell, good luck with that kid). Just by her tweets you can tell she’s negatively influenced by this guy, either that or her book didn’t sell like she expected, and she’s looking for attention. Which isn’t a surprise, I didn’t feel like listening to her go back and forth for 300 pages on wether or not shes going to fight for custody of her now cousin. what annoys me about these girls is that they’re on 16&p ONCE and they think they’re famous. They’re whole lives are about the show, they talk abut it constantly. It’s been like 3 years….mooooove on. Sorry, just seriously annoyed and have only figured out how to comment now, I have so much opinions about this show that I’ve never been ale to share 😛

  • atiana

    Her mom in the begining of show said yu want abortion its ok .but why didnt she say that when her brother sister inlaw stole that baby from Ashley. They had a giant house in texas no room for her flesh and blood mom ? i hope she gets callie back and works out with the father of baby.