PHOTOS Kelly Rowland shows off donkey booty at 2012 BET Honors

Kelly Rowland big booty

We’ve yet to reach The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Phaedra Parks for official confirmation, but we believe we have a confirmed donkey booty sighting at the 2012 BET Honors in Washington, DC! The bootylicious backside belongs to singer Kelly Rowland, who showed off her generous assets in a skin-tight lavender full-length gown which revealed that in her trunk is the only place you’ll find any junk on her slim but curvy frame!

Kelly Rowland 2012 BET Honors

That girl needs to put out a workout video! “Badonkadon’t – Kelly Rowland’s secret to selective skinny.”

Rowland was on hand to watch such luminaries as Stevie Wonder, The Tuskegee Airmen, Dr. Maya Angelou, Spike Lee, Mariah Carey, and Coach Beverly Kearney receive their BET Honors at the ceremony. Meanwhile, the recipient of the 2012 BUTT Honors continues to show off a collection of junk that would make Fred Sandford envious! In more ways than one!

Let’s take one loooooong last look at that caboose shall we?

Kelly Rowland badonkadonk

Photos: Janet Mayer / Splash News

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  • nick

    Kelly Rowland, OMG! That is a butt love. Beautiful. Please show it more girl. We appreciate that.

  • Ally J.

    not to be rude, cause I love her but it does kinda look like padding.

    • Nia

      I agree she didnt have butt for years, not even in her recent video for the song “motivation” – she had no butt there=to super butt-padding.

      Not hating, but its surely padding. I mean if i didnt have a decent size butt i would wear padding too lol

  • chacha

    That is not even her real booty. She is wearing padding. She has implants and a fake booty, wake up….

  • “Donkey Booty?” That’s a little offensive.

    • Starcasm Staff

      It’s quoting Phaedra Parks from Real Housewives of Atlanta, who likes to call her own butt, and the butts of others that have a pleasing shape “donkey booties.”

  • tay

    she does not have an a$$.. that sh*t isnt real.. ive seen her live twice in sydney when she was touring with destinys child..
    so is ass*es the new thing? sorry i dont want 1..

  • Mandy

    What is up with this pose? It’s so gross!!! It will be so sad when this big booty fad is over and all these women are left with huge saggy butts.

  • Jay

    It is amazing how people hate these days get over it. You small flat booty females or out of date.