Teen Mom Amber Portwood arrested, back in jail again

Teen Mom Amber Portwood mug shot photo

Fresh on the heels of reports that Teen Mom star Amber Portwood had been hit with a long list of probation violations by her probation officer, we have now learned Amber has been arrested after a judge issued a warrant for her arrest earlier today.

The report comes from TMZ who says Amber is “currently being booked at Madison County Jail in Indiana — where she’s now expected to spend the holidays.” She is scheduled to appear before a judge on January 13.

It is still unclear if the probation violations were what led to the arrest warrant being issued, or if it was a separate incident. Meanwhile, Amber ex-fiance and father of her daughter Leah, is still in Florida celebrating a recent court decision granting him full custody of Leah.

We will update when we know more.

UPDATE – According to The Herald Bulletin out of Anderson, Indiana it was indeed Amber’s probation violations that landed her in jail. Circuit Court Judge David Happe says Portwood was at the courthouse attending a meeting with probation officers when she was arrested. Amber faces up to two years in prison if convicted.

UPDATE – CLICK HERE to see Amber’s latest mug shot photos from the arrest!

Top Photo: Amber Portwood mug shot from a previous arrest

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  • Pam

    Well, it’s no wonder Gary was granted full custody of Leah. I wonder if Amber even cares anymore. She seems to be more concerned about dating and partying than being a mother. I remember when Teen Mom first started. Amber was trying to get her GED and provide for Leah. I think when she lost weight she also lost the need to become a productive member of society.

    • Jessica

      Agreed she cares more about dating than what best for Leah and what best for Leah is having both parents in her life. Amber need help and maybe her being in jail for the holiday will show her what she is missing out on and what she is taking for granted a cute innocent little girl who need a her mother.

  • She choose the behavior.knowing the consequences that would follow her..no sympathy

  • that is not good at all. i guess thar she doesnt care that she is in jail right now and doesnt care about her daughter at all.