VIDEO Texas family law judge savagely beats disabled daughter

Texas judge beats his daughter

On Oct 27 a video was posted to YouTube that shows Texas judge William Adams repeatedly beating his disabled daughter. The clip has sparked outrage and the Texas Rangers have been called in to investigate the situation. Adams routinely presides over cases involving youth and he also sits on a county board overseeing the juvenile system.

The video was uploaded by Hillary Adams, the judge’s daughter, and it shows William Adams verbally berating and beating his daughter with two separate belts. She is shown being hit on her legs and the side of her body. During the clip Adams becomes enraged when his daughter, who suffers from Cerebral Palsy, refuses to leave her buttocks exposed for a thrashing. At one point he screams:

“You don’t deserve to be in this fu**ing house!”

Here is the extremely disturbing clip in question. It has been tagged with an age restricted access so I’ll also embed another one:

A clip from MSNBC:

This night happened back in 2004 and Hillary has stated that only a couple of close friends had ever seen it until she decided to post it publicly. She made the decision to record a video that night because she knew something bad was going to happen after her parents discovered that she had illegally downloaded music, otherwise known as just about what every other 16-year-old was doing back then:

“I’m experiencing some regret because I just pulled the covers off my own father’s misbehavior after so many people thought he was such a good person. … But so many people are also telling me I did the right thing.”

Hillary Adams was beaten by her judge father on video
Hillary Adams on Today

As for Adams’ feelings about the clip. Let’s just say he doesn’t see an injustice in what he did.

“In my mind, I haven’t done anything wrong other than discipline my child after she was caught stealing,” Adams said. “And I did lose my temper, but I’ve since apologized.”

In a rather revealing interview Adams’ wife, Hallie Adams, who is also seen in the clip beating her daughter and yelling, “Turn over like a 16-year-old and take it! Like a grown woman!,” is now claiming that the beatings were regular and that they were an addiction that became a “family secret.” She also claims that she was brainwashed. Their 22-year marriage ended back in 2007.

You know I usually let these stories speak for themselves but being the father of a precious little girl I can’t let it slide this time. A neighbor said she saw Mr. Adams and his girlfriend packing luggage, a briefcase and rifles into their truck, as if to leave for a while. I say the Texas Rangers need to round up this a-hole and give him a little bit of that famed Texas justice. While they’re at it they need to take mom’s “brainwashed” excuse and slap her across her full of crap face with it.

Kudos to Hillary for having the courage to expose her dad and mom so that she can move on from a childhood I would wish on no one.

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  • Lala

    I didn’t see the video. And to be honest, I’m NOT going to watch it! Poor girl.

    • Karmysitc

      You’re probably doing a good thing by not watching it. I started to cry the moment he began berating his daughter…and shaking when the beating began. It reminded me a little of my own childhood, and I think because of that, I really felt for this girl.

      I DO believe she did the right thing in exposing her father, given the fact that he is involved in the juvenile court system. Obviously seeing what his idea of discipline is, it’s disturbing to think that he may have let this type of thing go on in other families that he dealt with via his job as a judge. One thing is for certain though, he definitely needs help.

  • mandy

    OMG! That is so shocking. What a disgusting excuse for a father. That poor girl. I wish I could just jump into the video and help her! I can’t imagine how it must feel for the man who is supposed to be your protector to do that to you. I hope that man gets beaten with a belt (and worse!) by someone twice his size. I’m so glad I had a father that would NEVER lay a hand on me.

  • LORI

    I can’t believe what I just watched, that was horrible abuse. I’m so glad she posted this to expose her parents

  • Lisa

    someone needs to find this man and beat the life out of him with a belt and see he still says it wasn’t as bad as it looked

  • Mary

    I was waiting for you guys to pick this one up! Bravo. Extremely pleased it went viral and attention is being brought to it.

  • Whitney Earl

    I can’t believe this man is a JUDGE. I would like to find this SOB and let him take it like a man. I am glad that this poor girl was finally able to expose this sick bastard for what he truly was. How can he be a judge? I found it very disturbing that he was hitting her as hard as he could because she wouldn’t turn over. I wouldn’t have either. This mom and “dad” should be so ashamed of themselves. I think the daughter is very brave and very strong. I am glad she released this video, she has probably dealt with being beaten her whole life, and now this SOB can deal with this for the rest of his sorry life. God will JUDGE HIM IN THE END!!!! I am so sorry this happened to her.

  • Piper

    Fcuking scumbag’s !!! The apology is BULLSH** the parent’s are not remorseful for hurting this kid .they are pissed off for getting caught and being exposed for the abuse ..

  • ALI

    i seriously could not even watch that entire video. it made me so sick. this is abuse, no child deserves this no matter what.

  • Mwe

    I didn’t watch it entirely. He’s a POS. I can’t believe he would beat his daughter!!

  • Amanda

    Its always people for work for the law that do this dirt of thing and think they will get away with it. And to think that he deals with those cases all the time and he is no different from the ones he puts away makes me sick! I can’t understand how a parent could go that to a child led alone a child with disabilities. Down right suck. Hope this poor girl gets justice, some people never get over abuse that intense sad that these parents have ruined her life

  • Nathan

    What a terrible daughter. You handle stuff like this in the privacy of the family, you don’t post it on youtube. The dad went too far but I would hardly call spanking a child with a belt “abuse.” Funny how parents these days allow their children to watch filth on t.v., listen to obscene music, impose no discipline, allow their daughters to dress like prostitutes, and allow their children to eat nothing but junk food and that is ok but this is considered unforgivable. Messed up priorities.

    • Mamma2agirl

      I don’t allow my children to

      “watch filth on t.v., listen to obscene music, impose no discipline, allow their daughters to dress like prostitutes, and allow their children to eat nothing but junk food”

      Nor, do I beat them with a belt. There are many ways to discipline children that do not involve beatings. No child deserves to be treated like that, ever.

      For you to condone this in anyway is disgusting.

    • Karmysitc

      What a terrible daughter?! Are you freaking kidding me? What a terrible father. The man is on video, physically and emotionally abusing his 16 year old handicapped daughter for downloaded video games and songs from the internet? The fact that you would sit there and defend this savagery I’m sure is a testament to your character. If my husband ever so much as raised a finger towards one of my kids, I make SURE he never did it again because he wouldn’t be living under the same roof as them. As parents, it is our job to nurture our children. Teaching them right from wrong by hitting them in counterintuitive. Violence begets violence and it accomplishes nothing. No wonder our world is going to sh*t. Scumbags like this “judge” running around.


  • Cam

    I honestly couldn’t finish watching it, this is a horrible
    Excuse for a father. I hope someone gets his ass back. Jesus I just wanna slap the shit out of both of them for being so God damn ignorant. Im glad she had the courage to expose both of her parents, ESP the asshole!

  • Kevin

    I watched it once with my wife. We flinched with every strike of the belt. He used all his might to whip her 18 times. It’s too much to watch again. He needs to lose his job, he obviously comes from a place of anger, resentment and backwards thinking. Not someone you want as a Judge. I get the feeling that there is some other type of abuse going on here. I’ve got a bad feeling.

  • whoever

    the title of this article is very misleading…”father savagely beats disabled daughter”….ummm…yes she has MS and yes she got spanked with a belt and yelled at, but c’mon…savagely beat….

  • someone

    Wow this just brought back alot for me! My dad did the same thing to me when I was young. It would be a switch or a belt and I would haft to pick the switch off the tree! Its why I hate him to this day! I missed a week of gym class in high school cause I didnt want to put shorts on cause I knew people would see the welps on my legs. I will never ever hit my kids!! I dont know why I even wrote this? It just brought back alot of bad memories and I got really angry, I know how she felt! Her mother is worse for lettin it happen just like my mom was! How can you sit their and watch that happen to your daughter?

  • someone

    And for the sick people who say its just a spanking let a grown man hit you with a belt with all his might and see if you think its just a spanking! You gotta be a sick cold hearted a$$ to think that is ok

  • LaDy

    If I were beaten everytime I Downloaded something stupid on my parents computer when I was a teenager. . . I wouldn’t have an ass to sit with. Disability or no, that’s pretty jacked. To put your kids in an environment like that, where they’re always tense that any little thing they do will get them whipped… That’s pretty crummy. Hopefully this gem of a father can’t hurt anyone else, and I wish there was some way to let him know that your kid installing kazaa -while annoying – is a lesser offense than say, stealing a car or doing drugs … Maybe just try and think on a bigger scale.

  • Yaimarie

    WHAT A COUPLE OF FREAKING BEASTS!!! they clearly enjoyed doing that to their poor daughter! OMG, so, so sad :(

  • Joei in PA

    This was not a “spanking” this was a brutal beating. The beginning of the video clearly has the mother saying she already punished the girl. the severity, ferocity. and verbal abuse in this video make it abuse. This wasn’t just corporal punishment- this was an assault on a young girl.

  • benken

    This man needs to die. Go to hell!

  • Ellie

    This man brutally beat his daughter and what is worse is that his wife and her mother let that beating happen. He should be charged with assault and unable to practice as a judge and she should be charged for aiding and abetting assault. “In my mind i’ve not done anything wrong” he says… let someone 3x his size bit him with a belt and see what he says then.