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Teen Mom's Ryan Edwards and his girlfriend Dalis Connell

A huge part of Maci Bookout’s storyline so far this season on Teen Mom has been her decision to allow her boyfriend Kyle King to move in with her, which has ruffled the feathers of her ex Ryan Edwards as well as Ryan’s parents, who stated on the show that Maci and Ryan’s son Bentley didn’t need a bunch of guys in and out of his life.

Ryan Edwards and his girlfriend Dalis Connell with BentleyTo be honest, I don’t get what all the hubbub is about because weren’t Maci and Kyle living together before? And plus, Kyle seems like a reliable guy who has a great bond with Bentley. Anyways….

So with all this talking about the effect Kyle is having on Bentley, I thought it made sense to talk a little about Ryan Edwards’ significant other, 19–year-old Dalis Connell. Granted, the two aren’t currently living together – due in large part to the fact that Ryan still lives at home I’m sure – but judging from their interactions online and the number of affectionate photos of the two together, they are quite serious. So who is Dalis Connell, Bentley’s potential “other mother?”

Ryan Edwards' girlfriend Dalis Connell

First and foremost let’s get the obvious out of the way. Dalis is mighty attractive. I know there are a lot of Teen Mom fans that will try to argue otherwise, but I just don’t see it. I think Maci is mighty attractive too and I hope we can avoid turning this into some sort of beauty contest.

OK, now that that’s out of the way, let’s get on with getting to know Dalis!

Dalis Paige Connell was born on May 16, 1992 in Chattanooga, Tennessee. But, don’t think that means she’s been a Smoky Mountain gal all her life! Dalis moved out to Malibu, California at a very young age and remained there until returning to Chattanooga during her junior year of high school.

Dalis Connell as a brunette, Teen Mom Ryan Edwards' girlfriend
^ Dalis wasn’t always blond! Here she is as a brunette heading to prom.

While in California Dalis took to beach living like a fish to water, learning how to surf, wakeboard, and just about every other activity that can be performed in the presence of sun, sand and water.

Her athletic interests didn’t stop at the water’s edge, though. Dalis was a multi-talented athlete at Boyd-Buchanan High School, including basketball, volleyball, and running track – the latter of which earned her a scholarship to Tennessee Tech where she is currently enrolled and planning to get a degree in Pre-Physical Therapy and Personal Training.

While not hitting the books or smooching on Ryan Edwards, Dalis is flinging wings at a Chattanooga Hooters, which she really seems to enjoy. Here’s a photo of her “in uniform” with a co-worker:

Ryan Edwards' girlfriend Dalis Connell in her Hooters uniform

In addition to working as a waitress, Dalis also does some modeling work – as you can probably tell from the red swimsuit photo above. Here’s another sample of Dalis in front of the lens looking quite a bit older and downright Faith Hillish!

Teen Mom Ryan Edwards girlfriend Dalis Connell modeling photo

So, Dalis is an attractive, young, intelligent, physically fit woman with a good-paying job, a scholarship and a career plan. That all sounds like amazingly positive stuff to me! But, the most positive thing I can say about Dalis is that after she began dating Ryan and has weathered the inevitable harsh comments and criticisms from fans, she has had nothing but kind and pleasant things to say. She has been quick to defend her man Ryan, but she doesn’t come across as spiteful, vindictive, or hateful. In other words, she sure seems like a very nice person.

Oh, and did I mention affectionate?

Ryan Edwards and girlfriend Dalis Connell kissing in swimwear in Panama City Florida

In addition to the physical PDAs, Dalis has been generous with the virtual ones as well. Here are some Ryan-lubbin’ tweets from Dalis over the last month:

Teen Mom's Ryan Edwards is the subject of numerous loving tweets by girlfriend Dalis Connell

So there you have it! That’s Ryan Edwards’ new girlfriend Dalis Connell, or at least about as much as you can know about her without actually meeting her. I tip my hat to Ryan in what appears to be a mighty fine choice! I only hope Dr. Drew doesn’t find out, causing him to fly into a violent, jealous rage!

Oh, I do have one negative thing to say about Dalis. I’m a Washington Redskins fan (Lord have mercy on me) so I have to confess I’m not a huge fan of her name. Although, it does have a creative spelling! Of course, I don’t think I would like it any more if her name was Washington Connell.

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  • Jessica

    Good for Ryan that he found someone the point that Ryan parents and maci parents has been trying to make is. That Ryan and maci need to have not different girls and guys in and out bentley life that what they were trying to say. Ryan parents were not bashing maci or trying to call her slvt and these maci overzealous fans are out of control they need to leave Ryan girlfriend alone she is not on tv bashing maci. She is living her life people need to leave her alone she has nothing to do with . Maci and Ryan situation she stays out of it unlike Kyle who feel needs to be in the middle of Ryan and maci business

  • Just Another Fan

    hopefully she sticks around & throws some of her potential onto ryan…of course i dont know what his potential is since i dont know him personally & i only see 5 minutes of his life aired every tuesday night i would have to go by what i see. & what i see is that he can be mighty lazy unless given initiative to do well. the main thing that is to say here has nothing to do with ryan, dalis, nor maci or kyle, its all about whos best around bentley & so far maci & kyle are great & ryan is a good dad & hopefully when we get to see dalis (if we do) then we can see this great potential attiude she has :) not that they require our opinion but its nice to know how things pan out for others :) & who knows maybe this will be the last girl to meet bentley & then leave…

  • lalala

    She is GORGEOUS! She seems to have a good head on her shoulders as well. I mean she works, goes to school, and does a sport in college (on scholarship no less!). I’m not a fan of Maci at all. I’m so team Ryan so good for him! I hope he’s happy!!!! Oh and Ryan has a degree and a full time job. She has a job and she’s seeking a degree which will become a career. IF her and Ryan last, that’s an awesome life for Bentley when MTV stops paying them. Becuase that’s how Maci and Kyle are surviving. Kyle has no job or degree and Maci also has no job and has been failing college for years. Just stating the facts.

    • Ryleigh

      Uh, you aren’t stating facts, cause Maci has never failed college. She has dropped classes because when she was with RYAN, he wouldn’t help with Bentley so she could get her school work done. So if you wanna state facts maybe you should learn them. Also this is like the 3rd girl Ryan has brought around Bentley, Maci has only had Kyle. So I dont see how anyone can say a thing about Maci. Also, I’m not sure if you knew, Maci has ended her contract with MTV after one more Season so she can move one with her life. and I find it funny that you bash Kyle for not having a job, yet he JUST moved and before that he had a full-time job. Ryan JUST got a job 2 months ago, after living off unemployment. LMAO he must have some degree if he had to live off unemployment for over a year!! Just sayin….

      • bambam

        Well ACTUALLY Ryleigh let me clear this up for you. Did you happen to miss last night’s episode? Must have. Maci dropped her classes AND SHE’S NOT WITH RYAN!!!!! Oh and she failed last semester too, did you miss the first episode? She got 2 F’s! That’s FAILING if you did not know. Just saying. Ryan also had a fulltime job. He works 12 hours per day, 5 days a week. He got laid off because the economy sucks balls. Do you know how many people with Degree’s are laid off and on unemployement? Yeah, a lot. SO LEARN YOU FACTS GIRL. Oh, and unemployement means you get paid. Maci and Kyle both chose to quit and not get paid, Ryan got laid off. Just saying. SO learn your facts!!!!!!!!!! Burn.

        • firecracker

          Ryleigh you just totally got shafted by BamBam lmfao!

          • Leslie

            Ok, seriously try taking care of ur son, taking what 6 classes & at one time she had a job…taking care of a child is so much more. who cares if she’s failed a class, some ppl have a hard time with school like me. Ryan just got a job after 2 months & has had plenty of girls around & who goes get’s Bentley from Maci’s house? oh wait thats right Ryans parents. Where’s Maci’s parents at??? home Maci has grown up alot living on her own, taking care of bently & going to school better than most of the teen moms, oh & she’s independant!!! Know one should be dissing on anyone bc they have separate lives & MTV shows what they want ppl to think!! Im not dissing Ryans new gf but im hoping they can stick together & maybe she’ll put Ryan in a good place!!!

            • Conspiracy Man

              We used to call people who were not good at school “stupid”. I guess they have changed that now to “not good at school”.

        • Brittany

          “unemployment means you get paid”

          You are bragging about him taking government assistance when he lives at home with mommy and daddy?!?!??!?! Wow, seems like someone needs to stop drinking the Ryan Koolaid so you can sober up and finally see him for the loser he is. You boast about him having a degree yet the only jobs I have ever heard him having are manual labor?!?!? Every episode he acts as if he doesn’t have 2 brain cells to rub together and the only time he can make a decision is when his parents guide him in what to thinking.

          You little girls are so googly eyed by how cute he is you start to rationalize and justify his mediocre existance.

    • DD

      Just so you know, a degree is not the same thing as a certificate. Maybe he has his ASSOCIATES but I doubt he has anything that took more than 18-24 months to complete. Maybe I’m wrong!

  • captainobvious

    She’s better than Maci in all ways possible! Job? Check! Hobby? Check! Doing good in college? Check! Gorgeous? Check! And she seems so sweet! Ryan most definitely upgraded! Good for him!

    • Well

      Well…Dalis may be doing well in all those areas but she’s also not raising a little boy…just saying.

    • Tina

      comparing the two girls is retarded. They are both beautiful. Now if we are comparing Ryan to Maci… Maci bc at least she takes care of her son.

      • Shayla

        Sorry but both girls are not beautiful! Maci is a dog.

  • april

    Cant agree with you more! Oh and you forgot…shes not orange!

  • Yeppers

    Daaaaaaaaaaaamn looks like Ryan hit the upgrade button lol, not to bash Maci or anything but it is kind of obvious. I actually hope Dalis stays off the show because Maci’s crazy ass fans would harass her for the smallest things. Remember his last GF anytime she would talk about anything involving Bently all you would read is “she need’s to mind her business” or “who does she think she is” but when Kyle says anything about Bently and Ryan their reaction is the complete opposite.If Ryan would’ve moved a woman in with him and Bently Maci and her fans would of had a fit. It seems like anything Maci does is right and anything Ryan does is wrong, they’re all just a bunch of hypocrites.

  • bambam

    She’s also a virgin. (atleast that’s what i heard).

    • lmao


  • me

    basic girl.

  • paige myrissa

    Good for Ryan, they seem very happy together. Plain and simple. There’s no need to compare her to Maci and start fights with each other. Maci seems happy, Ryan seems happy, and Bentley always looks happy :) leave it al that

  • Vanessa

    I hate when the maci fans attack Ryan like they know him personal you only know what MTV show of him and what maci says about him half things maci says about him is not true . I will never understand how maci fans never see when she and Kyle are wrong but let Ryan say one thing or his parents defend him maci fans are ready to attack him and called him really mean and hatefully names it’s like maci and her fans refused to let go of what Ryan didn’t do the first year of bentley life .They refused to see that he has changed and he has new job and his in school and he has new girlfriend he see his son when he allowed to and he pays child support that more then some of the other teen dads but that not a enough for maci fans and maci .And I hope maci fans don’t start harassing Ryan new girlfriend like they did to last one People need to leave him

  • MOM21

    Ryan parents watch Bentley not ryan! Maci takes care of him alone thats why she has trouble with school. Sure she could stay at her parents house and let them raise him and go to school but then she would never see her son. Do any of you have little kids? When you do it alone and your a mommy its alot harder than you think! Trust me I know!

    • Vanessa

      How do you know that do you live with Ryan oh wait you know this because golden child maci said it so it most be true. Because maci knows what Ryan does with bentley get real maci is a liar and she thinks she know everything but she does not.

      • destiny

        Ya don’t have to live with him genius. U obviously don’t watch the show. The last episode his friend came to pick him up to go out when he had bentley and he didn’t even bother asking his parents. They didn’t kno until he was leaving. So get outta Ryan land and quit makin a fool of urself cause apparently ya don’t kno to much!

  • Kristell

    Well good for Ryan. She seems like a good girl. Hopefully she sticks around :)

  • Amanda

    I will say shes very pretty and seems awesome, as she’s in school and works. BUT the MAIN question and concern I have is, HOW IS SHE WITH BENTLEY? And will she try too hard to be a “mom” to him? Wonder if she will be on the show to show us? I hope Maci doesn’t get jealous or anything..Yes, she goes to school, works, is pretty, and SEEMS nice, but what is her personality like? We shall see? If it’s good, congrats to ryan! I tip my hat too IF SHE IS truly the person we think…and good with benny.

  • Amanda

    Some of you people should learn your basic grammar. Please? Did you sleep during English class or were you just lazy?

  • brianna

    Lol and the funny thing about her dropping out of school is…. im a 19 yr old mother of a 1 year old and i am a 3.5 gpa student in college. hmmmm…..

  • brianna

    Lol and the funny thing about her dropping out of school is…. im a 19 yr old mother of a 1 year old and i am a 3.5 gpa student in college. hmmmm….. oh and i live on my own 2 and half hours away from parents. DOUBLE HMMMMM… .

  • L

    Ryan cares more about having a girlfriend than his own son. He’s had like 3-5 girlfriends since Maci. He almost sounds desperate to be with someone. This new girl may be pretty but to me she sounds like more of a downgrade and an upgrade like some of you are saying. She’s only 18 and lives with her parents. She works at Hooters, big woop. She’s doing some whatever photo shoots and dating a reality TV star hoping to get more gigs. Yeah she’s going to a tech school, not even that great either but at least it’s something so good for her but the bigger issue here is that she just graduated high school like 2 months ago. What does she know about life or help to raise a child? NOTHING! Bentley doesn’t need another TEEN mom.

    • bambam

      You’re an idiot . She graduated in 2010, not this past year. She’s entering her Sophmore year of college, she already has one year under her belt. She’s also 19, not 18. And she goes to Tennessee Tech because she’s on a full ride scholarship for track. And Tennessee Tech is actually a good school. You are crazy! A downgrade? What the ef are you smoking?!?!?!?!

    • Yeppers

      LMAO this girl is delusional, what does Kyle know about life or raising a child hmmmm….. Probably just as much as she does, but yet you have no problem with him right. Smh like I said before a bunch of hypocrites.

      • bIANCA


    • lulu is right!

      Hahaha ! LuLu is right, she had a coke problem! I also heard she had Bulimia & she def dated a married man no bullshit there

  • sam

    Yeah she’s going to be a sophmore in college, and actually has her own apartment if you all didn’t know that. She pays for it by herself, AND she also has two jobs.. she works at a nursing home too. I would say that’s pretty awesome, two jobs while she maintains a 3.5 GPA with practice everyday and modeling jobs on the side. And actually tennessee tech is the 3rd hardest school on TN so STFU.leave her alone

  • Maggie

    Dalis is a very sweet girl and Ryan is very lucky to have her as a girlfriend and Bentley will be very lucky to have her as his “other mom”. i’ve known her as a child and pre-teen and has always been a sweet and beautiful lady :)

  • Becky

    I feel that u all are a bunch of shit talkers weither its for macis side or ryans. Who are any of u to judge anyone based on what is shown on tv! If maci wants to live off mtv right now whats the big deal? Shes bein paid to show her f**kin life to all of america! And if ryan wants to date then let him but u people bashing them are nuts until uve walked a kile in any of their shoes u might wanna just stfu!

  • Laura

    Okay everyone needs to grow up lol.. Maci is a great girl and im sure dalis is too.. You all need to think before you say things.. rayn needs to be happy and so does maci and im sure they both are.. :)

  • TeenMom?MoreLikeGoldDiggers

    I think its pretty shallow of all of you passing judgement on these people. It seems very Stalkerish to stalk this girl who chose to stay off TV. And besides Macy claims everything she does is “for Bentley” but every young mom acts selfish then uses “oh well I did what was best for my child.” That line is abused SO much on the show its laughable. This girls are all gettin TV money and act like they struggle soooo hard. Its a joke. And Maci isnt as shisty as Farra but shes pretty dang selfish. And treats Ryan like crap using Bentley as a way to do it. So yeh, Maci deserves the stalkers she wants it. This girl obviously does not want it. So leave her alone. Quit being so jelous.

  • LSGA

    I hate to say it but a part of me still wishes Maci and Ryan would get back together :(

  • LittleL

    I don’t know these people obviously, but Ryan has been shown to lie on the show…I mean they even have re-played things right after he says it. EX: Maci asks Ryan if he would like to join her, Kyle, and Bentley for his birthday at the aquarium (I believe that is what it was), and when his Ryan’s Mom asks him if she invited him along, he straight up tells her no. Based on observation alone, Maci is by far the more mature, better parent at this point. Ryan lets his parents do a ton, and then seems to just do whatever they tell him…I get very little sense that he actually has initiative to do much on his own. Also while saying all of this, we do only see what the editing allows, and none of us are in their lives. I hope that for Bentley’s sake they can all grow more mature, and not let their personal issues effect the love and care they give to their son.

  • Me



    • Karralynn

      NO No No! Maci was too damn lazy to complete school!
      She just wants to get easy money on MTV. This new girlfriend is so much more enthusiastic and prettier that Maci!
      Maci is a dog! OMG! That blond hair with the black mix is fugly! ruff ruff

      • September17th

        – Maci goes to school so what are you talking about , she goes to school for Bentley , and Maci is flawless .

  • Angelika

    She looks way better than Maci.

  • destiny

    U people are nuts. Don’t kno about this girl. Apparently she’s not so bad cause o haven’t seen any drama in magazines having anything to do with her so kudos. but maci is an awesome mom. Gorgeous! and comparing these to is immature. Grow up they r both pretty. Though why hate on maci. Ryan is the one that left her alone at home with bentley to go party. Really?! Grow up.! If ur man enough to have sex be man enough to raise your child. And no I don’t mean fight for custody and leave him with ur mommy and daddy so u can go party. Yet again… Grow up! And smarter? Maci is raising a child while still pursuing school. That’s not as easy as it sounds. So grow up and find something better to do than splatter crap on the web.

  • missy

    I really like Dalis, she seems really polite, and answers your questions on twitter. She is beautiful, no doubt! However she is smart to, she is at medical school. I’ve noticed she makes Ryan smile on photo’s too, which is a pleasant change lol. I wish them the best, he is very lucky to have her.

    Also Maci is a great Mommy, she’s a natural!

  • http://LOL Lulu

    LOLOLOL, I know Dalis and grew up with her. She has been nothing but a nightmare to her parents. Drugs, cheating on boyfriends, saying nasty things behind her friends’ backs and even dating a married man with two children. She would do ANYTHING for money or attention and it is no surprise to me she’s attached herself to some loser who is on a reality television show. She is currently seeing her ex, which I’m sure Ryan has no clue about. Her ex is actually more of a decent person than Ryan, although I don’t feel sorry for any of these parasites. I am fwding this to everyone else we went to school with, LOL.

  • sam

    Lulu is a f**king idiot.. all of that shit is false. Im one of dalis’s bestfriends.. way to try and start shit you jealous bitch

    • dani

      yeah, i kinda figured that lol. she’s 19, doesn’t sound realistic to have dated a married man with two kids lmao.

    • emily

      so are they dateing or what i LOVE rayn ?

  • Iloverabbits

    She’s a cutie. That’s a great PDA pic too. Those two are hotties!

  • http://teenmom kristine

    howare you maci and ryan edwards today with bentley now

  • http://teenmom kristine

    iam seventeen now nmaci bookout

  • lacy12

    I also went to school with her & this is quite funny ! hahah

  • http://maci another fan

    should get back together i see the way they look at each other

  • lacy12

    beats maci though, she so trashy now

  • Karralynn

    Macy should be! This girl is really pretty!
    For some reason, just because Macy is on MTV
    she thinks she hot. Ewww she is not at all!

  • Karralynn

    I remember watching the episode where Maci was asking to go to the beach where Ryan was going to be on vacation. Beforehand Maci was laughing with her girlfriends on how the girl will probably tell Ryan how she can’t compete with Maci. Okay Maci is giving herself WAY TOO MUCH CREDIT!

    • guest327

      No she said she doesn’t stand a chance because her and her girlfriends were talking about how Ryans parents still have pictures of Maci and Ryan all over their house and they wanted to take a family picture with Maci in it at the beach.

  • Karralynn

    I remember watching the episode where Maci was asking to go to the beach where Ryan was going to be on vacation. Beforehand Maci was laughing with her girlfriends on how the girl will probably tell Ryan how she can’t compete with Maci. Okay Maci is giving herself WAY TOO MUCH CREDIT!

  • Lulu is right…by association

    I came across this article seeing if there were any substantiated rumors of Ryan’s coke use. Maybe not so much this season (unless he’s learned to hide it better), but for sure on episodes past, that guy has been gacked out of his mind. I remember specifically the episode with Bentley’s combined birthday party. That said, it would be difficult to have a relationship with someone who doesn’t share your recreational activities, so, by association, I would bet big money that Dalis parties too. Not knocking them though, I’ve blown well more than my fair share–that’s how I can spot someone across the room who’s getting down. We all act the same and think we’re playing it cool. :-)

  • sammmy

    team maci all the way , dalis can go beat it. only in the relationship for the fame.

  • guest327

    So Ryan’s parents have a problem with Maci living with her boyfriend because of Bentley but it’s ok that Ryans new girlfriend is a Hooters girl LOL She wants to be a model too, that would be why she is with Ryan. She is trying to get discovered. I hate her I lost respect for her when she made her little immature “good” comment on last Tuesdays episode.

    • Bianca

      haha!…yeah that was real kidish of her!

    • Alex<3

      I totally agree with you about her making the “GOOD” comment I am not on anyone’s side because we truly do not know how things really are and we shouldn’t judge. BUT I believe she shouldn’t get involved because the issue is between maci and Ryan i swear i wanted to slap her when she said that…the sh..t hat psisses me off the most is when ppl open they’re mouth when they’re not supposed to >=[