PHOTOS Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez kiss and get frisky in Hawaii

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez kiss and get intimate in Maui, Hawaii

The hottest young couple on the planet are currently vacationing in Hawaii and are definitely no longer afraid to reveal to the world how they feel about each other! Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez got seriously PG-13 as the two kissed while enjoying a rather suggestive embrace in the Ocean in Maui earlier today.

The two beach goers looked like a fashion ad from a magazine with Justin sporting just a pair of knee-length surf trunks and Selena wearing a too-fuchsia-too-believe bikini that looked (wait, how old is Selena Gomez? 18? OK…) damn sexy!

Selena Gomez wears a sexy bikini while vacationing with Justin Bieber in Hawaii
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Since the Biebs is only 17 let me say that he looked like a handsome young man in his shorts:

Justin Bieber shirtless in Maui, Hawaii

I’m sure I’m way behind in this, but do Justin and Selena have an official nickname yet? Like Brangelina? After considering such monikers as Selieber, Justena, Gomber, and Biebez I eventually decided to go with Biebena. (pronounced Bee-bee-nuh) According to Splash News, Biebena later went jet skiing and even para-sailing over the blue waters of the Pacific. I’m sure that’s just how millions of young ladies imagined a trip to Hawaii with Justin Bieber would be!

Did I mention how great Selena Gomez looks in that bikini?

UPDATE – I noticed in the photo of Justin that he appears to have a tattoo under his left arm and when I did a little research I found out it is new and this trip to Hawaii is the first time Justin has revealed it in public! So I tracked down a great photo of it and created a whole new post. Wanna know what the tattoo is and what it means? CLICK HERE to find out!

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  • KARI

    Awww! i think they look cute! so many of his kiddy fans are being so rude towards her cuz their jealous cuz he actually has a GIRLFRIEND! They act like their actually gonna get him and walk around single his whole life. If they were true fans they should be happy he is happy. I’m pretty sure justin would approve and like the fact that his own fans are sending hate messages to Selena. lol! and i dont even pay attention to justin like that but i’ve seen interviews w/ him like on talk shows w/ chelsea lately and stuff like that. he sounds like a lil freaky thing. i hope Selena is on birth control, thats all, cuz kids/teens are getting pregnant earlier and earlier these days. then if that happens the fans would REALLY be pissed wouldnt they? LOL!

    • aShLy

      Lol ikr that is sooooo true

    • JUSTEN BIEBER I HATE U.So leave Selena alone I like Selena she is my favorite celebrity and i dont want u to make her stupid

      • ShitSuppl

        Who cares if u hate him ur just jelous cuz u can say shit on the Internet but it dosnt matter cuz they r really happy together and there is nothing u can do about it so stop sending hate mail cuz thats just making u look like a big bully

  • Jessica

    They are both too cute together I’m happy that Selena is finally happy with someone

    • aShLy

      Ya me 2

      • KHALLISA


  • Laura

    I bet a couple of years ago when Justin was not famous I bet he seen Selina on TV and never have thought that to day he would be with her boy how things change.

  • i hate them together

  • Dilnia

    Best lesbian couple EVER!!!!!