PHOTO Kelly Bensimon bikini centerfold

Kelly Bensimon bikini photo

The Real Housewives of New York City‘s Kelly Bensimon has gotten quite comfortable wearing next to nothing in front of the paparazzi ever since she made the cover of Playboy magazine back in March. Here she is from Miami earlier today sporting a multi-colored Eres bikini and over-sized sunglasses, appearing quite happy in the Florida sunshine and waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

It seems like every other week Kelly’s flaunting her looooong legs and no longer off-centered big apples on the beaches of Miami. But, you won’t hear any complaining from this Housewives fan! Kelly is a lot easier on the eyes than she is on the ears and brain, if you know what I mean.

Speaking of which, Thursday’s episode had a beautiful Kelly moment. Alex had just told Jill in front of everyone that Bethenny no longer wanted to be Jill’s friend – that the two were “over.” Jill and Luann were furious that Alex had chosen to deliver such a cold and seemingly mean-spirited message in a public setting when Kelly offered her literally literal two cents:

“I said, ‘the messenger always gets killed.’ You know, that’s where I was kinda making a joke? But that’s basically what happens in literature – the messenger always gets killed.”

Alex is really on to something when she says Jill is in high school, because this entire season of RHONYC has been like a scene right out of 11th grade! Jill and Bethenny are the popular girls fighting to be the alpha females, Luann is the judgmental kiss-up whose family isn’t as rich as she puts on, Ramona is the loose cannon fireball that may seem crazy but at least has sincerity on her side, and then there’s Kelly, who is the super fine, clueless cheerleader who so passionately wants to take sides but doesn’t even really know what those sides are.

Is anybody still reading this? My guess is that most people lost interest just as they scrolled past Kelly’s feet. That’s alright – I won’t take it personally.

Photo: Flynet Pictures
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