World’s Ugliest Dog Contest Winner 2009 Miss Ellie

Our planet has yet another pageant diva! The infamous Sonoma-Marin Fair’s Ugliest Dog Competition is over and first place in the pedigree category goes to…

Miss Ellie

UPDATE June 3, 2010: Sadly, at the nearly 17 years of age, Miss Ellie has gone on to the great fire hydrant in the sky, but her spirit lives on in a charitable mission to build a new animal shelter. Click here to find out more.

From The Daily Mail:

Miss Ellie, a pure breed Chinese crested hairless from Tennessee, is reported to be around 15 years old, has only a couple of back teeth, cataracts in both her eyes, several moles and pimples and limited hair – with such credentials the other mutts surely could not have stood a chance.

That’s a pretty bad description if you’re Donatella Versace, but this little hot dog knows how to wear it! Obviously Miss Ellie is no ordinary pup, and I have an idea where she got it from. For those that believe in reincarnation (Rin Tin Tinduism?),
I offer my Theory of Ellietivity:

Albert Einstein reincarnated?

Check out more photos of Miss Ellie as well as Pabst the boxer, who upstaged Miss Ellie and the rest of the competition by winning the overall championship despite not really being all that ugly (Perhaps he had a really ugly talent? Or maybe Miss Ellie fumbled the gay marriage question?) over at The Daily Mail.

Pabst the boxer

(Hmmm… my last two animal posts were about Ellie the dog and Illy the cat. All I need is a break dancing pot-bellied pig named Ollie to complete the trifecta!)

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