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Chad, who is autistic and suffers from anxiety issues, is one of the three people Andrew Jenks followed for a year for the second season of MTV’s World of Jenks. Chad is smart, but he has some issues doing every day tasks. In fact, most of these everyday tasks are ones everyone struggles with, but for Chad the annoyances are amplified.

Chad also lacks a filter, so his casual remarks are brutally honest, hilarious, and refreshing. Watching Chad on World of Jenks is therapeutic, and it’s too bad this show doesn’t come on every week of the year.

Here’s a list of some of Chad’s best words of wisdom.

From Chad’s original World of Jerks episode from Season 1:

After being woken up by his parents in the morning:

“I tell you this all the time: ‘You don’t wake up a bear when he’s hibernation'”

Jenks: “What’s your favorite part of school on Monday?”

Chad: “Nothin’ —– I call it the slammer, the school.”

On anxiety: “I can’t help it, okay. It’s like my brain hurts.”

“People don’t understand me and it kind of hurts my feelings . . . I can’t change. I’m not gonna change my habits. They can’t make me be, right?”

From WOJ Season 2

“I’m not trying’ to say this to be rude, but autism sucks and it’s a jackass disability in my opinion.”

“I wouldn’t work with produce, I can’t concentrate. I like all of it.”

“Do people ever say ‘I hate my life’ when they’re workin’?”

“I don’t believe in speeches.”

“So, Andrew, you got some sort of gum problem or no? Cause sometimes, just to let you know, sometimes that can cause that smell sometimes, just to let you know. Not being rude, just telling you.”

“Leave Justin Beaver out of our relationship. I just don’t like my girls liking Justin Beaver, is that understandable?

“I just don’t understand chicks these days. [In the old days] there were no jackwagons like Justin Beaver back then. It’s kind of gone to hell a little bit.”

“She watches The Disney Channel at night. That totally turns me off. I like Nick at Night. I like frickin’ That 70s Show.”

“That girl smells like basalmic vinegar on a salad!”

“Jenks! I’m tryin’ to figure it out, huh!”

“That looks like Junior Mints, the poop!”

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