Who is the Most Interesting Man in the World, Jonathan Goldsmith?

Jonathan Goldsmith - Most Interesting Man - Dos Equis

Jonathan Goldsmith is better known as his Dos Equis’ advertising character, The Most Interesting Man in the World. In reality, the title isn’t that far off. Here are some real highlights from Jonathan’s interesting life…

He doesn’t always go swimming. But, when he does, it’s to save a drowning girl.

Jonathan recently revealed to Esquire that he saved a young girl’s life when he was 18 and working for Fresh Air Fund, which provides activities for children with disabilities.

“One of the things we dealt with were quite a lot of epileptic kids, and when you have to watch 100 kids playing in a pool, thrashing around, it takes a great deal of concentration to determine a child that’s having a grand mal fit or a kid that’s just playing. Years later, in Malibu, I watched a little girl play with all the kids, and something caught my eye. I just remember: This kid is going to die. She’s drowning.”

He doesn’t always get shot between the eyes. But, when he does, it’s by John Wayne.

As a younger actor in Hollywood, Jonathan earned a notable role in John Wayne’s final movie, The Shootist. In his big scene, Jonathan was attempting to sneak into The Duke’s room when John Wayne woke up and got the first shot off.

He doesn’t always travel to Vietnam. But, when he does, it’s to advocate for peace.

“I’m 75 years old, so, you know, I’m quite aware of my mortality — or immortality — and I want to leave something behind. I don’t want to just be here and leave no handholds for the future, no footprints,” he told Esquire. “It’s very, very important to me that the recognition that I have achieved as a so-called celebrity can be used to help others. I’m very involved in charities.”

He doesn’t always go into outer space. But, when he does, it’s with Spock.

Jonathan Goldsmith Star Trek

Jonathan played an unnamed crew member in “The Corbomite Maneuver,” a 1966 episode of Star Trek. He survived the whole episode.

He’s doesn’t always get in arguments. But, when he does, it’s with Dustin Hoffman.

Young Jonathan Goldsmith - Mission Impossible
^ A young Jonathan Goldsmith in Mission Impossible

Early on in his acting career, Jonathan often bumped into Dustin Hoffman — and they didn’t exactly hit it off.

“I jumped up and said, ‘Dustin, the reason you don’t like me is because I’m gonna make it and you’re not,'” he recalled to New Yorker in 2011.

Although it’s often disappointing when the mask comes off pop culture icons and you realize they’re really just simple people, I think we can agree that isn’t the case here. Cheers (with a Dos Equis) to Jonathan Goldsmith!

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